Zu Online: Top 5 Male in Holy City

Shortly before the release of Zu Online–http://zu.igg.com IGG releases more information about the powerful NPCs of Holy City:

High Swordsman

The undisputed master of the Swordsmen in Holy City. While he appears quite respectable, and is regarded as the most talented swordsman in Zu, most people usually simply call him the “High Swordsman”, because nobody knows his real name… He usually wears golden robes and heavy armor, with 3 immense swords strapped to his back. A prominent scar mars his rugged face, testament to his many extraordinary experiences.

Gear Judge

A grizzled man resembling a blacksmith, he carries a large sword upon his back. He wears brown robes and red armor.

Medicine Master

He looks like a Taoist and rides a deer, wrapped in exceptionally elegant robes, a gourd hangs constantly from his waist.

Guild Envoy

This bureaucrat comes and goes as silently as a passing ghost, always clutching a book in his hand.

Spirit Master

He wears a sublime gilt-edged robe that impresses even those with the most discriminating taste. It has been said that he had an exalted status among the Swordsmen, and possessed a crystal orb which could predict the future.

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