Zu online: Strategy Guide #2

Zu Online http://zu.igg.com/ team today brings us the second game strategy. In this guide, they are going to talk a little bit about teamwork and the overall game system.

Team spirit plays a significant role in the Zu world, especially when players need to kill certain monsters to level up. Plus some quests can only be completed by a team. Bead Fairies will contribute a lot to a team, because they have powerful range attacks in their early stages, but after level 120, PK is not suitable for them. Although they have many talent skills, their limited skill points really restrain their performance in battle.

Guild System
In Zu Online, players can create guilds. Guilds are a base and guarantee in future combat between evil and the immortals. After reaching level 20, players can found a guild and enhance the ability of the guild with their efforts. Players can also upgrade the guild after meeting the definite requirements. In order to test the ability of the guilds, Zu Online designed an activity called “Area Occupation” for players. The winner can own its own guild area, enhance the position in the server and get some special awards. For example, players in the guild area can upgrade by sitting. It is the same as being AFK and it can increase the gap with other guilds. In addition, guilds can hold their own activities such as Question and Answer, Pet’s Adventures, Monster Slaying Contest, and so on. Only members of guilds can take part in these activities and obtain abundant rewards.

Faction System
Once entering the game, players have to choose a faction when they create a character. There are three factions in the Zu world, Tai, Wu and Xun. These three factions keep each other in their proper places. On the one hand, players should keep away from other factions, on the other hand, two factions can cooperate to attack the third faction. Players can obtain honor by killing players from opponent factions and exchanging superior equipment with the Medicine Master. In the Zu world, the battlefield is everywhere, especially at the very beginning of the test. The level gap and the honor attracts high-level players to Sword Mt. to attack the low-level players of opponent factions. Upon killing an opponent player, players can see “XXX has killed a player from the opponent faction in XXX” on the server bulletin. It really is an honor for the players faction.
Although it is good for high-level players, low-level players are suppressed. They are very indignant when they are killed by these high-level players every now and then, even in the self faction area. Many players have appealed to change this situation in our official forum. In the recent update, we have enhanced the guards’ defense in the main cities. However, the faction system is still popular with most players.

Pet System
Zu online possesses many various fantastic pets which can usually only be found in fairy tales. These pets are unable to kill mobs. But they are designed to provide players with a high level of convenience. When a character in the game reaches level 40, they can ride on a pet to improve their movement speed. What’s more, pets will make character’s property points increased. The level of a pet can increase the same as its owner’s level. However, players are unable to upgrade their pets by killing mobs. Instead, it can be done by feeding pets with specific leaves. Using the walking pet skill in the pet area will cause pets to look for leaves and increase their Satiation and Intimacy automatically. The pet’s Satiation will directly affect the pets Intimacy with its owner. Therefore it is quite important to assure the Satiation is higher than the certain points. Otherwise the pet will die of hunger. Besides, different pets have different gifts. Their original gifts have a deep influence on their growth. Players must pay close attention to it, which will help them get a top pet.

Tradeskill System
Players can make weapons, armor, potions, and many other items with tradeskills. It is a very important means to obtaining superior equipment. However, it is impossible to succeed every time. Players are assured of success from rank 1 to rank 3. They may go back to rank 3 if they lose the tradeskill from rank 4 to rank 6 and even back to rank 0 if they lose from rank 7 to rank 9. It is lucky that players just lose their materials but not their equipment. The formation can also help the tradeskill. There will be five element formations in the process of tradeskills. Every formation has a formation eye. Players can ask four friends to stand in these formation eyes to help make the tradeskill successful.

Commercial Travel System
Players may feel poor in Zu, especially for the higher level players who may spend too much time playing it. Players can do the Commercial Travel quest every day to get money. This is the fastest way to get more money in Zu. Players who have reached the required level can get some money from the Businessman. The money players can get is related to how many times they’ve finished the Commercial Travel quest. The more quests they’ve finished, the more money they can get. And also, the benefits will be affected by the journey of the player’s choosing. Players can get more benefits if they make a journey which includes many different places. What they should pay attention to is that their speed will be reduced because they have a lot of goods to carry, so players should have a pet who can be ridden.

Talent System
Besides the daily spells, the talent system is another important element of Zu Online. The setting of talent decides the direction of character development. After reaching level 30, players can obtain one talent point every 3 levels. Players can summon after obtaining 90 talents. Every career has 3 kinds of summoning. Players should set these talents according to their future career, for level upgrade or PK.

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