Zu Online: Introduction to Armor of Swordsman

As a righteous clan, swordsmen become the essence of the five clans with their perfect swordsmanship. Not only can they attack their opponent at long-distance but also slow down their opponents and be able to telesport and leave there opponents in the dust.
The armor of swordsmanship adds strength to the heroes. Now let’s take a look at these armors:

Swordsmanship Armor Set lv1 is made for junior disciples of swordsmanship to help them strengthen the character and withstand attacks from monsters.

Yang Armor Set lv2 is full of masculinity and can summon Yang God.

Lightening Armor Set lv3 can dispel Thunder Hits and prevent Thunder Calamity.

Aurora Armor Set lv4 can be only used by senior and pure swordsmanship.

Lotus Armor Set lv5 is made of lotus and can be used to withstand monsters and protect the owner from attack.

Magic Dragon Armor Set(lv6)is the strongest of all armors both in physical and Magical defense.

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