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Syrnia is a free online browserbased / textbased Role Playing Game (RPG), with many skills, items, nice people, and loads of active players!

Boasting an immense 15 different trainable skills, more than 100 towns, and thousands of registered players, Syrnia is one of the most addictive, compelling MMORPGs on the internet and will be free to play forever.

With skills ranging from combat to construction, mining to magic, Syrnia always has something fresh to offer, and with regular updates there is always new content to investigate.

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Game Articles

  • 12-10-2006 Arch. Cave & Making Syrnia more user friendly

    The respawning of monsters, chests, resources, and items in the Arch. cave has been fixed. Some items didn't properly respawn or respawned not frequently e...

  • My Take on this game

    I played it very addictivly for almost a year. Which is rare for me. I found it fun but after a while it got boring. And the community is getting worse. B...

  • Syrnia

    Where should I begin? How about the different skills! Wood-Cutting- As your woodcutting level increases you will cut wood quicker and have access to bet...

  • Jasmine Jaye

    This game has become utterly banal. Its latest owner, Borneo, doesn’t care about the community and vanishes for long periods with no explanation. Updates and fixes are slow to non-existent. During his absences, Borneo leaves full control of the game to a fragile and talentless woman named Bex, who has no coding knowledge whatsoever, poor people skills and can’t take criticism. Syrnia continues to limp on, looking ever more sad and dated. The once-proud community is dwindling to silence.