Zu Online: Use Talents properly to be Strong

PvP combat is consistently the most popular subject in Zu Online. As more talents and spells are added, the combat in the game becomes more intense and exciting and also requires better fighting skills and strategies. Additionally, the distribution of talent points continues to be a key factor for winning in PvP combat.

Effects improved by spending Talent Points.
There are beneficial and harmful effects in Zu Online that are similar to other games, such as Resilience, Regeneration, Swiftness, and more. The effects of some can be understood simply by reading their names. However, some may not. While “Corruption” decreases a character’s health by a certain percent over time, “Resistance”, gives a character a higher chance to resist an enemy’s attack. With “Rejuvenation”, a character restores health and mana faster. “Dodge” allows a character a higher chance to evade an enemy’s attack. All of these can be improved by spending talent points on the related talent trees. Talent points can be spent to improve characters in whatever way a player sees fit. However, understanding what you want your character to do, and spending talent points accordingly can be crucial in creating an effective character.

We can classify all the spells related to beneficial and harmful effects into several types: “Those that attach or remove effects”, “those that raise or lower some attributes” and “those that make a character immune to harmful effects”. To be a strong fighter, a player must use these properly. Let’s go a little deeper and find out some strategies for using them.

Know your enemy
Those who know the teachings of Sun Tzu know that, “if we know ourselves and our enemy, we can fight without fear of defeat”. To know what spells have a beneficial or a harmful effect on your foe is very important when preparing for a fight. For example, Swordsmen have a spell to raise their Garrote chance a lot but Bead Fairies have a spell to reduce their target’s Garrote chance a great deal. Moonmaidens have a spell to increase their Critical Strike chance, but Summoners know a spell that reduces Critical Strike chance. Everyone has their own weak points, no matter how strong they are. So if we know ourselves and our enemy, we can be much stronger.

Team work
Every clan has different strengths and advantages. In tough group combat, if all members give full play to their strong points and cooperate with their teammates well, they can easily beat any enemy. Bead Fairies heal their teammates. Summoners reduce the enemy’s movement. Moonmaidens reduce the enemy’s resistance. All of these can really help the group a lot.

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