Zu Online: Quest System & Instance System

With Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com), the designers set out to change the players approach to quests. Zu’s Quest system begins with a main story quest for every player from the first day the character is created. This main story quest carries the player through the intricate background of Zu Mountain and its problems. While players are completing their main story quest goals, they will still be able to engage in many lateral story quests which tie into the main story, but are directly related to it. What really makes this system unique is that every player is central to the story and has a direct impact on the fate of Zu Mountain as they work their way through the story. This huge quest system will deeply immerse players in a continuing storyline that like a great movie will always leave them wanting more.

The Instance System is another essential component for online games. When entering an instance zone in team mode, everyone is working together to achieve a shared goal. However, when a monster suddenly drops an epic piece of equipment the team spirit is broken with players arguing over who should rightfully possess it.

With Zu, the designers have come up with a different approach to instances and the gear that may be found there. When a party enters an instance, any gear that may be dropped by a monster is automatically transferred to whoever attacked the monster first and cannot be trade between players, so any member of the team has an equal opportunity at obtaining these items.

In addition to this unique approach there are secrets of the main story quest that can only be discovered by venturing into these instance zones, so all players will obtain something valuable to take back with them.
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