Zu Online: Righteous Pagoda Preview

The Righteous Pagoda is a dungeon used to lock up demons in Zu Online.It’s designed as a match for different teams.
When the four teams are in position at the four corners, 5 waves of monsters will appear in each corner, with each wave containing 20 monsters. After killing all of them, the invulnerable monster in the centre of the Pagoda will disappear. Then you are eligible to challenge the Boss in the center of the Pagoda. Below are some points to note:

1. NPCs can teleport you to the Righteous Pagoda.

2. The Righteous Pagoda is made up of 3 sections (the Entry Room, the Corridor of the Blood Pool and the Peak of the Tower) with the entire tower being made up of hard granite.

3. Some huge precious swords are displayed in some places and appear to be ancient decorations. They are not bright and new anymore because of their long stay with the demons. Obviously under each huge sword there is a demon trapped in the ground.

4. When you look down, you will find a big blood pool. No one knows what will happen if you fall into it, because none has ever disturbed its grisly surface. It was said that the spirits of those sealed demons were dissolved into blood by these swords. Some of these swords are used as signs to show you directions.

5. There is a lower side from the Entry Room to the corridor, but from the corridor to the Peak of the Tower there is an upper side, and the geographic location of the peak of the tower is higher than that of the entry room.

6. The corridor of the blood pool is not straight and wide, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a corridor.

7. The entry room has a plain top which has been damaged; the corridor is in the open air, when you look up you can find that the blood fog looks like an orb in the distance; the peak of the tower in which the boss reside is quite complete and there is a fancy well.

8. Below the well there is a huge damaged sword which is lying on the ground, which probably means the sealed Boss has already escaped.

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