Zu Online: PK System Feature

IGG has announced a new PK system of Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com ) recently, let’s take a quick look.

PK is short for Player Kill which is usually used to name the fight between players. The player whose level is below 31 is protected from being killed; also he cannot PK others and cannot be PKed by others. Players can PK in all areas except the safe areas (such as all main cities, and all transfer points of scenes). No matter what their level, if there is a discrepancy of more than 90 between 2 players’ levels they may not attack each other. When your level is above 30, please pay attention to your PK Mode. There are Whole, Peace, Group, Guild and Camp Modes. After adjusting PK Mode, left click the target player and use the Spell to attack or restore.

In Zu Mountain training world, although there is no written commandment to standardize the behaviour of all trainers, when trainer violates the Good and wilfully injures the members of his own guild, he will bear Dishonor Points. However, in the disaster happening every sixty years, the only trainers who have satisfactory and enough merits and virtues and have no evil can challenge calamity and then be promoted to the rank of immortal. Of course, trainers themselves can’t see their own Dishonor Points. They can only know whether they have born the Dishonor Points from the color of their name. Such as White Name, Blue Name, Grey Name and Red Name. The player who is Pked by others first will not be punished when the opponents are killed no matter what colour of the name is. Dishonor Points will be gradually eliminated along with the online time. The Reputation Points that is gained by completing tasks can also dispel the Dishonor Points.

For more information, visit the Zu Online website at http://zu.igg.com

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