Zu Online: Introduction to Armor of Bead Fairy

IGG today announce level 1-6 Armor of Bead Fairy, which is one of the five clans from the upcoming MMORPG Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com).
The Bead Fairy belongs to a tough but peaceful clan. When entering into combat they often defeat enemies by somewhat different means than the other clans. They can reinforce themselves and their allies by launching various magical formations together, and they also are very skilled healers. In addition, they are able to put their enemies to sleep. Thus, they are very popular in the secondary world. A well made set of armor will help Bead Fairy increase their physical and magical defenses.
Below is the level 1-6 armor for Bead Fairy. There are 2 sets for each level, of which one can be bought from an NPC; the other can only be dropped by monsters somewhere in the game world.

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