Zu Online: Top 5 Female Preview

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IGG today reveals the description and images of the top five most pretty female NPC character in their upcoming game Zu Online—http://zu.igg.com.

1. MYSTIC BEAUTY – Zin Moonlight
She is the owner, and also the Quest NPC of Zin Palace. She is as enigmatic and intriguing as she is beautiful. As the master of the Moonmaiden Clan&#65292;she trains the trinket Moon Blade on her throne, suspended in the air like the Moon itself. She often wears purple gear decorated with fish scales, shells or coral while laying in her Moon Bed.

2. SPIRITUAL BEAUTY – Jade Pool Fairy
She is the master of Bead Fairy’s, though she resides in Holy City. She seems to be 25 years old, likes white dresses with elegant striping. She is peaceful, and content, with a presence like that of a fairy sent from heaven above.

She is elder sister of the Moonmaiden Clan&#65292;living in Desert City. She is a cold beauty, known for her courage and ambition.

4. SENSUAL BEAUTY – Flower Fairy
She is also a monster who lies inside a blooming Lotus, and is known throughout the land for her sexy dresses. Men of all clans have fallen for her intoxicating beauty, however, they are lucky if all they leave with is a broken heart. She is as deadly as she is lively, passionate, and fun.

She is a Quest NPC in Holy City. She has long hair and wears purple Robe with a double-edged sword on her back. She is patient, warm, and kind, willing to talk to and help all players.
Please check the official site for the female images at http://zu.igg.com

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