Zu Online Guides #1: Boss Introduction

Since the Zu Online Alpha Test started, we have been pleasantly surprised by the players’ enthusiasm. While they can enjoy the fascinating scenery in game, some players are still not familiar with how to do quests and how to challenge Bosses. Here we’re happy to help them with some game guides outlining suggestions for where to go and what to do.
Boss Introduction
Since ancient times, good and evil have been fighting each other relentlessly. All Players know that Evil Bosses are an indispensable part of any online game. Not only can players get awesome equipments from them, but defeating these awesome creatures demonstrates their heroism. I’m sure that by now you must be curious about the Bosses in Zu Mountain. How do they appear? What are they like? How will they challenge you?
Shadow Taoist (Level:60)
Location: Clear Spring Pool of Sky Lake
We begin with this foul creature, as implied by the name, appears shadow-like, drifting from place to place, menacing and ruthless. When fighting against him, players will be deceived by the confusing array of shadows he produces. After taking up Sky Lake, He made use of the water in Sky Lake to realize his plot to control Holy City. The Shadow Taoist has killed numerous Players. If you want to challenge him, you have to make sure that your level is up to the requirement. Or both your body and your spirit are waiting to be ruthlessly destroyed.
Brute Marshal (Level:60)
Location: Soul Trap Temple of Miracleblade Peak
He was once a loyal General. When escorting the Princess Minye who was the victim of a political marriage to his country, he was slandered by treacherous court officials and sentenced to death. Because of that, his spirit continues to linger in and around the mortal world. He just had no way to forget this virulent hatred and the Princess Minye whom he loved so much. The High Summoner of Desert City found his spirit, and then buried his spirit at Burial Hill of Miracleblade Peak. Can he forget his hatred and rest peacefully?
Flyer Lord (Level :85)
Location: Dragon Root of Miracle Town
Ruthless, sly, selfish and greedy. The Flyer Lord will reach his goals by fair means or foul. In his childhood, he even killed his brother and mother for food. After genocidal revenge killings loomed over his people, he escaped successfully, killed his savior to get his savior’s treasure, and then trained to become immortal. He was a genuine robber in Secondary World. Now you must have clearly realized that he is tough to fight against. With the Flyer Lord, one must always expect the unexpected and prepare for dirty tricks.
Widow Yee (Level :90)
Location: Magic Thread Cave of Death World
Having dwelt in Death World for a long time, Widow Yee is gloomy, dissocial and changeable. Not that she seems to mind. She takes on an unusual form with a human-head and spider-body. Players may be tempted by her charming smile. But be alert to her poisonous blood. You will die if touched by it. Such a woman is terrible. Players at a low-level might as well keep away from her.
Jintha Lord (Level :100)
Location: Golden Sand Well of Swirling Path
Yuan-Ti, the leader of the Chess Trap, committed suicide in the third battle of Zin Palace. However the blood demon brought him to Secondary World from hell and given him the Chaotic Jintha Funnel to realize the desertification of the Swirling Path surrounding Zi palace. Yuan-Ti has made many traps inside the Golden Sand Well and can produce desert twisters. When he is furious, he will strike fatally any who challenge him.

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