Zu Online – Special Pets preview

If you are fond of pets in real life, then having a pet accompany you throughout the world of Zu would be perfect! The upcoming Zu Online http://zu.igg.com Alpha Test contains the Pet System. There are some pets’ screenshots, so we’re giving you a sneak preview of them now.

Once players have their own pets, their HP, MP, Attack Damage, Physical Defense, Movement Speed and Magical Defense will be increased. In addition, the appearances of the pets will become very attractive and their movement speed will be increased if the pets are equipped with some equipment. Players can feed their beloved pets to improve the players’ physical defense and pets’ Satiety Degree as well. When players are tired from fighting monsters, they can take their pets for a walk in the Pet Area.

Wanna make your beloved pets into super stars? Then you’ll be looking forward to the upcoming Alpha Test. Keep an eye on the official website for the alpha test release: http://zu.igg.com

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