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Tales Runner

Tales Runner is a free-to-play online racing game that offers various types of racing modes. Gamers can race in a standard racing mode, a relay race mode, or even a survival mode for up to 30 players.

Tales Runner offers gamers the opportunity to enjoy running, tumbling, jumping and breaking barriers to get through obstacles. This game challenges gamers’ racing skills while having to overcome barriers including: ski slopes, alligators, giant boulders or even monsters. Points are given to players for overcoming these disadvantages and for speed. The setting from this racing game comes from popular fairy tales such as The Frog Prince, Jack and the Bean Stalk, and the Japanese classic, Momotaro. Every type of gamer will discover Tales Runner to be a fun and intense gaming experience!

CrossFire Game Engine

Description on website: Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, about 3000 maps to explore, an elaborate magic system, 12 races, 15 character classes, a system of skills, and many artifacts and treasures. Crossfire is based in a medieval fantasy world and is similar to other games of this genre.


MMafia MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games games in the Mafia genre. Players role play as mafiosi and work together in families or crews in order to attain high net worth, high rank and skills, and/or the respect of (or fear from) their peers. Mafia MMORPGs are browser based games that use either a real-time or turn-based system to permit players to interact with the game.

In turn-based systems, turns are awarded at regular intervals, and players may expend these turns in order to perform actions. Turns are typically limited to help ensure that occasional players are not at a significant disadvantage against those who wish to play more often, though there is often a cap on the maximum number of turns that can be accrued in order to prevent a player from returning after a long period of inactivity and instantly having the ability to acquire great wealth or power with little effort.

Turns can also sometimes be earned (by achieving certain goals) or purchased (directly, or through account upgrades). However, most Mafia MMORPGs are real-time, and do not have the same sort of turn limitations. Often, certain actions are limited by a throttle that only permits the action once per an interval of time. Players can perform the action as many times as they wish, time-permitting.

This system rewards players who spend more time online, but generally give enough opportunities for occasional players to advance that this advantage is offset.


Disney’s Toontown Online, the first massively multiplayer online game designed specifically for kids and families, is an award-winning, kid-safe, endlessly evolving, and immersive 3-D online world.

In Toontown, players, as Toons, join forces to save the world from the invading robot Cogs – humorless business robots who are attempting to turn the colorful, happy world of Toontown into a corporate metropolis. Because Cogs can’t take a joke, Toons use cartoon gags to crack them up!

Have a Toontastic time…

  • Creating your own Toon character
  • Exploring different neighborhoods
  • Furnishing your estate
  • Customizing and racing karts
  • Training a pet Doodle
  • Teaming up with friends to defeat the Cogs

Kingdom Of Drakkar

Drakkar is a living world where you build your character by gaining experience and improve your skills through training, thereby enabling you to venture further in search of greater adventures.How does Race affect your character?

The six races each have certain advantages:
– City Dwellers are strong and extremely lucky.
– Forest Dwellers are agile and extremely charismatic.
– Mountain Dwellers are strong and have strong constitutions.
– Outcasts are rumored to have great strength but little luck.
– Underground Dwellers are agile and have strong constitutions.
– Woodlands Dwellers are intelligent and have strong willpower.

There are 7 classes to choose from: Fighter/Paladin,Barbarian,Martial Artist,Mentalist,Healer,Thief,and Fighter/Mentalist.
You can play for free!

The 4th Coming

The game takes place in the world of Althea. Althea spans three islands: Arakas, Raven’s Dust, and Stoneheim. In these islands, there is much commotion about the various evil deeds being committed. Beginning on Arakas island, players are eventually given the choice to choose their alignment – good or evil. At the end of the long path through the game lies the ultimate evil entity, the powerful lich Makrsh P’Tangh, the corrupt elven king.

Try out this game for free without requiring credit card information for 30 days. T4C distinguishes itself from the other few MMORPG on the market with its familiar isometric third-person view and with its sophisticated quest engine. The action-oriented gameplay is somewhat of a cross-breed between Ultima Online’ and Diablo’.

Dark and Light

The fragile balance between Darks and Lights is on the edge, strategic events are about to happen, Dark and Light Game Masters are ready to build with you a very active and addictive world.

Join us and discover the land of Ganareth!


  • No zones, no loading time, all players within the same world.
  • A medieval world of 15 000-square-mile of land (not including seas)
  • A complete, original and easy-to-use automated transportation and warp system.
  • Hot spot management system: wherever you are in the huge world of DnL, you can call for or be asked for help to conquest, fight, defend!

Dark and light is made of 2 factions, the Dark one and the Light one which fight each other to impose their own magic. In order to do so, they must convert all territories to the magic influence. Mana fountains which are ray cast sources become then strategic spots to protect or conquer.

Races and Classes
Each faction counts 12 races and 14 classes of characters. Beyond the 2 initial Kingdoms there are 10 Kingdoms to conquer, progressively difficult. Each of these Kingdoms has its own ambiance, fauna, flora and a specific climate.

Dark Ages

Dark Ages is a free online role-playing game set in a fantasy world of faeries and magic. Dark Ages allows you the player to create your own characters choosing their name, gender, hairstyle, hair color, and path. You can battle monsters as a mighty Warrior, protect and heal as a Priest, use powerful magic as a Wizard, use the devious skills of a Rogue, or discover virtue and power with martial arts as a Monk. Once immersed in the world of Dark Ages, you can partake on quests, discover new lands, defeat powerful monsters, collect rare items and much more.

Dark Ages has a deeply developed community with History, Lore, Philosophy, Literature, and Art all done by creative players like you. You can also become involved in the intricate political and religious system that allows players to interact at a level different from any other game. Players can be involved in one of the deepest online worlds ever created, with faires, markets, theatre, storytelling, contests, an online college and library, interactive politics, religions, rituals, ceremonies and more!

At its heart, Dark Ages offers an experience of adventure and fantasy with an evolving society and story. Your legend begins here!


PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is FULLY FREE to play. Fully free means you will have no surprises of premium content which will limit your gameplay or unbalance the game. There are no limitations in skills, ranks, abilities, items you can gain with your free account. There are no time limits or additional constraints.

At the present state of development, PlaneShift is not a complete game, but what we call a "tech demo". With this definition we mean that the game is still under heavy development, so you may easily find bugs, glitches and missing features. Apart from this, the game is enjoyable and has hundreds of active players.

Today you can explore the virtual world, interact with other players or with server controlled creatures, fight monsters, cast spells, solve quests and puzzles, improve your character, gain magical items and more.

Game features

      The following list represents some of the features of the final product. Please remember that today PlaneShift is still under heavy development.

  • 12 playable races with unique traits!
  • Unlimited professions through a skill system,
  • Original magic system with six Ways of magic,
  • Hundreds of spells,
  • Numerous huge worlds to explore,
  • A great number of quests to test your wit and skill,
  • Monsters and NPCs with good AI that produce game events,
  • A world that evolves with or without player interaction,
  • Create your own house or castle,
  • Politics and economy,
  • … and much much more!


Client features

     The following list represents some of the features of the final product.

  • 3D graphics and sounds for an immersive experience,
  • Support for most major platforms: Windows (Vista, XP, 2000),                 Linux (x86 and amd64), and MacOSX,
  • OpenGL support with advanced graphics capability through the           Crystal Space 3D engine,
  • Easy interaction with other players through messages and chat,
  • Drag-n-drop objects between world and inventory,
  • A complex character generator, with parents, jobs, life events, etc.,

… and much much more!

Priston Tale

Priston Tale is a Full-3D MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game) based on the players’ adventures in the continent of Priston. The 3D environment allows detailed character models and actual differences in height, making the whole experience much like watching an animated movie.

The free-floating camera also allows a whole 360 degrees of camera movement, and the combat sequences boasts explosive action and effects to bring arcade- level fun to the player.

To top it all, the addition of a Class Change system will effectively break the “leveling” monotony of typical MMORPGs by giving players the freedom of choosing the paths by which their characters will grow.

Game Features:
Class change system
The Class Change system is one of Priston Tale’s most prominent and interesting features. A starting player will select from 4 classes per race, which will be able to upgrade into 3 higher classes each.

Skill/ Spell System
Characters can learn various skills and spells depending on his current class. Each of the 16 attainable classes has their own unique skills and spells, and some prerequisites such as character level or the completion of a specific quest must be met before they can learn the most powerful ones.

Combat System
The battle system of ‘Priston Tale’ takes action style based on “real-time battle system”. A character is designed to conjugate its motions upon items, such as weapon & shield, and its appearances flexible upon skill & magic. The hitting sound and flashlight effect applied for dynamic activities. That is, users feel “making real damage” by luminous & sound effect on the hitting spot at each attack like the fighting game “Chulkwon”. All these effects proceed faster than any other games, and so users bodily feel this game is more exciting and speedy than any others.

Item System
Priston Tale features a unique and exciting item system in which weapons and armor can be specialized, mixed or aged into more powerful versions. Using mixture and aging techniques, each character will be able to develop their own unique set of equipment, making players become attached not only to their characters but their items as well. This system effectively destroys the typical concept of equipment that most MMORPGs have.

Clan / Party system
A Party is a team of characters who group together in order to achieve superiority in battle against monsters. It can consist of 2 to 6 members, and the experience points a party acquires will be divided among its participants. On the other hand, a Clan is a bigger and more enduring team of characters which effectively creates a small community of users, giving them a sense of belonging and co-protection.