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Dragon Revolt

Dragon Revolt is a mobile fantasy MMORPG from Snail Games developed for iOS and Android devices where players must take up arms as an imperial power attempts to stop a renegade faction’s uprising. The Rossel Empire or the Asta Blood Alliance are at war with each other, and it has come time for you to choose a side. Play as one of the Holy Trinity of MMORPG classes on the faction of your choice and take one dungeons, dragons, and other players! There are few who can even handle the dungeons of the world, let alone the massive draconian beasts that wander the world. Will you defy the odds?


Holy Trinity: Choose a faction and the class of your choice. Become a cleric, warrior, or mage and learn the role you will play in battle!

Teamwork: Taking down dragons isn’t something you can do by yourself. Form a team with other players and take advantage of all the different classes’ skills.

Class Trees: Each class has three different tiers of talents that points can be put into to specialize your role in combat. Choose wisely!

Kickoff Legends

Kickoff Legends is a free-to-play sports MMO developed by StudioQi for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and is available for download on Steam. In Kickoff Legends players can participate in cross-platform football management. Becoming an owner of a football team has its responsibilities. You must sign new players while training and developing your existing team. How skilled are you at predicting your opponent’s moves and leading an entire team? Do you think you’ve got the mental fortitude and the foresight of a true leader? Once you qualify for a league that’s when the real action begins! Train your team, dominate the rankings, and prove your football knowledge in Kickoff Legends.


Instruct Players: Give your players instructions on the football field, whether it be to drive the ball, pass it, or take a shot!

Strategic Gameplay: Adapt your strategies during matches depending on what your opponent does. Only the most successful coaches can foresee their opponents moves.

Scout Players: See a player on an opposing team that you’re just dying to have? Make them an offer they can’t refuse and pull them to your side!

Last Regiment

Last Regiment is an upcoming fantasy-themed strategy game that features both singleplayer and multiplayer content. Last Regiment is also the successor to Legends of Callasia and is expected to expand upon its systems and features for faster, deeper, more strategic gameplay. Little is known about the game currently as it is still in an early alpha state.


Singleplayer Campaign: Fight through a campaign of strategic battles and prove you got a strategist’s mind.

Multiplayer Battles: Fight against other players online and find out who is superior! You might just be surprised by your own skills.

Map Editor: Last Regiment features a new built-in map editor. Now you can make your own maps and challenges and share them with your friends!


Compet is a free-to-play 3D fantasy strategy game developed by MindArk PE AB for Android, PC, and is expected to have an iOS release in the future. In Compet players can become a noble that raises and battles their pets with the intentions of acquiring wealthy and glory! Whether you’re battling it out in the PvP Arena or trying to convert your tiny village into a massive town, don’t forget who is making it all possible – your pets! Teach them well and lead them with a Master’s proficiency to see how strong they can get. Who knows how far you can go with a great team of pets by your side!


Offense and Defense: Use your pets to defend your village or raid your enemies’ villages. Both offense and defense will be important aspects of a successful master!

Wacky Pets: Pets can come in all shapes and sizes, meaning they’ll come with different combat focuses. You’ll be able to raise Aggressive, Balanced, Defensive, and Attuned pets.

Library: Unlock the secrets of the library to gain new abilities for your pets and help them get stronger!