Zu Online: Talent System Feature

This is a brief introduction of Talent System in Zu Online (http://zu.igg.com) released.

When player reach LVL 30, you will get ten points of talent and get one point every three years. The points can be distributed on the following four abilities:

Trinket: Influence your little trinket number. Every ten talent points for a trinket slot. The more trinket slots player get, the stronger the character will be.

Tradeskill: Influence player’s ability of refining. The more tradeskill points, the higher success rate and the more experience the player will get.

Ability: Influence your own abilities, such as attack power and defense.

Summon: influence your ability to summon gods.

Well, you can distribute your Talent Points in the Talent Point Setting Interface. Of course, you may also ask the Gear Master for help to reset your talent points at the cost of one body-change pellet.

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