The Repopulation Discusses Two PvP Rulesets

Dealing with PvP in an open world setting is always a challenging endeavor for MMORPG developers. Above and Beyond Technologies has a particularly rough problem with the sandbox nature of their upcoming scifi MMORPG, The Repopulation. Today we get a look into the current iteration of proposed rulesets for the standard and hardcore server.

Repopulation PvP Rulesets

While the standard servers will function similar to realm versus realm styled MMORPGs with an open warfare ground resting in the middle for faction bragging battles and fortification building/sieging, the news of how the hardcore servers vary is quite unusual. Players will be denied many of the global functions of the economy including auctions and banking. While the systems will still be in place to allow a global economy to function, it’s the delivery of said products that is limited. Chances of destruction and looting of your goods upon death are high and players will be gunning for such caravans hoping to strike it big during transportation.

The total details being discussed are massive and worth a full read to fully understand. Catch them all at The Repopulation’s site.

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