Zu Online Interview

Q’s by Brian Perry, Senior Editor
Aed by Ice Han, Product Manager of Zu Online

Q: What are some of the balance issues that are being addressed by this update?

A: There are 5 classes in Zu Online, including the Swordsmen, Moonmaidens, Sun Warriors, Bead Fairies and Summoners. Swordsmen specialize in swords. Moonmaidens have a knack for traps. Sun Warriors can always be found in the thick of battle. Bead Fairies excel at healing and casting beneficial spells. And Summoners are able to summon powerful forces to fight for them. All five classes have their own strong and weak points, satisfying different players’ needs. Regarding the balance of classes, most players have posted positive comments. Players have had passionate discussions about class balance in our forum and have inspired us to improve them. In this update, we have adjusted and improved some of the talents.

Q: Were there many bugs that were fixed?

A:The bugs found before have all been fixed in version 1.4.06, so we can say, that the current version is extraordinary to some extent. Meanwhile we also welcome reports or suggestions on ZU from players, and we will work on them as quickly as we can.

Q: Are there still some bug fixes that are being worked on to be released at a later date?

A: There maybe some bugs that haven’t been found yet, it’s possible, but we try to work on them as they are found and launch an update pack as soon as possible. We believe there will be fewer and fewer bugs in ZU and players will see ZU become gradually perfect.

Q: What new things are being added in for players to discover?

A: The new update patch has been specifically designed to complete the current version and fix some bugs.
We have offered more guides and protection for newbie players. For instance, newbie players can complete the beginning quests with ease, and get acquainted with the Zu Wolrd quickly. There is a level protection rule, which means if you haven’t reached level 60+, you won’t be attacked and killed by other players. So newbie players will really enjoy the game.

Q: Have there been any changes to PvP?

A: Yeah, we made some adjustments to PVP, the changes are mainly to protect newbie’s and maintain game equity, so that beginners can be safe from the malicious attacks of higher players. Player PK among different factions should be also be kept within the distance of Level 60, If you fight a player and the level distance between you is more than level 60, you will be punished and honor will be deducted.

Q: Are there any new items for the item mall?

A: We’ve added in some new items in this update. For example, Righteous Bells that can be used to summon strong BOSSes, Boss-calling Stones that can be used to summon BOSSes in the BOSSes respawning area and Rose Seeds that can be used to yield roses. In addition, Lanterns, Firecrackers, Snowmen and other interesting items are being added in too.

Q: Will there be any changes to the events that are already run every day?

A: The changes are mainly to the Maze Event which will be extended from 30 min to 45 min, so that players can have more time to enjoy this event.

Q: Are there any new areas that are being added?

A: We didn’t add new maps in this version but it has been developed in process, and more map previews will be launched in the future.

Q: When is this update expected to be added?

A: The update was released on 21st of May and the latest client and update pack are available on our official site already.

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