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Ntreev USA announces new game update for Trickster Online

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy has recently released new content for their popular 2D fantasy MMORPG.

Two new areas have been released. “Tapasco Volcano” is home to the most powerful Boss in Trickster Online, Spicy Dragon. Also added to the extensive world of Trickster Online is the new “Mermaid Palace” which includes an entirely new dungeon. These new areas will be full of brand new NPCs, monsters, items, quests and more.

With the recent addition of 2nd Jobs for Characters (Lv 50 / 40TM Lv) an entire arsenal of new Skills are available. Now, these new skills will complete a total of 99 skills, with 49 skills specifically for 2nd Job Characters. These new Skills will work in conjunction with the already released 2nd Job Skills and add more power and versatility to the Characters.

My Shop, the recently released Trickster Online cash shop for in-game items and more, has been a great success. Now, even more items are being released. New pets, drills, equipment, fashion items, My Camp items and more. Updates to the items available for purchase through My Shop can be viewed through the official website ( or in-game by clicking the My Shop tab of the user interface window.

A new feature has been implemented in a recent patch. This new feature, called Guild Battle, allows Guilds to compete against each other, head to head, in a PVP setting as teams. Several varieties of play are available in this feature including, Deathmatch, Team Match, and Monster Match. The Guild Battle feature also includes seven new, unique Arena Maps.

Since its release from Closed and Open Beta and now in its full commercial incarnation, more and more content has become available for Trickster Online. To continue this trend that has already included a website, forum redesign, the release of My Shop, My Camp, 2nd Jobs and more, Trickster Online will be updating the massive amount of content already available on a new regular schedule. New additions to all things Trickster Online will be made now on a bi-weekly basis. This new content will be announced on the official website as well as in the Trickster Online Newsletter.

Myth War: Fortune Bombing & Sales Promotion in Item mall

In addition to May Day Carnival which will come in the early May, International Gaming Gate (I.G.G.) Myth War Group brings us another wonderful activity called Fortune Bombing. It is the first time Fortune Bombing is held since the launch of Myth War Online; and the rewards are extremely enchanting- Deity Pet is included in the prize package as well.
Brief Introduction of Event Contents:
IGG registered Players will get a chance to try ‘Fortune Bombing’ when their account consumed in Myth War Item Mall reached 2000 Points. These players will have an opportunity to break an egg where a pleasant surprise may hide in. IGG will make a stat. on 25th and give out the rewards on 28th.
Brief Introduction of Rewards:
Top Prize: Deity Pet
Surprise Prize: Howling Beast / Chaotic Devil / Chaos Devil / Demon Dragon
Lucky Prize: Saint Pet / Sand Giant / Chinchilla
Special Prize: 1.3 Growth Pet
Honorable Mentioned: Item Points 100
For more details please head over to

Another announcement the official made is about the new promotional event which should have been held in the late April. It has to be postponed until early May because the event flow still requires further improvement. Please keep an eye on the announcement released at the official site for more details.

Myth War: May Day Carnival on Its Way

As May Day comes around the corner, International Gaming Gate (I.G.G.) Myth War Group has prepared something special for all the players- one of the greatest carnivals bound with diverse rewarded contests. Everyone is welcomed to experience the charm of this game from May 1rt to May 4th.
This Carnival contains of five parts-

1. Free Presents
GMs will appear at stall area of each server irregularly during May 1st-3rd and offer various stones with different attributes (Such as Icy Crystal and Oceanic Stone), Mystical Fruits and Chocolate for free in the form of setting stall.
2. Bounty Hunter
Time: 0:00 to 20:00 on May 1st.
Reward: Aurora Lion Egg
All Bounty Hunter records will be wiped at Server Time 0:00 on May 1st and the final results will be gathered at Server Time 20:00 on May 1st.
3. Survival Quest
Time: 0:00 to 21:00 on May 1st
Reward: Green Capilla Egg
All Survival Quest records will be wiped at Server Time 0:00 on May 1st and the final results will be gathered at Server Time 21:00 on May 1st.

4. Pet Purchase
During May 2nd and 3rd, GMs will appear at the shop range at a designated time every day and purchase some specific pets on sale there. It is once every day for the event. The system will announce when the event begins.
5. Fourfold Experience Event
Fourfold Experience Event will be hold in all realms for offering more Exp by fighting monsters in the fields from Server Time 0:00 on May 4th to Server Time 23:59 on May 4th.
Do they sound attractive and enchanting? Come and join in this fantastic carnival, you will find something worth to do there.
To know more please head over to the following link:

Myth War: First-Released In-game Arts & Notice on Western Union Exchange Delay

International Gaming Gate (I.G.G.) Myth War Group today brings amazing gifts to all Myth War players.
First-Released In-game Arts
One of the most eye-catching features of Myth War Online is the beautifully rendered game environment with enchanting in-game art. In order to further trigger new comers’ interest in the game, the official for the first time releases some most thrilling in-game arts including concert arts, screenshots and wallpapers. These artworks will debut in the sequent several weeks. Please head over to the official site and take a look.
Western Union Exchange Delay

As the time period from Apr 30th to May 4th is the Chinese Festival, all banks and post offices will be closed during those five days. For players who buy point cards or items via Western Union during these days, the official will exchange the points for them before May 9th and present 10% consumption points.

Myth War: New sentinel rules & First passel of winners in Bug Reporting

International Gaming Gate (I.G.G.) Myth War Group today present the long-awaited result of sentinels reelection and reorganization, as well as the first passel of winners in Bug-hunting contest which was launched on the 11th of April.

New sentinel system
Sentinels play a very important rule in the game. They help to stop quarrels or vituperations in any channel and inform GMs in time; they assist new players in leveling and answer their questions; they provide the official with useful information, such as game and website bugs. In a word, sentinels mean a lot to maintaining the harmony of Myth War World.
After reviewing suggestions submitted by players and after careful consideration, the official has done a lot to present a more complete and fair sentinel system. For more details please visit the following link:
First passel of winners in Bug-Hunting
In the hope of improving the quality of the game, IGG held a Bug- Hunting Event in its official Forum. This event will last for three full months (April, May and June) and the first passel of winners are just released by the official. Please head over to the following page to see if you’re one of them:

Myth War Online: Video Contest & Forum Suggestion Contest Results Announced

International Gaming Gate (IGG) Myth War Group announced results of two recently closed contests-
Video Contest Result-
Started on Mar.13rd, 2007, First Myth War Video Contest was successfully closed on Apr.13rd, 2007. During the keen competition, up to 40 video trailers have been submitted to the event page. Some of them are particularly excellent in both content and editing skills. As promised, the official will show the greatest works on the website. To know more about the winners and their wonderful masterpiece, please visit:

Forum Suggestion Contest Result-
This contest started from EST 03:00, Apr.10th, 2007 and lasted till EST 03:00, Apr.16th, 2007. During that period, I.G.G. Myth War Forum was visited by loads of Myth War players and they submitted tons of innovative suggestions and advices to the official. After careful evaluation, I.G.G. announced the winner list on their website; please visit the following link to know more:

The Representative Star for Voyage Century

Since Final launch on April, 8th, forever free Voyage Century has got the continued popularity. With the support from massive enthusiastic players, VC has successfully mounted to the Top quality Ranked MMORPGs.
Recently there is a hot debate on the representative who VCO will choose. What we like to mention is that it is up to you all.

Players who care much about the VCO representative have talked over this topic and recommended their favorite stars. Let’s have a look at the list:
Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, he is wild but favorable;
Russell Crowe, claimed to be Hero on Sea, from Master and Commander;
Matthew Modine the hero from Cutthroat Island, his image is very appropriate for VCO…
Seems the stars listed are relatively intimate with VCO.

Among them who will finally surpass others and be favored by the VCO players? Or you have the better person selected. Just recommend him.

Trace ColumbusÂ’ Footprint in VCO

In Voyage Century&( the most stirring and admirable men are neither businessmen who ply across the new continent with full-ship jewelry nor desperados who hang a skull and crossbones and contested with navy, but explorers who sail afar and sought secrets in the distant countries.

Different from businessmen and navies, most navigators own the scholar identity though they often take commercial or military purpose while sailing afar. They differ from ordinary voyagers in different pursuance upon history and culture. Enough professional knowledge they possess can also help them to realize their dreams.

In VCO, players should explore their own navigation routes. While traveling from one city to another across the sea, players’ routes will be different. Just like in the real world, players may encounter storm, submerged reef or other troubles and they have to overcome them. Then they will experience the feel of conquering the sea. After sailed for several times, players will find their own navigation routes. The map of 5 continents has been opened and more regions and cities will be released with the development of game deepens. It is certain that the grand world of <Voyage Century Online> is waiting for players to explore.

The vivid stories of Columbus, Magellan and Da Gama have set a good example of taking adventure for players. Let’s trace the great navigators’ footprint and sail to the regions that human haven’t set foot in to search infinity and future!

Game Entertainment Europe successfully launches the Open Beta Client for the European world of Martial Heroes

The open beta client of Martial Heroes Europe has been successfully launched. It is a totally improved new client for a world which is exclusively available for European gamers. Game Entertainment Europe already welcomed 100.000 new registries’. The new world is called “Pandora”. Together with Pandora a totally improved portal for Martial Heroes has been launched,

What is new about the Pandora world of Martial Heroes:


-The Pandora client has been translated into proper English.
-All quests have been rewritten in proper English.
-Pandora has in game support in many European languages (e.g. German, Dutch, French, English and Polish) by more than 50 game master helpers (GMH) who are present in the game.
-To buy in game items gamers can use game credits called Gamers Oxygen or GO’s which can be bought in the Martial Heroes Market.
-A lot of new Pandora events are scheduled.

What are the features of the new portal:

The Martial Heroes portal

-The portal of Martial Heroes is available in English, French, German and Dutch.
-It is possible to have direct contact with the GMH to ask game related questions. These questions are automatically posted and answered at the forums.
-Gamers can make a profile at the forum section and gamers receive a personal url which refers to their profile.
-Player rankings are listed.

About Martial Heroes

Martial Heroes features a world rich in oriental heritage, martial arts and age-old legendry and offers a perfect blend between oriental medievalism and stunning fantasy. A gamer chooses the role that fits him or her best. By playing quests and using items such as swords and horses, the gamer grows into his role.

On your journey through the world of Martial Heroes you travel into areas totally different from locations you have seen before. There are mystical terrains where the night rules supreme, or lands that can only be reached through secret passages. While you progress through Martial Heroes and your character reaches new levels, many more elements will become available. This ensures richness in new experiences for players of Martial Heroes, never before encountered in any game. Of course real success comes from playing the game together. Martial Heroes offers the possibility to form a Guild. There is an unlimited number of levels that will keep the game provocative for every hardcore gamer.

About Game Entertainment Europe

Game Entertainment Europe offers very attractive online community games to gamers in Europe. To offer the best game experience, the games are localised for the European countries. Game Entertainment Europe organises game mastering, user and community support as well as in-game events. The company’s head office is based in Amsterdam and the company opened an office in Korea. More information can be found on Game Entertainment is also participating in a chain of European game cafes, WZZRD. On the 19th and 20th of May the Dutch finals of the Electronic Sport World Cup (ESWC) will take place at WZZRD Enschede.More information can be found on (