Zu Online New Pets Debut

Players will meet some new pets in the next version of Zu Online(http://zu.igg.com/), and apart from the Flying Pig, Wildfire, and Narwal that were mentioned last time, today the Zu team will introduce another 5 new pets to players.

Plume Roc, which lives near North Lake, has a midnight black body so dark that it almost seems to suck in the light around it. Because of the magical powers it is said to possess, people usually call it the Magic Eagle. Players can also ride it to enjoy flying through the beautiful peaks of Zu.

Jade Roc, Whitebrow’s beloved pet is able to communicate with people, and ordinary evil monsters are afraid to approach it due to its inner power and sense of goodness. Players can also fly on it as well.

Jade Tortoise, which lives in the East Sea, is said to be the Zin Twins’ pet.

Snowy Sophist, lives in the North and usually appears in places that are far away from human beings. It used to be the Snow Demon’s mount. Finally, the

Green Fungus Horse, used to be a beast of Sky Lake, afterwards it ate a thousand years old Fungus and became a magic mount.

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