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Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a battle royale game featuring more than just running and gunning. Climb and dive for a vertical element to things, or strap into a vehicle that are also more than they appear. Unique weapons and survival skills let you experience the exact gameplay you’re looking to achieve.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes, cosmetic and boosts in app store.

Key Features:

Customization: freely customize your character from a great number of options. Go for the look you’ve dreamed about to stand out from the crowd.
Survival Skills: Choose from a selection of 18 different skills, which range from stealth, enemy detection, and even the ability to resurrect teammates.
Weapons and Effects: Several unique weapon types await players, such as freeze grenades. Upgrading weapons can even unlock new effects or skills.
Vehicles: Travel by land or water by yourself, or grab a few friends to hunt down your foes in style.
3D Gameplay: Run, climb, and dive. You don’t just have to run around, here. Utilize those parkour skills to ambush your competition!


18 survival skills, including hiding, monitoring enemies, evading detection, shields, healing, invisibility, medkits, resurrection, gliding, barricades, vehicles, and more.

GTA Online: Open Wheel Racing

The future of competitive motorsport has arrived in Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s in a hurry. Two brand new open-wheel ultra-performance vehicles. Seven high-speed tracks. Dozens of split-second decisions, from the tires you use, to whether you take that all-important pit stop. And above all: one seat, one driver, one grand prize.

OVERPASS Launch Trailer

Get behind the wheel of powerful all-terrain vehicles and see how you measure up on extreme courses!

Overpass is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games Store and on the 12th of March on Nintendo Switch.

Comanche – Open Multiplayer Beta Teaser

Pilots, get ready for action! The Comanche Open Multiplayer Beta will lift-off this weekend!

From February 28, 5 AM PST / 2 PM CET until March 2, 10 AM PST / 7 PM CET you can participate in the Comanche Open Multiplayer Beta by downloading the game on Steam.

The open beta will feature only multiplayer gameplay. From the start of Early Access on, Comanche will also receive a singleplayer mode.

ARK: Genesis – Part 1 Expansion Pack

Expanding the ARK storyline with all-new mission-based gameplay, ARK: Genesis leads Survivors through beautiful yet lethal new worlds filled with exotic creatures, craftable items, and weapons unlike anything seen before on the ARK!

In the massive ARK: Genesis – Part 1 expansion, Survivors wake up within a virtual simulation accompanied by the strangely familiar ‘HLN-A’ companion. Together they must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests and only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring this new world will Survivors uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place. Only the toughest and smartest Survivors will pass all of the simulation’s grueling challenges. Will you be one of them?