Endless Space 2’s ‘Muck & Makers’ Free Update Out Now

Endless space 2 Muck & Makers

Endless Space 2 has a free update that’s now available via Games2Gether, called “Muck & Makers”. A space-dump fairy tale awaits, starring a clumsy-but-lovable amphibian hero. With this update comes a minor faction that’s bent on turning trash into treasure, and a new quest called “Munchie Madness”. Games2Gether is a collaborative video game co-creation platform, and to claim this new update, players just need to go to the Gamers2Gether platform and select the update from the rewards page, and it will immediately install on their Steam account.

Back in January, during the Endless Free Weekend, they challenged players to explore 3.5 million systems. Since the players succeeded, this update is now available for free to everyone. It includes the following:

1) Hero – Fore Sagazh Jabble: A carefree, curious and accident-prone creature, integrated to the society of Heroes when an Academy explorer ship arrived to study their planet.

2) Minor Faction – Basryxo: This society evolved in the detritus of what is essentially a garbage planet, as myriad forms of waste were dumped on the world for centuries. Starting from ragged scavengers to become pragmatic and efficient recyclers, they have learned to turn garbage into gold.

3) Quest – Munchie Madness: The coolest, tastiest treat across the galaxy is a new fast food, Haroshuarm. The trend has taken settled planets by storm, but unfortunately, the incredible leap in take-out consumption has created vast quantities of garbage, that you will need to handle…

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