Deck of Ashes Reveals New Character, Buck

Deck of Ashes Buck

At 11 AM EST today, Deck of Ashes has a new update that releases a new character: The deadly fighter known as Buck. Beast Rage Buck and his companion, Charon arrive and bring with them a new way to play the game. Buck’s debut will also unlock all previous in-game events, and their associated cards and skills. His skills are below:

Buck’s Skills:

  • Berserk: The less health he has, the more powerful his sword strikes become. His attacks cause agonizing wounds that lead to a terrible, screaming death for his foes.
  • Execution: Buck weakens his opponent and then can deal massive damage. He earns bonuses from killing opponents weakened with this attack.
  • Marks: Call out specific opponents via special marks that act as targets for your faithful companion Charon. Charon, who seems like a cute and fuzzy kitten at first blush, quickly levels up into a nightmarish hellcat, complete with special attacks all his own.

New character skins will also show up inĀ Deck of Ashes in this update. Each of the skins has special stats that will change the flow of the game.

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