DOMO Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr
Answered by GameTribe

Onrpg: What is the basic story behind Dream of Mirror Online? 
Dream of Mirror tells of a sacred artifact from mythical ancient China. The sacred artifact Kunlun Mirror has the powers to create and destroy the world.
The Kunlun Mirror was originally created to record everything. The world created by Kunlun Mirror reflects the real world; a copy of everything in the real world is saved in the Kunlun Mirror world.
Twelve Mirror Kings are watching and are responsible for the Kunlun Mirror world.
Suddenly the Kunlun Mirror world start losing its proper functioning and is no more able to precisely reflect reality.
Many mirror kings have disappeared as well because of the “disappointment” about human beings in real world. When those “delusions” were reflected in the Kunlun Mirror, they were turned into various odd life forms and interfered with normal operation of the Kunlun Mirror.
To solve the Kunlun Mirror crisis, the mirror kings started to call real world human beings to enter the Kunlun Mirror to reestablish equilibrium.
And here is where our players will start their journey…

Onrpg: How many classes are there for players to choose from, and what does each class specialize in?

The player can choose between 4 races( Human, Sylph, Sprite, Felin), 6 classes (Commoner, Swordsman, Doctor, Shaman, Thief, Mystic)  and 6 professions (meditation, fishing, mining, animal breeding, farming, forestry) to gain experience through amazing quests and missions.
At the beginning the players will start as a Commoner as class. When players reach level 10, they will then be able to go the NPC “Transferred Wisp” to transfer into any of the following classes as Main Talent: swordsman, shaman, thief, mystic or doctor. Here they can also set their sub classes for carrying sub talent, because the system will memorize every classes including the skill that the players have learned before. At the first change only Commoner will be available as sub talent, since the players have not yet learned any other class. If the players decide to change class again, they will be able to do it (as many times as they like) and set up as a subtalent of one their previous learned classes . They will then be able also to transfer back to previous learned class as their main class at anytime.

Onrpg: How important is crafting in Dream of Mirror Online?

Crafting is a basic feature in Domo. It’s one of the key element of this game. Crafting can be done by developing alchemy skills. In order to increase this ability players who are at least at level 7 have to go through a collecting mission and to acquire free trial coupons from the NPC. Collected pieces will then have to go trough refinement process in order to create red powder, the main alchemy ingredients to create solutions. Other ingredients will be obtained by refining items collected through the 6 professions available. Players will just have to collect the “alchemy recipe” for things that could be alchemized, and materials from the instruction on the recipe. 

Onrpg:  Will there be any PvP (Player versus Player) in the game? 
Yes, it’s possible to fight with others players but not freely. The fights is only possible if the players agree to do that. 
Eventual other pvp areas are TBD.

Onrpg: What will there be for higher level players to do (raids, etc.)? 
DOMO is a game that lay stress on the enjoyment of experiencing different classes, so if players have been played through a single class, we will suggest them to play other classes; players with higher level can collect high quality material to produce high-class weapons or armors from it.

Onrpg: When can we expect the closed beta to begin, as well as the anticipated launch date? 
The closed beta phase will start this summer. Be patient, the players will not have to wait too long to enjoy this game!

Onrpg: What sorts of items will players be able to purchase from the item mall?
Any kind from amulets, to potions, to pets, to clothes, to accessories.

Onrpg: How many different characters will players be able to have per account?
We are still evaluating with developers how many characters will be available for each phase of the game.

Onrpg: What type of character are you looking forward to playing and why?
The most interesting and special character in Domo is the Shaman. The Shaman observes natural ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment, distinguishes the yin and yang of nature and the operations of natural calendars. They can guide different energy flows from the earth and change the regional climates in specific areas. The Shaman can even bring destruction and create negative influence on their targets. They can also enhance their peers’ recovering abilities by using the energy flow from the ground. Besides, the Shaman can convert the Qi of five elements on their peers or monsters to change the odds as well.

Onrpg: Thank you for your time!


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