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Shadow of Legend Spring Special

Players at or above Level 15 can receive materials and a free staff from the appointed NPC in between May 1st to May 3rd. In order to receive your items, please visit an
“Event Envoy” located at these locations:

South Horea coordinates: 404, 1561
Fluorescent coordinates: 555, 782
Distant Valley coordinates: 736, 225
Phynas coordinates: 721, 1157
Grey Rock Castle coordinates: 398, 906
Wild Track coordinates: 484, 484

Depending on your class, your character(s) can receive the following:

Warrior: Copper Ore*200/day
Mage: Pine*200/day
Monk: Ragged skin*500/day
Archer: Hemp*500/day

Crafting your own armor and weapons is not an easy job, especially when you have to travel through the dangerous lands of Agnes to collect the materials used to make your items. Only for a few days will we make it easy for you to hone your crafting skills. Just ask any high level player how important crafting skills are later on in the game. They be taking advantage of this opportunity, so don’t miss out!

May 7th update: a new mission and items!

A new challenge is waiting for you in the frenzy fighting world of Infinity.

On May 7th, we’ll introduce a new mission: Targen’s Porta Tournament.
You will be able to bet Luna coins on fighting NPC monsters. In each room a maximum of 8 players will be able to bet choosing among 3 different amount of Luna.
Be smart and bet well on the most promising mob to win other players Luna !

On the same patch, new items will be added to the Item shop:

  • Nickname ticket allows you to change your nickname
  • Rune Stone initializer can reset a Runestone slot. This is a very useful item if you want to to remove Runestones from your sockets.

These new content will be patched to Infinity on May 7th.
Discover the action, play Infinity Online!

NeoSteam closed beta has come to an end

After 7 days of fun, excitement and enjoyment, the much anticipated CBT of NeoSteam has finally come to an end. The NS Team wants to extend their most sincere gratitude to all “Steamers” that took part of the NeoSteam CBT. Thank you for making this CBT possible. Without you, NeoSteam closed beta wont be a success.

Always keep posted for more information regarding the next opening of the NeoSteam server. You can always visit for any questions, queries or suggestions to make the next period more exciting and enjoyable.


Upshift players can now trade cars, mods, and other items in-game
Santa Clara, CA – April 29, 2008- PLAYSPAN Inc. and Gala-Net Inc. announced the launch of beta service today for Upshift StrikeRacer, an online racing game.
“Having the PlaySpan service added to Upshift StrikeRacer provides our players with the ability to trade their in-game items in a safe and sanctioned manner,” states Jikhan Jung, CEO of Gala-Net. “We are very excited about providing peer to peer item sales in our games. And PlaySpan provides a proven, scalable and secured system that has been proven with multiple games.”

PlaySpan’s system integrates into the game inside a widget. As an official, publisher-sponsored service, the application is a secure and reliable way to buy and sell goods without leaving the game.

“We are extremely excited about launching with Upshift StrikeRacer. This shows the power of virtual commerce in the different environments; our system and services benefit hardcore MMOGs as well as more casual titles like Upshift,” says Karl Mehta, CEO of PlaySpan Inc. “Players of Upshift can now trade lower-ranked cars and items once they advance to more advanced parts of the game, and enjoy the game more with real-world microtransactions.”

Ten Tools Revealed

Wonderland Online ( is a free 2D turn-based MMORPG brought to players by IGG. In addition to the unique [Tent System], there are also many tools available in the game. Before players use them, the WL team is going to talk about these tools.

1. Tent: It has three functions. The first is it can be used as a factory. No matter what kinds of items are manufactured in the tent. The second is it can be used as a house. Players can put all kinds of furniture in the tent and make it more comfy. Whether it’s a urinal or a bathtub, a washbowl or a vase all can be used to decorate the tent. More than that, players can take their tents with them anywhere they go. The last function is it can be used as a supermarket. Players can sell items in the village with the help of shelves and Coin-Op Games.

2. Remote Control: It is an AFK tool offered by WLO. A character can automatically attack monsters after players set options such as HP and SP replenishment and prepare enough food.

3. Vacuum Cleaner: It is one of the greatest inventions in the Wonderland. It can automatically collect materials. It can only be used in material spots however.

4. Fishing Rod: There are common, superior and luxurious fishing rods in Wonderland. All fishing rods can automatically fish. However, players may obtain different fish depending on the fishing rods used and their skill level.

5. Notepad: It can be used to record everything that has happened in a player’s game, including finished and unfinished quests, quest details and dialogue. The most important feature is that it can automatically record trivia. Player’s can press [CTRL + M] to check their details anywhere at any moment.

6. Radio Set: When a character is level 10 or above, players can yell on the world channel with the help of a Radio Set by consuming SP.

7. Title Deed: It can be used to increase tent space. There is no time limit and it is unable to be traded.

8. Roca: She is one of the most helpful NPCs. She has a high attack ability, good skills and excellent defensive skills. However, she may kill the pet players want to capture. Even if players ask her to stay on defense, her powerful counterattack may kill the pet.

9. Cat and Dog: They are only friendly envoys who can help players express items.

10. Star: It can be used to learn skills during the trials, can be exchanged for subway keys, or for Title Deeds to increase tent space, for bouquets to increase the pets’ amity or to cure human pets which die during quests.

These ten tools are very popular and very useful in Wonderland. Remember them; they can help you very much in game.

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Show Your Love

You may have no friends, no girlfriend/boyfriend, or even no child. However, everyone has a mother. Your mother is the one who loves you most in the world. There is nothing more precious on earth except the day when she gave birth. Why not show your love on Mother’s Day? We will be holding two very special events so you can send out your best wishes to your mother. The whole world can hear your praise!

Event One

Event Duration: From May 5th to May 11th

Event Flow:
1. During the event, players should organize as many other players as they can and yell “Mother, I love you!” at any location in the game world. Then, print a screenshot and save it.
2. Players can post their screenshots with the theme “Mother’s Day” in the forum. Their posts should contain all the participating players’ forum accounts in the screenshots.
3. All participants in the screenshots should reply to the relative post.

The quantity of participants and the originality of the screenshot are two important criteria. We will choose the most original screenshot and present the player who posted it with abundant rewards. Other participants can obtain Karma as a reward as well. (Karma can be used to exchange for credits.)

Event Rules:
1. All participants should reply to the relative post in the forum. Otherwise, they will be unable to obtain rewards.
2. Players should obey the forum rules. Otherwise, they will be disqualified.
3. Post with the same screenshot and the same participants can only be posted once, by one player. If there are 2 identical or mostly identical posts, the one sent first will count.
4. IGG reserves all the copyrights to the works submitted and all rights for final judgment of the event.

Event Reward:
Players can choose one of the following rewards: Pure Steel*10, Steel Plate*10, Handle*10 or Steel Thread*10.

Event Two

During the event, players can send out their best wishes to their mothers in world channel with the help of a [Greeting Card]. Our GMs will be online every day and will randomly choose several lucky players to present them with rewards.

Event Duration: From 4:00am to 5:00am and from 10:00pm to 11:00pm every day from May 5th to May 11th.

Event Rules:
1. Lucky players should send out their best wishes with the help of a Greeting Card.
2. We don’t appreciate rude or impolite messages and we don’t think anyone else would either. Remember these kinds of messages are NOT allowed.
3. Each time, our GMs will randomly choose 3 lucky players from each server.
4. Players are unable to spam with the help of a Greeting Card.
5. IGG reserves all the copyrights to the works submitted and all rights for final judgment of the event.

Event Reward:
Players can choose one of the following rewards: Pure Steel*10, Steel Plate*10, Handle*10 or Steel Thread*10.

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Tales of Pirates Event: May Your Revenge be Vicious

The Tales of Pirates ( team will be holding a “Vicious Revenge” event in May. 2 bosses will appear in each main city (Argent, Shaitan, and Icicle Castle) at the beginning of the event.

Last month, the warriors of TOP helped the cursed GMs get back their normal life. However the Black Dragon became enraged by this, and is planning to take his revenge on the TOP warriors. The 2 bosses will try every means of killing the TOP warriors.

TOP Warriors need to defend their own homeland once more.

For more details:

Angels Online: Rose Dating Event

The expansion of Angels Online ( from IGG is about to launch with the new marriage system added to the new version. Now, a romantic proposal ceremony will be held at the forum to encourage players to participate.

Contents: Upload pictures taken with your sweetheart to our forum (Photoshop can be used to modify the images), plus your proposal declaration.

Contest duration: From April 30th to May 10th

Contest location: AO Media Overview section

Rewards: Winners will be given a Gentleman’s Tailcoat and a White Wedding Dress

1. Each couple of participants needs to make a new thread in AO Media Overview section, and the TITLE must start with [marriage].
2. Screenshots posted must include a female character and a male character.
3. Proposal declaration must be at least 50 words.
4. The character names and server name are required, either on the screenshots or in the declaration.
5. All screenshots and declaration must be original and not be connected with violence and sex.
For more information please visit us at:

3 Day Double Exp Event! Beginning On May 2nd, 2008

After patch 5022 was released, server block and extremely high ping situations occurred. To deal with this problem, we immediately took active measures. Now, this problem has been solved.

In order to express our sincere apologies for the inconvenience brought to our players, we will hold 3 Days’ Double Exp event beginning after the server maintenance on May 2 and ending after the server maintenance on May 5.

Now you can gain back the time you lost. Thanks for your continued support!

First Siege War Launched in Magic World Online

With more than 2 weeks’ character progression in Magic World Online Closed Beta II, more and more players have become fully capable of serving their respective countries. At 19:00 PST on Wednesday, April 23, a large Siege War was launched between the two opposing countries, Dynasty and Empire. The goal, was to enter an instance of the Royal City of the other country, defeat all mobs, and take over the city. Both sides were successful to get rid of the strong defense of the other side’s Royal City. However, Dynasty players were able to take over Sun City more efficiently than Empire players were able to take over Sky City, thus winning the Siege War and better prizes. Perhaps due to more extensive war experience from previous guild wars, Dynasty players seemed more confident than Empire players during the Siege War. They saw the first Siege War as some kind of warm-up exercise for their upcoming battles against their opponents. Although Empire players lost the first Siege War, they fought their very best without fear and promised to come back in full force in the next War.

At the beginning of Siege War, a huge army from Dynasty began their invasion to Sun City. Most of them were over Lv40 and came from very high-level guilds. At first they seemed to have neglected to examine the defense of Sky City carefully, which included two resisting fences, various NPC guards and one final Guard Dragon. They got stuck at the defense line and part of the army could not join the battle. After regrouping their available man power, they assigned one team to distract the attention of ranged guards, a second team to cope with the annoying inner fence which can regenerate very fast, and a third team to back up those were low in HP. It was not until they were faced with the overpowering Guard Dragon that they realized they had been weakened so much by the NPC guards could not defeat the Guard Dragon with their remaining soldiers. They waited somewhere away from the Guard Dragon for their dead soldiers to revive and return, and the reinforcement finally came and allowed them to finally take down the Guard Dragon and claim victory

Maybe it is always justified for a war to be impersonal. Someone in Empire had been continuously using the National Flare to call for help at the battlefront. However, many of the soldiers were either too inferior in level/gear or simply had something more important to do so they did not bother to show up. Anyway, Empire army was outnumbered, and they could not catch up with the Honor Value of Dynasty which was far ahead of that of Empire. But there was one eye-catching hero among them. He rided on a rare mount and helped take in most of the critical spell damages from the Guard Dragon. This gave the originally hopeless Empire army an opportunity to win. After longtime joint efforts from everyone, they finally defeated the Guard Dragon. Being grateful to the MVP, they seemed to enjoy the victory and prizes more than Dynasty players.

The first Siege War will for sure trigger a more large-scale State Wars between the two countries. He who laughs best laughs last.