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City of Heroes

No reviews in ALONG TIME, by me or other people, so heres one

Gameplay: In training, I tend to get map disconnected alot, but that only happens in training, no where else I noticed. I also tend to think im playing the full game the beta is so good, usually that doesn’t happen 8/10

Leveling : I barely even look how much I need to level, maybe an occasional glance because combat is so fun, yes it as a level grind, like all mmorpgs. Powers are also great, great affects. 7/10
Enemies The mobs are also good, a little plain so, not much diversity, but im level 4, so I probly haven’t encountered everything. The zombies are cool so, combat goes by pretty fast to 4/10

Missions are fun, at least to me, sometimes a little short, alot of fun so, especially when I get a sewer mission, that was really fun, more diversity in missions would be nice, maybe do a puzzle to get to another part of a mission you need to do, and make the “dungeons” bigger, they are kinda small. The stories are tons of fun so 6/10

Loot: Wth is everyone complaining about loot? I never see a hero find loot or anything from a mob, maybe an artifact for a mission, but thats all. Although their is loot, enchantments and buffs/heals act as loot N/A

Character creation: This was a blast to do, I found one template I really like that im gonna use when I buy full game, if I don’t remember everything, I can try to make it similar. I never see a clone of me running around, everyones different since theirs soo many choices, one (or all of the best char creations in a mmorpg 9/10


I have to admit Jagex… you really outdid yourselves this time. The graphics are upgraded like mad. I was turned off from RS1 because there was never any updates for the free server, only members. My friend is a member all he talked about was the beta. i checked it out and its amazing. I’m hooked again… All the things me and my friends ever dreamed of adding, were added (exept ball and chain…) I dont usually like RPG’s but not bad at all. Although i dont understand the point of runecrafting… Just buy the lousy runes from the shop instead of going through all that trouble with the talismans and all. Compared to other free MMORPG’s i’ve played, this topps the chart. Good job!