Black Gold Online Reveals Sleek New Website

Snail Games is proud to announce the launch of our whole new, revamped official website for Black Gold Online! The new site features sleek new design with areas for up-to-date game content, class specs, world lore, and much more. To stay current on the world of Black Gold Online, check the new page and register to get access to the latest as it’s released.

Black Gold Online Class Page

With a whole new navigation experience, the new page features sections offering an overview of Montel, the land in which Black Gold Online is set. This section includes maps and concepts of the world, as well showing the makeup of different races around the land. As avid followers of BGO no doubt already know, Montel is divided from East to West by a mountain range, with the 6 races divided on either side in a war between steam and magic.

Following on this, the new page also features a new race and class overview system, with highly detailed sample images of playable classes and character stats. Visitors can explore the classes, from the steam-side’s tank Punisher to the fantasy’s melee DPS Spellsword, and compare the strengths of each between their respective playable races.

Black Gold Online Race Page

In preparation of our first Black Gold Test Drive (Q1 2014) and letting our fans experience our development Closed Beta version, we will be constructing an activation center and member areas very soon. Sign-up for beta so you don’t miss out on your chance at being among the first to experience this unique world!

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