Insurgency: Sandstorm’s Frontline Update Goes Live

Insurgency Sandstorm Frontline

Insurgency: Sandstorm has a new update today, the “Frontline” update. The major features of the update are the new “Frontline” PVP mode, and a reimagining of a classic Insurgency map, “Hillside”. This new PVP mode, Frontline has teams caputirng all of the enemy objectives one by one, before destroying the final weapon cache to win. At the same time, they have to defend their own objectives, so each match is a large-scale, simultaneous attack-and-defend battle. There is fire support, vehicles, and teams duking it out in this incredible mode.

Hillside is the latest map, a reimagining of the classic Insurgency: Source and Insurgency mod map ‘Sinjar’, this time taking place in a new snow environment. The wide, open spaces for attackers and high elevation positions for defenders is a callback to the classic storm-the-beach D-Day FPS experience of old. Hillside is joined by two Galil LMG-variant assault rifles, a new 3x scope for the QBZ-03, and a batch of winter cosmetics for both Insurgents and Security factions. More information on this update can be found here.

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