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The Zu Online team is happy to bring this strategy guide. Today they are going to talk a little bit about teamwork, the classes and the clans.

Overall Introduction:
A team spirit plays a significant role in the Zu world, especially when you need to kill certain monsters to level up. Plus some quests can only be completed by a team. Bead Fairies will contribute a lot to your team, because they have powerful range attacks in their early stages, but after level 120, PK is not suitable for them. Although they have many talent skills, their limited skill points really restrain their performance in battle.

Detailed Introduction:
The Swordsman Clan is the oldest and most influential among the clans. Whitebrow, the Chief of the Swordsman clan, experienced five disasters in his dreams and was awakened by the Tai Chi General before establishing the clan. Having witnessed Blood Demon’s treachery firsthand, Whitebrow went to another dimension to find a way to stop Blood Demon. Before long, he carved the Heaven Scripture on Magic Stone, describing a way to defeat Blood Demon. A battle between Gods and Demons to obtain the Heaven Scripture broke out. From then on, to fight against Blood Demon has become the responsibility of every Swordsman.
Clan Features: As the most influential clan, this clan is the spirit pillar of the other 4 clans. They are famous for their powerful holy swords which can attack enemies within a large range, furthermore they can shake off their enemies instantly, and cast spells that can slow their enemies.  

Sun Warriors :
Long, long ago, the Sun Warrior clan studied the Tantra in the North. At this time, the monster Dragon Lord had brought down incessant disasters on the people until Master Mind, the chief of Sun Warriors, consumed all of his energies to seal the Dragon Lord in the temple. From then on, Clan Sun warrior had to move to Wan Mountain.
Thousands of years later, the Sun Warrior clan was divided. Flame Master took his disciples back to the North and resumed studying the Tantra. Finally, he reformed the Sun Warriors.
After the battle between Good and Evil, the Dragon Lord was revived. The Sun Warriors trekked over a long distance to Desert City in order to find out the secrets which were hidden in the Magic Rock to restrain the Dragon Lord.
Clan Features: Sun Warriors, with their strong wills and iron bodies, are one of the strongest clans in the secondary world. If you engage in a fight against them, you’d better keep your distance for no one escapes from the fight unharmed.

Moonmaidens : Jingje, the Grand Master of the Moonmaiden clan, practiced in South Sea for years. As a result, she left countless treasure in Zin Palace. However, the clan fought among itself for the treasure and the palace was filled with turbulence.
The Zin Twins, disciples of Jingje, made every effort to calm the clan and eventually the Moonmaiden Clan was reformed. However, peace never lasts long. Controlled by Blood Demon, the devil Yuan-Ti attacked Zin Palace. Realizing the danger, the Zin Twins ordered Wushan to lead the other disciples to refuge in Desert City. Later, the disciples of the Moonmaiden will lead all of the clans to return to Zin Palace to fight against the Blood Demon together.
Clan Features:  Moonmaiden are quick and skillful in the secondary world. They can gain the initiative using special magical abilities, such as trapping enemies and turning invisible to sneak up on their enemies.

Bead Fairies : The Bead Fairies have a close connection with the Swordsmen. However, Zhaolan, the second Master of the clan, incorrectly thought that only by cutting this connection with the Swordsmen could the Bead Fairy Clan flourish. As a result, the two clans became estranged.
The Shadow Taoist took Orchid as a hostage and demonized the disciples of the Bead Fairy to eliminate the Bead Fairy clan. Under such a crisis, Orchid’s sister, Lily, journeyed to the Holy City, reunited with the Swordsmen, and reoccupied Sky Lake
Clan Features: Bead Fairies belong to a peaceful clan. They are very popular in the secondary world because of their ability to cure the injured and put enemies in a coma to defeat them without fighting.

Summoners : The Summoner clan was founded by Master Defender. Because of their different ways of training, the Summoner clan was ignored by the other clans and almost disappeared. Later, when the Summoner clan was led by Lord Daluo, the clan developed rapidly and soon became the second largest of the five clans. Blood Demon’s strategy of destroying the 3rd dimension disturbed the Summoner clan so they united with the other clans to defeat Blood Demon. However, Summoners also had their own intentions which were not known to the other clans.
Clan Features: Summoners are a different species in the secondary world. They are able to summon the ghosts from hell to fight for them and torture their enemies with poisons and magic scrolls.

Each class in this game has it’s own features, for instance, the Sun Warriors have high defense and Hit Points, and usually are the vanguard of a team. Bead Fairies can offer enough indispensable resources, Swordsmen can deal a large amount of damage, and Moonmaidens have their powerful crescent weapon. Summoners are the only class that can summon pets, and this elite class requires good game controls.

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