Zu Online Main Scene Preview

Zu-online—http://zu.igg.com, an IGG published game, has been warmly welcomed by a vast amount of players due to its’ unique theme and traditional Chinese features. All the fantastic and fabulous in-game scenes are based on the original descriptions set out in the novel and the movie. The misty clouds, the long mountain ranges, the floating megaliths and the majestic buildings are totally different from the realistic scenery of many MMORPG games.
Actually “Zu Mountain” is not the name of a certain place, instead it stands for the universe where human beings, Demons, and Gods reside. Zu Mountain can be divided into 5 zones including Sky, Ground, Mountain, Sea, and Ice.

Sky——Heavenly Palace
Heaven Palace is the most holy place in Zu-mountain, only mighty beings can claim to have spent time here. No one knew when the holy buildings of Heaven Palace had been constructed, or whose hand had held the hammer and chisel. Another lingering mystery is the exotic architecture. People who reside here are those who have exalted status and extraordinary wisdom. As for the war between Justice and Evil, they simply watched it quietly. Few people could get there so people knew little of their world. People who had been there were not willing to talk about it either.

Ground—–Desert City
Like the name, Desert City is a totally barren continent with no life. However, you can see exotic scenery everywhere: the reversed megalith, the refluent river, and the weird red clouds that make the sky look as though it has burst into flames………………The Summoners reside there, they are very talented and usually immerse themselves in research of various spells and unique magic. Maybe someone will ask why the place is so desolate. The reason is that “Desert City” is situated at the border between Justice Territory and Evil territory; at the west of Desert city is the entrance to the Evil territory, Death World. Various monsters and diseased animals have come out of this entrance, and gradually Desert city has turned into a barren continent. Although the Summoners are relatively mighty, along with the increased number of monsters they are gradually becoming weaker while the monsters have gradually become stronger then, the Sun Warriors have been asked to help the Summoners with the trouble.

Mountain——Holy City
Holy City is the hometown of the Swordsmen. It is located on a mysterious mountain which is made up of two giant rocks and is an impressive sight to behold. The bottom of the mountain is perpetually immersed in thick clouds, so when people visit for the first time, they will believe that the body of the mountain is floating in the air. Not far from the east of Holy City, there is a lake called Sky Lake; a respectable master called Saint Maid resides at the bottom of the lake. The powerful Bead Fairy is just the disciple of Saint Maid. The Bead Fairy has been asked to help the Swordsmen fight against the Evil factions in Holy City.

Sea—— Ziin Palace
Ziin Palace is a very mysterious palace, which was built at the bottom of the sea. The Moonmaidens used to reside here, however the Evil factions had seized this place and expelled Moonmaidens from they’re rightful home. In order to get their revenge, the Moonmaidens joined the Justice Army to fight against the Evil.
Ziin Palace is very vast and beautiful. You can see all kinds of flowers, exotic plants and life-forms of all kinds everywhere. It is said that tons of treasures have been hidden and stored here over the years, so some refer to it as “The Heaven in the sea” which is not an exaggeration at all.

Ice——Northern Ice Field
The Northern Ice Field is a giant iceberg which is floating in the air at the North Pole. There is no sunlight here year round, the whole place is perpetually blanketed with darkness. All the mountains here are made up of ice, not stone. You can imagine how cold it would be traveling here, plus some kinds of snow demons have taken up residence here. It is a dangerous place to be avoided, or if you must, travel in groups.

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