Endless Space 2 Offers Free Weekend and Free Update

Endless Space 2 _ Free Weekend & Community Challenge

From now until November 20th (10 am PST), Endless Space 2 is free to play on Steam! There’s also a play-to-win community challenge, and a huge free update on top of that. The way that works, is the more players that try the game during the Steam Free Weekend, the bigger an upcoming Free DLC pack gets. More information for that can be found here. If you wind up enjoying the game, you can purchase it for half price! The update that came is the Galactic Statecraft Update, which adjusted the diplomacy system, improved tools for alliances, pirate lairs, orbital stations, as well as endgame visual improvements. There are also new events to enjoy, and a hall of fame to keep track of just how excellent your performances are.

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