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Rumble Fighter Review: Get Ready To Rumble

Rumble Fighter Review: Get Ready To Rumble
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


As the MMO meta grows further, more and more types of game play have been exploited to cater to the wide variety of gamers. Fighting games are no exception when it comes to the revolution of the MMO genre, you’d think they’re bound to take every last game type out there. Anyway, Rumble Fighter Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Fighting Game (MMOFG— errr maybe I just made that up) that uses the isometric bird’s eye view system much like any beat em’ up fighting games like Bleach (PS2), Powerstone, and Thrill Kill. The only difference is (aside from the whole MMO factor), Rumble Fighter Online lets EIGHT (yes eight) players battle it out in one stage/arena.


Rumble Fighter Framerate PVP


Nothing says PVP more than an actual online fighting game where the only way to progress is through Player versus Player combat, and the whole idea of being in an all out gut-wrenching battle between eight players is probably more than enough to satisfy your thirst for blood (it’s a just a term… no blood here folks).


The rules are quite simple: destroy your opponents. Not a very complex goal to achieve but it’s still a whole lot of fun.


Starting Up

Upon starting the game you’ll be prompted to pick your gender, after which you will be prompted to choose between 4 main archetypes: Strikers (the heavy hitting brutes of the fighting game world), Soul Fighters (the fast paced fighters of the game, Fei Long anyone?), Alchemists (the weak characters with an absurdly exaggerated defense ratio), and Elementalists (the paper skinned spell casters/magic users). After creating your character, it’s time to kick some axe.


Defining Your Character

What’s good about this game is the tier balancing. Since each class lacks a certain something, you basically have to know how to deal with others. This is also a good way to exercise team play as you help block each other’s weaknesses to decimate your pursuers. If you think that your character’s archetype class will be the one to determine your character’s future, then you’re dead wrong. You can equip each class with skill scrolls that will further define their play methods. These scrolls give access to different skills that will aid you in your journey. A good example would be the Muay Thai scroll which (OF COURSE) teaches your character the named fighting style. There are tons of scrolls in the game, each with their own special effect for each archetype so you better plan it out.


Rumble Fighter Scrolls For Skills
Use scrolls for skills


—–But wait! There’s more!


Aside from the endless justice that can be attained through scrolls, the game also promotes the ExoCore system, which allows players to customize or further develop their special move. Other special effects can be boosted and optimized by adding ExoCores, making character development broad and enjoyable.


Experience points are acquired through combat so feel free to shed some BLOOD!



Much like Gunbound and Tennis games (LOL) Rumble Fighter Online uses a room interface that lets players host and join games. I believe that this system is probably the most ideal way to pursue matchmaking for this type of game as it gives players the opportunity to either fight on their own turf with their own rules while others completely violate their pride by beating them in their prime XD.


Rumble Fighter Cell Shaded For Style


Game Modes

If you’re tired of the free for all wanton massacres, the game also has a bunch of other gaming modes to choose from. This makes competitive game play more diverse, providing a series of challenges in which you must best your opponents. Let’s face it, an arena type fighting game with only one type of game play will probably get dull after 1-2 hours unless you just can’t stop trying to get back at the high level Elementalist that keeps kicking your butt. One good example of these awesome game modes would be the King of the Hill mode where players are forced to fight each other on the way up while gathering flags which determine the victor. There’s also the potion drinking game where you have to drink as many potions as you can in order to win the game. There are also tons of stages in this game, making it more refreshing to start the next round without having to bear the same visuals all over again. When it comes to game modes, Rumble Fighter has it goin on.



The game’s graphics uses the cell-shaded interface commonly assigned to 3D anime games. You’ll probably be familiar with this look after playing games like Smash Online. I honestly can’t imagine an anime game that doesn’t use cell-shaded graphics, so you could say that it wasn’t through handicap that this game had to use such an outdated engine. The frame rate isn’t really that smooth, but it’s not such a big deal as it does cater to frequent 40fps game play. As for the game’s resolution, Rumble Fighter runs on low-end resolution (last time I checked it was 800 x 600). We’re not sure if it has widescreen capability but it’s quite unlikely for a low res game to have one. The backgrounds are colorful with eye candy visuals that keep it from becoming a large bitmap picture where characters are fighting. The game uses bright colors which hurt the eye at times especially since it lacks shaders, but it’s nothing a short gamma change can’t fix. Skills are rendered nicely as well, with dynamic lighting effects that completely define the impact of each.


Rumble Fighter Bright Colors
Bright colors might hurt your eyes


The Verdict

All right, for a MMO the game lacks a lot of things, but in the form of a fighting game, this game kicks ass. It’s really fun to experience another form of competitive game play that doesn’t deal with how powerful your armor is or how good you are at hitting balls. The game is highly addictive and can last you for countless hours of competitive goodness.


The good:
– Good cellshaded graphics
– Character customization goodness
– Item mall for character styling
– Broad system
– Good almost lagless gameplay.


The bad:
– Suffers from the same fighting game sickness called Tier list
– Stereotypical builds are still encouraged as some classes have a higher victory rate
– Graphics are pretty old still.

Darkwind: War on Wheels launches Factions and Squad Combat Leagues

Darkwind: War on Wheels launches Factions and Squad Combat Leagues
Darkwind, the multiplayer on-line turn based strategy war game continues to receive positive media reviews in both indie and mainstream press. The latest features to the game are Factions and Squad Combat Leagues which offer a completely new dimension to the game with an emphasis on consensual PvP play.
The game design team have created a system of inter-related Factions, including major factions such as the Merchants and the Anarchists, as well as minor ones such as the Mutants and the Evan Reds. Players’ in-game actions will now have consequences in terms of how members of these factions will treat them, as well as how the towns themselves will perceive their gang in terms of fame and reputation. In-game consequences will be far-reaching: will an arena gang adhere to your resignation or try to kill you? Will a town provide protection for you if you’re fleeing from a pursuing enemy – or will they hate you to such a degree that they actually mobilise the local Militia to attack you as you arrive?
An entirely new style of league has been added to the game, with an emphasis on consensual PvP action. The Squad Combat Leagues are conducted between player-run teams, and are organised into 5 divisions. Each team competes in one combat per week. After each season, the top three teams in each division are promoted while the bottom three are relegated. Unique prizes are offered for these leagues, including camp production bonuses and top-tier character training. 
“We are very pleased by the enthusiastic feedback the new features are receiving from players” game creator Sam Redfern commented. “Additionally it is a great achievement to receive positive reviews in the mainstream media as well as the indie media. The full-page review with a very positive 80% overall score in the UK edition of the world’s number one PC Gamer Magazine shows that main-stream reviewers are open-minded enough to recognise a top-quality indie game when they see it.”
Additional recent features to the game include mutant characters who tend to be stronger and faster than ‘norms’, yet they suffer from aging effects faster. The addition of mutants also ties in with the factions system, which provides a more subtle social model than a ‘good versus bad’ system.
Psionic powers have also been implemented, allowing the lucky few who possess these post-apocalyptic skills to perform a variety of mind-control and telekinetic effects.

The in-game tutorial has been totally overhauled so for any players who found Darkwind to be confusing the first time around, please stop by and have a go at the new tutorial, which will get you driving and shooting in no time.

On-demand races, deathraces and arena combats can now be launched straight from the game lobby. These are ‘proper’ funded events, which will let your gang earn prize money and gain skills – so no more waiting around for the next event to spawn if you’re a new player who hasn’t yet ventured into the wilderness.

Darkwind War On Wheels

MMO Boob Jobs: The Best Of The Breast

MMO Boob Jobs: The Best Of The Breast
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Remember when MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) women were as covered as the armored knights of Final Fantasy? Sexy yet wholesome, games never featured voluptuous women in such a fashion. Tifa had huge knockers, but you really don’t see them squiggling around the way Tomonobu Itagaki (creator of Dead or Alive, a game dedicated to boob jiggling) sees fit. I am not merely talking about the games themselves but their methods of advertising as well, which has changed so much over time.


Much like your average boob, some MMOs droop through time, causing their charisma to prune down. Of course, with today’s technology (in the boob perspective), the only thing these things need is a good dose of MMO Boob jobs. Do elves really dress like prostitutes? Are female humans destined to wear exposing armor just for them to gain the upper advantage in combat? Maybe it helps for mobility, but the stronger you get, the more bare your characters become. Allow me to take you further as we do an in depth coverage of MMO Boob Jobs.



The Ads Boob Job

MMO Boob Job EvonyMuch like most bordellos, each establishment needs a gimmick or a poster in order to boost their player base. Perhaps the best example for this kind of tactic is Evony Online, a strategic MMO web browser game that seems to be flooding the web with non-wholesome ads.

Analysis: Evony Online Boob Job



You can’t deny that ads like these commonly lead you to bugged sites that flood your computer with malware and viruses. Most of the time, these links give you non-work safe content like pornography popups and such. No one can resist juicy melons if I may say so myself. So what exactly drives an MMO ad (namely one that is for players of all ages) to change from an “Epic” knight in combat (*points at image above) to something that looks like this?


MMO Boob Job Breasts Evony BoobsYes indeed! What you are seeing is the same game being advertised after acquiring its voluptuous changes. Does it attract players? I’m not sure, but if they have the millions of “My Lords” as they claim, the boob job must be working wonders for them. I’ve seen certain complaints regarding this feature, about it being annoying at certain times, but if they’re really looking for Pr0N, Evony Online won the round on that one. Therefore, after studying the benefits this method has created for Evony Online, OnRPG has declared this method:



MMO Boob Jobs Certified

Indeed boob jobs have worked wonders for various games. Expanding this theory to console gaming and other platforms, other generally wholesome games like Tekken have already featured another form of BOUNCE in their system, giving players more COMBOS than they bargained for.


MMO eBOOBlution

Let’s face it! It’s one of the underlying parts of MMO evolution. It’s safe to say that after reviewing older games, MMO characters now seem to have breasts that are much bigger than they used to be. Yes, it does boost the game’s charisma but is a rather vulgar way of doing things. The evolution of Ragnarok Online Loading screens should be enough to prove this theory correct, but why don’t you have a good look for yourselves?


MMO Boob Job Jugs Boobs


Pretty sexy, I must say. They even designed her panties to match her chest’s… prowess. After being mesmerized by the MMO women of today, I decided to visit some of the classics for some in depth comparison.


MMO Boob Job Breast Best


Pretty isn’t she? What we have here is an Elf. Yes my lord, this is an elf from Everquest Online (A game launched during the late 90s). You were expecting another woman who implanted the Himalayas in her chest? She has long blonde hair, and is a bit sexy but nowhere near bed material. I’ve conducted a small test to indicate how much help Ms. Blonde elf will be in promoting the game.


The Survey

MMO Boob Job Breast Best 


After getting a pic of the Everquest female and a dark elf from Lineage 2, I asked 10 people (5 of which were men and 5 women) which game they would rather play when given the chance. Note that these people don’t know anything about MMOs, nor have they tried any of the titles mentioned here.


The result? I got a 1-9 in favor of the sexy boobalicious Dark elf. The one who picked the Everquest female was the religious type, so you could say that I saw it coming. Men make up most of the population in MMO gaming, regardless of their gender in the game; and like most of us, bigger means better. According to the other 4 girls I’ve tested, the dark elf was sexier, and looks more formidable than the conservative elf, thus making them pick the brothel-material rogue over the magical princess from Disney. I asked them if their decision had anything to do with the Dark Elf’s polygonal funbags. The funny part was they all answered “Yes”; Therefore, this Dark Elf female is—–


MMO Boob Jobs Certified 


Let’s face it! Boob jobs have become the future of most MMO games. Definitely not as vulgar as Evony online, but if you analyze carefully, their Epic Mounds are everywhere. Are they really going too far with this gimmick, considering the fact that kids make up a lot of every MMO’s player base? Are battle maidens really destined to wear armor that depletes everytime they get stronger? It’s all about fan service in the end.


So Doc, should I get mine?

Fan service cannot be evaded as they hook a lot of players the same way Evony online did (LOL Sorry, the game is just the king of Boobs right now). Does it help? Yes it does! The existence of Dark Elves and other creatures in Rohan online should be enough to explain that. One thing I’ve learned from all of this is that when I create my own MMO, I’ll be sure to have my characters undergo a healthy boob job before taking them out for public use.


Everything just for you My Lord.


MMO Boob Jobs Certified

The Great Merchant

Great Merchant is a 2D fantasy MMORPG set in East Asia. As the first online based economically driven game, this character building MMORPG is set in 16th century Asia around the countries of Joseon(Korea), Japan, China, and Taiwan. Originally a South Korean game launched in 2002, the Great Merchant has transcended international borders and is currently in service in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

Allods Online New Patch: V6 Edge of the Astral


Allods Online New Patch: V6 Edge of the Astral
Gala-Net, Inc., a leading free-to-play online game publisher, announced today the upcoming release of Allods Online V6: Edge of the Astral.  This patch features key enhancements and changes, such as improved chat and trade functions and additional PvE and PvP content.  Raid teams will have an opportunity to prove their strength against War’kaz the Mindreaver, a massive Astral Demon who now lurks in Gorluxor’s Tower.  The Arena of Death, a new PvP coliseum located in Yasez Shard, allows players to engage in deadly combat and earn bonus Combat Glory.
Allods Goblin Pet
Highlights from our patch notes include:
• New content
 o Arena of Death battle zone
 o New boss in Gorluxor’s Tower
 o New training quests to practice Astral navigation on a training ship
• A number of PvP exploits and quests fixed
• Splittable stacks will allow players to remove one item from a stack
• Guild information now displayed above players’ head
• Ability to respond to whispers
• New goblin pets
• Enhanced League Astral Ships
Allods League Astral Ship

Runes of Magic Players Victim of the Goldseller War

Runes of Magic Players Victim of the Goldseller War


Last week Frogster disabled the ability to trade Diamonds for gold using the Runes of Magic auction house. In this statement they informed their players that this measure was necessary to combat the growing hold “gold sellers” were having of the in game economy.


“Hello Community,


As you can see here, we have changed the Trade for Gold and Diamonds in the Auction House as well as deactivated the functionalities of sending Gold or Items (C.O.D.) via ingame mail, this is a temporary change.


We will re-establish both as soon as possible again.”


Today Frogster has updated its community with this rather unpleasant news:


“Our measures have also made it necessary to disable the diamond/gold trade in the auction house. We are well aware that this is a feature appreciated by many of our players. However, we regret to announce that at this point, we are not yet ready to reactivate it.”


Frogster also announces it has banned over 1800 gold seller accounts last week and removed their harvested gold and that it will be re-opening player accounts that were closed due to investigations to track down the “dirty” gold.


If Frogster reports these successes in its battle on Gold sellers but is not yet ready to re-open the in-game trade of Diamonds and the mailing of gold we seriously wonder if these option will be back in-game again ever.


All the while the Runes of Magic website is pushing Diamonds as if nothing was going on.

Runes of Magic - Double Diamonds - Same price - but no in game trading of Diamonds anymore!

We have contacted Frogster for comments and will keep you guys up to date!

Conquerer Online Legends Return Season 1 Kicks off


Conquerer Online Legends Return Season 1 Kicks off
TQ Digital is proud to announce the 1st wave of the Legends Return expansion series– Season 1: The Shadow of Darkness will descend upon the world of Conquer Online at Midnight 0:00, April 27th! In season 1 of the expansion, players will be able to experience the prelude to the days of chaos.

As the prophecy of the Sub-Classes is fulfilled, a formidable demon has broken the seal set by ancient heroes, and returned to the mortal world. The demon proclaimed itself the “Demon Overlord”, and summoned all the demons from beneath our world to construct his legion of darkness.

After the server maintenance, players of Conquer Online will be able to experience the fabulous features brought by Patch 5250.

Features of Legends Return Season 1

1. Sub-Class System: 6 types of Sub-Classes have been deciphered by the scholars: the Apothecary, the Martial Artist, the Chi Master, the Warlock, the Sage and the Performer. Each of these skills can provide its practicers with the unique bonus state. When adventurers reach level 70, they can go to the Job Center to study these powerful, ancient arts.
2. Artifact System: Utilizing the fragments of a Dragon Soul, players can purify their current gear, converting them into Artifacts with incredible elemental powers!
3. Weapon Accessories: As a by-product of the Artifact Gear research, the artisans also invented some fascinating Equipment Accessories which players can use to decorate their gear!
4. 3-6th Floors of Frozen Grotto: New dungeons have been opened for adventurers to explore. On 3-6th Floors of Frozen Grotto, you can battle against the legions of demon and challenge the ultimate boss, the Terato Dragon.
5. Small Boss Hunting: Powerful monsters are roaming the world map, transporting Dragon Souls, Equipment Accessory and Refinery Packs back to their dens! The time has come to hunt them, and claim these valuable items for ourselves!
6. New Daily Quests: 6 new Daily Quests are coming to provide you with rich rewards and intriguing storylines.

Other modifications of Patch 5250
– Ninja full Super gear set visual effect added.
– 3 new 500/1000 tables for Texas Hold’em Poker.
– Expanded Warehouses.
– Lottery box category display is added
– The gender prerequisite for the Orchid Quest is removed.
– Chat Interface: a) players can send item info in chat by pushing Ctrl+LMB. B) The Black List for chatting will be saved.
– Horse Racing Tournament: Item release shortcut is added.
– The mark of inscribed becomes invisible when players are checking other players’ equipment.
– The Dragon Ball drop alert sound is added
– The Last Name section has been removed from the new character creation process.

To manually download the patches, please click here
Conquer Online 7th Anniversary Expansion Season 1

Battle of the Immortals Interview: Clash of the Immortals

Battle of the Immortals Interview: Clash of the Immortals
Questions by Chen Fo Po (cinderboy), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by BOI Product Manager, Jonathan Belliss


Battle of the Immortals is one of Perfect World Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPGs. The striking difference compared with other PWE games will be the graphics and isometric view. Battle of the Immortals is also the first game developed by Perfect World’s Shanghai studio (most games were developed in the Beijing headquarters). After taking a few months’ hiatus to revamp the game, will Battle of the Immortals take the Free to Play market by storm? We will soon find out.


OnRPG: Hi, I am Fo Po (cinderboy), an OnRPG’s journalist. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Jonathan Belliss and I am the Product Manager for Battle of the Immortals.


OnRPG: According to this blog post, Battle of the Immortals was delayed for several months to iron out details and improve the game’s overall experience among many other things. How satisfied is the development team at the current status of the game?

We’re very excited on how the game has turned out and the tremendous response we’ve had from the players. We had so many players logging into the game on day one that we didn’t have enough capacity to sustain the number of players flooding in.  Luckily we have additional servers always on standby and were able to open up the floodgates and accommodate the amazing level of demand.


Battle of the Immortals is basically a new game because of the reworked game mechanics and an emphasis on PvP and working together in guilds. Players who have checked out the Chinese version will find that this game is a different beast all together and have localized the gameplay to suit North American gamers’ tastes.


Battle Of the Immortals Characters Gameplay


Even though the player response has been great, we still realize that we’re not done yet.  There’s a lot of player concerns and feedback, and we’re going to address as much of it as we can before we go into Open Beta.


OnRPG: I must applaud Perfect World Entertainment for delaying the game. Was it hard to come to a unanimous decision within the development team regarding the delay?

The decision was unanimous and we are sticking to our conviction that every Perfect World game will not only be localized to the highest point, but also that the gameplay will be very polished even in closed beta. Of course, there is some tweaking that we’ll be doing during the CB period, but we know that the closed beta is also the first impression many of our players will get out of the game and we want it to be the best possible.


OnRPG: Why the decision to adopt a new graphics engine for Battle of the Immortals?

We wanted to make a very different type of game and thus wanted to start from the ground up. Battle of the Immortals is also the first game developed out of our Shanghai studio and players will definitely see a different style in both the look and feel in the gameplay.


Battle of the Immortals Dungeons


OnRPG: How easy is it getting to understand the game for a new player? Will there be an in-depth tutorial or even a Master-Disciple system?

We have a built-in tutorial system, which will pop-up and give you guidance throughout the game, similar to the help paperclip in Microsoft Word. We’ve also provided in-depth guides that players can read up on the Battle of the Immortals website here:


The game itself is very casual friendly, but also has a huge amount of depth for hardcore players.


OnRPG: Why the special focus on gear in this title?

Who doesn’t like cool looking gear? If anything, the gear looks cooler as you progress through the game and will actually level up with you as you use it. Since the gear progresses as you do, you won’t feel held back or “nerfed” with your current set. This helps a lot when you are in-between levels and are waiting to use the next level of gear.


Battle of the Immortals


OnRPG: Will players be able to add their own attribute points after reaching a new level? I am really curious as this was not available for previous PWE games.

Yes, at level 30, players will be able to add their own attribute points, so that you can create your own unique character and gain an advantage in battle.


OnRPG: Talking about pets, what differences will there be compared to other PWE games? Is the pet fusion feature available in Battle of the Immortals?

The pet system in Battle of the Immortals is quite unique in that unlike any other PWE game, any monster or even boss that you fight within the game has a change to become your pet. When you fight a monster, there’s a chance for them to drop themselves. If successful, the monster will reappear and a lasso icon will appear when you mouse over it. You then have a 100% success rate to capture it.


Pets are essential in battle and can help tank or do damage against an enemy or another player. There is a pet fusion feature in Battle of the Immortals, which will be very important to help make your pet stronger at the higher levels.  Also the customization of your pet’s skills will have a huge effect on gameplay.


OnRPG: I have read that unique pets based on the 12 horoscopes will be available for capture. How easy will it be for players to get one? These pets sound mighty awesome and powerful at the same time, but will it give players who own them an unfair advantage?

The Zodiac pets are pretty cool as well as pack a pretty big punch. Obviously we had to make it a little challenging to get these pets and they are only available during their corresponding Zodiac period. Zodiac pets can give a player an advantage, but it all depends on how an opponent has leveled up or melded theirs as well.


OnRPG: Games under PWE never fails to amaze me with their wide range of mounts. How many mounts will there be, and how many of those will be allocated to the cash shop? Once again, will there be any difference in the mount system compared with other PWE games?

Without giving out exact figures, there are tons of mounts. We have mounts that can be acquired through natural progression in the game as well as some that are class specific. In addition to some of the mounts available in the cash shop, there are special mounts that can only be acquired through credit and bonus currency.


I would say that Battle of the Immortals mush have some of the craziest mounts that I have ever seen including this Energized Spider mount, which is basically this huge mechanical spider that players can wheel around on.


Probably the biggest difference in BoI in terms of mounts is that mounts actually have skills as you level them up.  They also graphically change each time they level.


Battle of the Immortals Mounts


OnRPG: I understand that there will be various instances for players to enter. Will the rewards gain from completing an instance be much greater than doing PvE in the open areas? Will this cause players to only do instances and not explore the vast open landscapes?

One of the first instances players can enter into is called the Knight’s Jail, which you have to enter into as a party and gives you some pretty good experience as well as drops Stamps of Promotions, which can be traded in for this high-level gear set called Green Gear. I think a lot of players will be repeating this instance because of the great experience as well as the fact that it scales depending on the level of the players.


I don’t think this will prevent players from exploring the rest of the world in Battle of the Immortals, but rather get people to play together in parties and form guilds to later take on tougher challenges at the higher levels.


The best party of the instances in BoI is they allow you to play the game in a similar fashion to Torchlight or Diablo.  You can run a dungeon over and over with some friends, or you can play the game via the traditional MMORPG route and go do some quests.  Being able to switch between these two different modes of gameplay is really what makes BoI special and unique.


Battle of the Immortals Weapons Dungeons Play 


OnRPG: What will the instances found in Battle of the Immortals be like? Will it be just a linear affair, where players mindlessly hack and slash their way to the final boss at the end?

Without revealing too much, the instances do have a point and will have players strategically making sure that they have specific roles/classes in parties. Higher level instances will support multiple parties, which mean that you not only will have to complete the objectives, but also look out from being killed by other players.


Also most instances have multiple modes.  An easy low commitment mode where you can run in and complete it in a short amount of time, as well as a normal/hard mode that takes longer to complete, but providing you with greater rewards.


OnRPG: What are some of the PvP options available in Battle of the Immortals? Will there be PvE and PvP servers available?

Right now the servers are PvP with the option to turn this mode on and off in the earlier levels. This changes later on in the game and as we said before, Battle of the Immortals is for the hardcore gamer.


Currently a battleground system is under development, but tightly under wraps.


OnRPG: Will there be a crafting system in the game? How important is it? Many games allow mobs and bosses to drop various rare and powerful gears, hence players tend to neglect crafting their own gears. Will this be the same scenario in Battle of the Immortals?

Crafting in BoI is extremely unique.  It’s actually called the Technology and Craft System.  Crafting in BoI doesn’t need to be performed at any specific location in-game, but instead simply takes time as you run around the game world.


What does that mean?  It means that you click a button to research a new recipe, then run around in-game completing quests or dungeons with your friends, then you’ll get a notification that tells you it’s done.  You can then go into the Tech and Craft menu and build something or research something else.


OnRPG: From a recent developer diary (starring the one and only Jonathon Belliss), it was mentioned that gems needed to socket gears will be dropped from mobs and instances instead of being put in the Cash Shop. Can you tell us 1 or 2 more significant changes made to the cash shop in order to balance the game?

Yes, as you mention, changing the way gems can be obtained (dropped versus bought through the cash shop) is one of the many significant ways that we did to balance the game for the North American audience. We also made sure that fashion items were made permanent. Since the micro-transaction model is a relatively new concept for North American players, we wanted to ease the transition by making sure that what they purchase wouldn’t go away just because they were away from the game for a certain period of time.


OnRPG: Last but not least, are there any plans to develop content unique to the English server?

As time goes on, especially with the launch of the open beta, we’ll have the opportunity to add additional content and special events tailored to the feedback we’ve received from our players. In fact, during closed beta we’ll be sending out survey to our players to get feedback on what they think about the game and what we can approve on. Five players who complete all of the surveys will have a chance at $100 worth of Zen, so we’re definitely looking to our players on how to make Battle of the Immortals even better!


OnRPG: Thank you for your time! I can’t wait for the official launch to commence!

Dragonica SEA

Dragonica is a 3D side-scrolling MMORPG! Set in the realm of magic and dragons, our story begins in a great war which ended the harmonious living of all creatures in Dragotaka. The conflict separated them into two sides; The Nobles, led by the Dragon Lord and the Minions, led by the Dark Lord, Elga.
Game features:
1. Attractive and Cute Art Direction with mass-market appeal
2. Offers Non-stop Comic Relief and humorous style that departs from serious games that appeal to a narrow market segment
3. Fast Paced, Addictive Action that appeals to both seasoned and casual gamers
4. Strong Community Bonding Functions
5. Personalized Game Functions
6. High level of character customizability by way of optional costumes and equipment
7. Visually and Technologically outshines other popular side-scrolling MMOs.