Final Fantasy XIV Job Changes/Updates Discussion

FFXIV Shirogane

Okay, so we’ve been hearing that there will be some Job Changes coming in Stormblood, the latest expansion for my personal favorite MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. But, what the Hell does that mean? Do you know? Does anybody know? Well, the Internet sure does now! During a recent Korean Live Letter talk, it was discussed at length. Thanks to a redditor who caught it, we now have some information to pass along to you! Many thanks to Siliconera for catching this, though they copy-pasted it from here so now I can talk about it too! I’m incredibly excited for these changes, and while skills will be going away [skills unused, for example], there won’t be a “crunch”, per se’. Classes will have the same amount of abilities, I just imagine they’ll be mixing some, updating them, and adding new stuff to make classes/jobs feel fresh. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • First, let’s talk skills in general. I love the idea that Thunder II and III are going away, and instead Thunder will power up as you level. But what about Aero? PLD’s Rampart and DRK’s Shadowskin will become the same skill, but they didn’t specify anything about WAR. I’m sure it will join this merging as well, and will become a cross-role skill for tanks. I kind of like this, as it won’t make tanks bland or boring, but will perhaps make it a little easier to pick up a tank no matter what style you want to play. My biggest issue, is that we will still have ~70 skills a class, and there are some that just have ludicrous, absurd rotations. DRG, anyone? I don’t want to hit 20 buttons to maximize my rotation. That’s going to make me insane! [Why else do I main WHM?] I also read that debuffs won’t be going away, but will be altered. Maybe made better? Probably made worse.
  • There’s talk in 4.1 of cross-server 24-man parties. I assume that it will just be the same clusters, but I hope it’s not just to do raids, but maybe to level together, 4 person dungeons, POTD, et cetera. There are no details on this yet that I’m aware of, but if my friends are on the same cluster, but different worlds? I would love to be able to play with them finally! What about cross-world Free Companies? How will Housing work? I have questions! Maybe I’ll hit up Square-Enix for answers.
  • AST/WAR: There’s a lot of talk that AST are just… not very great until they recently received buffs. This means that finally we can see better combinations of healers in raids/alliances. This is not to say that 4.0 won’t change them again [according to them, that means to me, expect changes]. There’s also talk of changing WAR off-tank. Again, no specifics, but I hope it will be something big and interesting.

FFXIV Diving

They talk about some other stuff that doesn’t really interest me, but might other people, like redoing the chat function, adding some features to make it work better/easier. But it’s hard as hell apparently, to add more chat tabs. I don’t really need more personally, but I certainly see the need for them. I’m just waiting on specifics, but I do like that they’re listening, and making some adjustments/changes that will make an already fun game far more so! Stormblood is coming in a matter of months, and as more news trickles in from overseas, we’ll make sure you have as soon as humanly possible! What are you guys excited for? Doma? Samurai? Red Mage? Ivalice??

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