Adventurer’s Journal #2: Weddings, Trials, Super Sentai

Adventurer’s Journal, Entry #2:

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I recently came back to Eorzea, because frankly I missed it. There are so many things to enjoy, see, and experience. So much I missed out on! Thankfully I found a company that mirrors my friendly nature and ideals: The Knights of Baron, which reminds me of one of my favorite titles, a particular one starring Cecil Harvey. So what have I done? Basked in the music mostly. The “Orchestrion” item that now resides in my personal quarters allows me to listen to music from around the world, right in my own home! The score created by Masayoshi Soken, who I interviewed not even a year ago is mostly right at my fingertips. But there’s a song missing. There’s something very important missing. Alexander 8 has a song called “Brute Justice”. It’s basically a “Super Sentai” fight, where the robots come together, and a jazzy 70s/80s theme blares over my headphones. It reminds me of. . Taiyou Sentai Sunvulcan or Bioman. If he should see this, I hope he confirms those as inspirations for the track! But I can’t seem to add it to my Orchestrion yet. Not that I’ve seen.

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That’s just about all I did over the weekend, was playing XIV if I wasn’t working. Smite? League? Final Fantasy XIII? These all took a backseat to my Free Company. They were wonderful and kind, helping me get back on my feet. Though the wedding of two of my comrades did not go off like it should have [I did not inquire], we did stuff anyway. There are 24 man raids now, and I missed these in my original journey. Void Ark and the Weeping City were challenging, and at times, frustrating. Between those, I also finally did some Extreme Trials that I missed, such as Shiva [Phase 2 sounds like Tsunami Bomb. .], Leviathan and Garuda. We were way overgeared so it was an absolute breeze. The Alliance-style raids though? Much harder. It was my first time really healing with a keyboard and mouse, at least in a serious manner. But now I’m leveling a tank, and a DPS. As a note, I’ve never tanked before. Maybe in one dungeon in another world, but never beyond that. It’s time to make a change to how I think and act. . .But before that, I met Gilgamesh.

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