High demand cripples Final Fantasy XIV open beta launch

High demand cripples Final Fantasy XIV open beta launch
Neil Kewn (Murxidon) – OnRPG journalist


Overwhelming demand for the Final Fantasy XIV open beta has crippled game servers and forced restrictions on the number of players able to test the forthcoming multi-platform MMO.


Despite the open beta period launching over six days ago, players who managed to secure a beta key have reported numerous issues with the game. Including long download times, failed logins and cursor problems.


In an effort to ease the congestion on Final Fantasy’s servers, Square Enix temporarily limited the number of beta keys available to hopeful players. Keys are now readily available, but complaints are still flooding FFXIV message boards. Server issues continue to plague the open beta, with the entire game being taken offline at numerous points for several hours at a time.




According to IGN, The open beta test was originally postponed after a number of “critical bugs” were found, but the launch went ahead several hours later. Reaction to the game has been mixed, with OnRPG members reporting numerous performance and mouse issues, but offered praise for the game’s impressive visuals.


Final Fantasy XIV is the latest iteration in the acclaimed role-playing series, and the second massively multiplayer game bearing the Final Fantasy hallmark to enter the MMO market. The game is scheduled to hit shelves on September 30, with a PlayStation 3 release next year. Square Enix have not ruled out an Xbox 360 version of the game.


It is traditional that the open beta phase of any MMORPG encounters a few hiccups along the way, but Square Enix should have anticipated that a game of this magnitude would attract a sizable number of players willing to participate in the beta, especially considering they went through the pitfalls of MMO testing eight years previous. With the game’s official release just a few weeks away, Komoto and Co. don’t have a lot of time to iron out the bugs before the game goes live. Let’s hope players won’t have to wait for post-release patches to get the polish the series usually has an abundance of.

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