Zu Online music tracks now available for the public #1

Think in the dark night, two high-ranked swordsmen in a keen duel. In the fight, they show their most deadly weapons and play their skills to the fullest; they even soar highly into the sky and the duel continues till the first twilight split the morning sky.

That’s pretty much the same image you get when you hear the first music track (http://zu.igg.com/music/Fight_for_Miracle_Town.mp3) that IGG released for Zu Online( http://zu.igg.com), with the name Fight for Miracle Town.

Music tracks from games are both affective and effective to the gamer. Music in a game will always arouse your mood and instill various emotions depending on the sound, err, track, umm, soundtrack. Click the following URL to get a totally different feeling from the other music tracks from Zu Online:
Golden Peak http://zu.igg.com/music/Golden_Peak_1.mp3
BOSS http://zu.igg.com/music/BOSS.mp3
Deep-Sea Palace http://zu.igg.com/music/Deep-sea_Palace.mp3
Victory http://zu.igg.com/music/Victory.mp3

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