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Fairyland is a MMORPG that you will never have a bored moment while playing it.During the beginning from level one to ten you do not have a specific class.Once you reach level 10 you can choose from many different classes like swordsman,monk,mage,trainer, and many others.Along with leveling up and doing quests you can do different jobs like harvesting,fishing,making swords and shields,and others.

During battle you can choose to be alone or you can have your pet along side you helping you.Pets range from lady bugs to dragons.There are three races to choose from, human,elf,or dwarf.Humans are well balanced in everything,elves have high int because most elves are mages,and dwarves have high strength.At level 20 you can help out and fight in the war.If you do that then you get a lot of money and items,some can be rare items.

Graphics are decent as well as gameplay.People in game are nice to you sometimes,but some can be real unfriendly.Overall i give this game a 6.

Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

This game is or should I say was one of my favorite games.It has had many patches since it first came out.There are eight different classes you can choose from.And they are the quick amazon,silent assassin,deadly necromancer,fierce barbarian,holy paladin,nature loving druid,and spell casting sorcerss.Each class has a specific class set of items, but if the item is not class specific then anyone can use them.In patch 1.09 they had a lot of hacks come out but in patch 1.10 they deleted all the hacks and all the accounts that had them.

In regular Diablo 2 there are only four acts but in Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction there are five.Each act consist of five to six different waypoints that travel you instantly to the place.Each act has only one boss but many sub-bosses.The act one boss is Andariel,act two is Duriel,act three is Mephisto,act four is Diablo,and act five is Baal.There are many scams for that game you could fall for.In patch 1.09 people could rush you through all the acts and you could spend all your time leveling at hell cows.There are three difficulties in this game (normal,nightmare,and hell).

Overall i give this game a 5/10.

Conquer Online

Conquer Online is a MMORPG unlike all the others. First off you get to choose between four different character classes. Do you prefer the high defense warrior,duel-weapon trojan,magic using taoist,or the quick archer? Before you can do anything you must gain some levels as soon as you start off before you can do other things.At level fifteen if you want to make some money but dont want to go kill monsters for it you can buy a pickaxe and go mine.There are four to five mines and each have a level requirement before you can enter but they get better dropping gold ore and gems.At level twenty if you find the love of your life on here, marry them.

There are also a lot of guilds on this game or if you dont like any of them once you hit level 90, make your own.The items in this game are quite deadly.The weapons range from swords to hooks and hammers.And you can upgrade all your items with a item called Meteor.That will raise the level of your weapon,armor,etc.And all items have a certain “quality” to them and they are normal,refined,unique,elite,and super.If you can get your hand on a super item, your item will look different from the others as it will have a special aura and be flashing.You have a chance to raise the quality of it with a dragonball.These are really rare to find in game but now you can purchase them from the official Conquer website.

The graphics for this game, to me, are good.Higher levels you must have a lot of patience as leveling will become horrid.The only other problem i have with this game is the constant lag.The game is always laggy and you will get kicked off sometimes.And they are always working on the server so about every other day you will be forced to log off so they can otherwise you stand a chance of losing data.But I think this 503 meg game is worth the download.Overall i give this game a 7.


RaceWarKingdoms is a text based game, play online with hundreds, (or) thousands of other people.

Graphics : The monster graphics are cool, but it is a text based game, so their isn’t much graphics to it. 4/10 (Only because it at as some graphics)

Sound I love the sound of my keyboard when typing and mouse clicking (No sound or music)

Players Looking for a good community, well, this isn’t the game for you. The players are rude , won’t go into details (Watch out from being scammed) 2/10

Gameplay Well, it’s a *click click click click* game, it does get boring after awhile, not much to it, you can craft, although that costs a lot of gold to do, so its pretty much useless 4/10

Kingdoms This is my favorite part of the game, although not much strategy into it, you fight monsters to get gold, then you can buy better fortification or more armies for your kingdom (5/10)
Overall Great if your bored, but not much to it, the players I find are rude (Don’t bother asking questions, you well be flamed) it isn’t anything special.

Legend of Mir


This game decent graphics, it looks nice, but nothing out of the ordinary. Also each area feel like its rehatched of different areas and isn’t fun to explore.



This is whats really lacking in this game. Combat is slow, and it doesnt have any damage numbers showing up, or the enemies max life, so you end up just standing there fighting things untill they die. And combat isnt even exciting, choose a monster and it attacks and you sit there and wait for it to die. Movement is awful, you walk slow, and run fast and running takes no stamina or anything so you can run forever so why walking was even added ill never know.



Sounds are allright nothing out of the ordinary, nothing special, actually they are so boring i dont even notice if it had sounds or not at!



This game is moderately fun at first, but after awhile it just gets boring. I would not recommend this game to anyone. It’s just not fun.



First the game is P2P, 13 dollars per month. With a free month trial.

Grouping I haven’t grouped much, as I haven’t gotten any chars I’ve tried out high enough. So can’t rate this.

Crafting Normally I wouldn’t like any crafting in a MMORPG, but, this is where the game passes, the crafting rocks. Equip an item needed to craft, start mining it, craft it into whatever you need to craft the item you want and it’s done. I haven’t explored this part of the game much yet so. 8/10

Monsters A nice variety, in the beginning there’s not much variety besides undead. A lot of maggots/zombies in the beginning. In the world there’s mostly undead, with different kinds of elements thrown in. 8/10

Solo Solo rocks in this game, recent MMORPG’s have been forced grouping, luckily you can still solo monsters, it’s not like Asheron’s call where you can solo monsters 50 levels or higher above you. But you can still solo without having to group. 9/10

Music/sound affects The music is pretty good, don’t listen to it much so, I haven’t gone into the blighted areas in beta the lighting affects in blighted areas was good. The monster noises are good also. The magic sounds are good to. 8/10

Graphics It might just be me, but with graphics set on High, they are great, any higher it starts to lag, that might be the game so. The character details are nice, especially on the dragons. I love the blighted areas graphics, and Tazoon, the capitol city, wow, the most awesome city in any game I’ve seen, although, it’s pretty much empty for such a huge city. One thing Horizons is missing so which well lower the score, no weather affects besides the blighted areas. Hopefully they plan to add weather. 8/10

Items/Loot Everything you find on a monster as to be crafted, nothing you can use, except imperial tokens, which you can use to buy crafting formulas or sell them for a lot, on my server they sale for about 200 copper. Items are nice, a lot of things have a restriction on them so, they don’t decay, which some people don’t like. The no useable loot on monsters lowers the score. 6/10

Races/classes This is my favorite part of the game, so many races to choose from, and any race can be good with any class, so a half giant could be a mage if he wanted, although it makes more sense to be a melee with one. There’s a lot of races/classes to choose from. Then prestige classes you choose if you want once you get enough of the requirements to become one. 10/10

Overall No PVP, but I never PVP anyways, So far I’m having a lot of fun, the AI where monsters gather up then attack player cities is a nice idea. Magic classes are fun watching the spell affects, although I noticed they leveled slower. You can build bridges across lands to get to a new land, repair dungeons, unlock new races. The blighted areas well always be different on each server, all servers well be different, one server might have a bridge, another might have unlocked a new race. Overall I rate this 8/10