Hero Smash

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    Artix Entertainment

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    2D Fantasy

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Hero Smash puts you right in the middle of the action with a group of your buddies to do what heroes do best, beat up bad guys with flashy powers. But to be competitive in the Super Hero genre these days, you need customization and lots of it. Artix Entertainment can do that.

Hero Smash offers you the ability to go evil or good for starters. Then you are given a city to battle over for control. Sounds good so far? Well add in a Guild Wars-esque system in which you can acquire new powers through questing and defeating bosses. There are literally hundreds of combinations available to unlock and test in your pursuit to create the ultimate super hero.

But Hero Smash decided to push the envelop of the genre, even in a browser game, by promising a 'secret identity' system to allow you to intermingle with the opposition. What secrets will you discover with your alternate persona? The OnRPG team is excited to find out when we test this game in the coming months.

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