Deck of Ashes Reveals the Camp and Its Features

Deck of Ashes Camp Allies

Deck of Ashes revealed the “Camp” function today, and the various NPCs you can encounter while there. These characters offer goods and services to increase the power of your Battle Decks, can restore your health, and so much more. These products are updated every in-game day, and it’s vital to check these out as often as possible to recover cards for free or to fully heal. Upgrades can also be purchased in a skill tree for each Camp ally, using resources collected while adventuring. These upgrades are important and can change the outcome of the game itself, so it’s key to be aware of what they can do. An upgraded Camp Ally will offer more in-game currency for their wares, and also offer higher-tier services.

The Camp Allies Include:

  • The Ash Master: As the Prophet who guides players to Lady Death herself, The Ash Master possesses the power to revive cards spent in battle, perform the Ritual of Resurrection that prevents permadeath (a service that is by no means cheap), and send cards to the Deck of Ashes, where they can be restored at any time.
  • The Herbalist: As a healer and alchemist of sorts, the Herbalist can restore a player’s health, treat diseases picked up while adventuring, and pump various key attributes, such as speed, strength, max health, and more.
  • The Merchant: As the Camp’s peddler, the Merchant can buy recipes and exchange certain resources for others. When upgraded, the Merchant can buy resources for gold.
  • The Blacksmith: As the Camp’s lifeline, the Blacksmith is responsible for creating cards that can be used in savage Battle Decks. Conversely, the Blacksmith may destroy cards, giving players a small out of Ash in return, which can be used for making other cards. Passive abilities and talents can also be acquired from the Blacksmith, such as the ability to increase the chance of a “critical hit” by 10%.
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