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Urban Rivals is a comic style trading card-game MMO where you can set up a team from among 20 different classes, boasting an immense number of characters (around 30 per class).
After having seduced tens of thousands mobile players throughout Europe, the multiplayer trading cards game Urban Rivals, is now on the web. The release of the online version will allow players using both mobile phones and Internet, from all over the world, to play against each other, live!
This community game, a true alien in the mobile gaming world, stages over an hundred characters to collect, trade, and upgrade through fighting with other players. Each character is unique with its own set of skills and abilities. This strategic deepness combines with the fast and exciting gameplay to create an outstanding and utterly addictive gaming experience.
Decide your own fate. You can choose to have fight after fight to rise up in the rankings and become the world’s best player. You can also become a great trader and try to get the complete collection, or even just play for fun with your friends with your favorite characters. When you register, you will receive your first pack of 8 characters free of charge. You can then add to your collection by trading or purchasing packs from the Shop.
To level up your characters, you have to challenge other players. After each fight, your characters will earn XP and become progressively stronger, to the point where they can unlock special abilities and bonuses! Each time one of your characters levels up, he'll get a new look.
Urban Rivals it’s:
- A rich and deep universe, with 12 clans and over an hundred unique characters to
collect and level up
- Up to 5 different evolutions to unlock for each character
- A fast and exciting gameplay
- Hundreds of online opponents to meet and challenge
- A free game with unlimited play
- A wide community of enthusiastic players
- Frequent tournaments and contests

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