ZU Online Dev Diary #1

Zu Online—http://zu.igg.com is a unique combination of two hugely popular genres, martial arts and the fantasy RPG online game. Some Ancient Chinese martial arts and legends have been absorbed into this game, to totally immerse players in a fantasy Chinese environment.
In order to make Zu Online a beautifully polished gem among all the enormous online games available, the developers are continuously improving and working on the game. Because the game is continuously undergoing changes and improvements, the designers have been reluctant to part with many details. However, once we get important news from them, we want to share it with our loyal players to give you a special preview of what is to come.
The development team is adding a new system to the game which will definitely distinguish Zu Online from other similar games. The new system is full of distinctly Chinese features, many Ancient Chinese buildings and scenery have been added to the new system and from the screenshots that have already been released, we can see new scenery such as the “Crystal Wall” and the “Ancient Skerry” as well as new monsters, such as the “Rush Fish”.
You can head over to the below URL for more detailed description: http://zu.igg.com/news/newscon.php?aid=155

Rush Fish

Ancient Skerry

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