Monthly Archives: May 2004


This is my first review so don’t bo to hard on the feedback

GamePlay: First of all I think the game play is awsem you can spend hours at a time on this game its good if you can find sum nice ppl so all and all- 7/10

Grapics: Not the best of the games out there I would say its not candy to the eye but it’s Still allright graphics so I give it a- 6/10

Sound: The music is fine its not bad it’s game music there isnt realy much I can say about it thats helpful but in my opinion it gets a- 7/10

Battle: The battle is quite enjoyable magic is fun ranged is kinda hard and expensive but fun the melee was good and u would entertain u for hours not the best I have seen tho so it gets a- 8/10

Skills: The skills in this were awsem and I personaly spent about 200 hours on this alone so for me its a- 9/10

Overall: To most big mmorpg fans this game is known as the crack of mmorpg in korea and place like that they have an everqquest mafia and it is THE MOST ADDICTIVE MMORPG GAME EVERMADE so I give it a- 8/10