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AlphaBeta Soup 6/28

It’s another light week for betas. Soldier Front 2 has moved on to open beta and OnRPG has awesome packs to get you started. The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is holding an open house soon, but you MUST register today! (Friday) And last but not least Pockie Saints started closed beta.
We’ve highlighted the newest in orange to make them easier to see.


OnRPG Giveaways
These are all the beta giveaways currently running on OnRPG. There’s no guarantee that we won’t run out so grab them quick.

Age of Wulin Closed Beta Key Giveaway
City of Steam Second Server Launch Pack Giveaway
Everlight Open Beta Privilege Pack Giveaway
Fishing Hero Closed Beta Key Giveaway
Seven Seas Saga Open Beta Starter Pack
Soldier Front 2 Open Beta Giveaway Pack

Dates Announced:
Below are the MMOs who have announced upcoming beta events that haven’t started yet or are currently in progress for a limited time.

World of Warplanes Open Beta July 2
Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Open House July 2-5 Must Register by Friday June 28 @ 8PM (Timezone unknown)
Firefall Open Beta July 9
Lego Legends of Chima Online Open Beta July 2013


These games are currently in Alpha. Signups are available via the link.

Gloria Victis Pre-Alpha
Lunaria Story
Onigiri Alpha (Japanese) Between Phases
The Repopulation


Closed Beta:
MMOs which are in closed beta require application and often require approval before access can be gained.

Age of Wulin(EU, Asia)
Arcane Saga (Formerly known as Prius Online)
Ascension: Arenas of War Current Status Unknown
Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict Current Status Unknown, Website No Longer Exsists
Born To Fire
Bounty Hounds Online Beta Testing Complete. No Launch Date Announced
Dice Venture
Dragon’s Prophet
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Infinite Crisis
MechWarrior Tactics
March of War
Prime World
Pockie Saints
Transformers Universe Now accepting applications.
World of Warplanes


Open Beta:
Games in open beta require an application but often it is little more than signing up for an account.

Anno Online
City of Steam
DK Online Servers Closed Temporarily
Dragona Online Russian
Dragon Pals
Dragon’s Prophet
and Titans
Ecol Tactics
End of Nations Open Beta delayed until further notice, refunds have been issued.
FoxLi Rush
Gunswords(English and Russian)
Heroes & Generals
Legend of Edda Vengeance
Neptune’s Pride 2
Origins of Malu
Path of Exile
Raceroom Racing
Real World Racing
Samurai Taisen
Scarlet Blade
SmashMuck Champions
Soldier Front 2
Tales of Laputa
Tata Blitz
The Aurora World
The Lost Titans
UFO Online
Universal Monsters Online
Warface South Korea
War Thunder

OnRPG Shotgun News 6/28: Rift and EVE Vegas

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Mistress


Rift Invasion Weekend


This weekend the two lowbie zones are under assault from the planes. More so than usual. It started yesterday but all weekend the planes are attacking in full force and more rewarding than usual. Get bonus currency, bonus loot, and there is even a chance to get some special items ranging from capes to a mount.


EVE Vegas Details

Couldn’t make it to Iceland for EVE Fanfest? You aren’t alone! And that is why EVE Vegas is there to make up for it. Running from October 18-20 this event is not to be missed! EVE Vegas 2013 is promising to be bigger and better than ever with the first look at EVE’s winter expansion, and other upcoming updates for EVE and Dust 514. There will also be a tournament crew on hand to run competitions. Best of all, this can all be paid for using PLEX!

General War: Memories Review – Turn-Based Combat Reimagined

By Jerrico Tan (JetSet), OnRPG Journalist

General War Memories Title
Game developer Gamebox presents another MMORTS title called General War: Memories. Specifically set after the events of D-Day, players put on a role of an adept tactician as they relive World War II’s infamous and brutal history of war across Europe in 2.5D graphics and within realistic locations, together with a variety of combat units from the Allied and Axis powers.

General War Headquarters

As with any free-to-play MMORTS game around the block, General War: Memories is all about cleverly spending your resources for the vast upgrade options available in game. The game interface is easy to learn and seven tutorial quests are only necessary for its bonus resource rewards. The countless resource management options in the game consists of upgrading the levels of resource structures, combat units, your unit’s equipment and even the combat potency level of your unit’s commander. Your unit’s combat potency depends on how well the said resources are upgraded so players should always run a quick review of their assets before heading to another battle.

The juiciest slice of the game is its fast-paced combat system. Battles are turn-based in nature and battlegrounds are in an isometric layout. Three available troop types are always ready at your disposal: Foot Soldiers, Artillery and Tanks. Each type possesses both field movement limitations and the potential to be devastating weapons against specific troop types.

 General War: Memories Victory

Terrain and unit placement are also huge factors that should be considered in order to achieve victory. On a bottlenecked bridge for example, having well placed artillery troops in range with tanks supporting them in the front lines could give your enemies a tough time penetrating your unit formation. Should the situation go against your favor, tactical siege weaponry is always ready to assist you in combat. Other offensive strikes include sending in an aerial bombardment (usable after a certain number of turns) in order to break through your enemies’ solid defenses. In the end, it’s all about strategic planning and coming up with the most effective and clever decisions.

The social features in the game also add up to the fun factor of the combat system. You could set-up instances and invite your friends to co-op raid missions. For players who are looking for competitive combat, there is also an arena that you could join in and the system would automatically match you against a suitable opponent.

General War: Memories Co-Op

Gamebox receives a pat in the back for this one – a fresh new game set in the Great War era with a fast paced combat system that would not make you wait for several minutes just to get to your next turn. Its interface though could still use some touch-ups, especially on certain localized text that still don’t make any sense. But despite having quite a flawed interface, more and more people still seem to be playing and the community appears to be growing. And with a new server implemented just a few weeks ago, more people will surely be enlisting so take this chance to relive history and sign up for General War: Memories today.

Soldier Front 2 OB Hero’s Welcome Pack Giveaway

OnRPG is partnered with Aeria Games to celebrate the arrival of Soldier Front 2‘s open beta with the Hero’s Welcome package!

Soldier Front 2 seeks to build on its predecessor, Soldier Front, offering amazing graphics, a diversity of combat modes, realism, and an improved learning curve. Suit up and head out to war in competitive and cooperative scenarios, customize weapons, and earn achievements to prove your stuff on the battlefield.

Your key grants you the following k:

SP and EXP Doubler
Color Code Name Change
Hot 3 Pack
Hunter Pack
Delta Scout


To get your key you have to follow these instructions:

  • If you are not yet a member of OnRPG please sign up here.
  • Enter your OnRPG username and password below to get your key.
  • The key will appear at the bottom of the page. Copy & paste it to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser!

To Redeem your Key:

Rising Storm Review – Community Driven Realism

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor) OnRPG Journalist

Last year we have seen what kind of influence a community mod can have on the initial game overall. We have seen many indie titles rise from simple mods to officially sponsored standalone titles. This has been the truest in the shooter genre and Rising Storm proudly reps the mod world as the latest addition to the success stories. It now stands as the official expansion for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad after over 2 years of joint development between Tripwire Interactive and the modding community. The beta went live on May 8th, and I have been put countless hours into it since!

This realistic first person shooter has all the core mechanics of Red Orchestra 2. Having played that game myself I was fairly familiar but it didn’t feel like an exact crossover. The game itself is completely different than what the original game was actually about. Rising Storm brings a whole new arsenal of weapons from both the Americans and Japanese that were used in the Pacific War. Many weapons including a personal favorite the M1 Garand and many others have now been introduced. Red Orchestra 2 was always more focused on close quarters combat scenarios such as housing complexes and alleyways. In Rising Storm you’ll be experiencing plenty of beach landings and jungle battlegrounds with weaponry more suited for handling the situation.

The game itself is actually fairly unbalanced. Since both nations are specialized in their own set of weapons, it feels like the focus is more on recreating historic battles than actually providing a competitive battleground. Though in their benefit they do it spectacularly well, to the point it sometimes feels like you’re watching one of those history channel ‘World War II actual footage’ specials.

Rising Storm Flamethrower

The Americans are well known for their diversity of arsenal in World War II, particularly the variety of flamethrowers. And this fearsome weapon is back, and it is actually frightening when you see it light someone up. If you are one of the unlucky ones being burnt alive, than you have almost no way of escaping this blaze of burning oxygen. The flamethrower literally kills off groups of people and is a great way to burn the camping enemy who are sitting in a bunker, or other defensive position. Where the normal submachine gun can go, the flamethrower does it ten times better. If you bide your time and wait for the opportune moment, you can single handedly win a match for your team.

Rising Storm Explosive Near Miss

The Japanese are given the grenade discharger. This weapon is a mortar that you balance on your knee instead of letting it sit on the ground. This mobile weapon still packs a punch and is useful for blasting a camping group of enemies right out of a structure or bunker. However firing a mortar can be a little tricky, and requires a proper aim and no obstructions in the air between you and your target. The Japanese are also given booby-traps and a banzai kamikaze charge; granted this is World War II so save said charge for your last stand.

Rising Storm Booby Traps

Rising Storm is one of those games that takes realism to a next level. I have played many games that try their luck at capturing this level of realism, but it’s not unusual that in the end they aim for the developer’s vision over realism in the end. Rising Storm seemed to take a much less compromising approach to the subject. The game itself reminds me of Call of Duty 2 due to the familiar kickback and feel of the weapons and item capabilities. Yet they are limited when you attempt to pull off unrealistic feats with these weapons like using a submachine gun to snipe an enemy from across the map. Nor will you see much success at run and gunning with a rifle. For that matter it’s not a great idea to charge the enemy position as one well-placed shot can end you. Instead matches play out with mind-games, distractions, and carefully timing rushes from cover to cover trying to get the better camping position.

Rising Storm Rifle Camping

When I played my first matches of Rising Storm, I was dead within the first ten minutes in close to 70% of my matches. I was trying to play the game as a normal shooter, a roller coaster ride as some of you know it. But Rising Storm is different. It puts you in the shoes of a fragile soldier in a war of attrition rather than the typical bullet soaking super hero most shooters set you up as. Dying is inevitable so prepare yourself for the school of hard knocks before you jump into Rising Storm. You might get a nice camping spot from time to time, but no level of skill will keep you from catching a bullet sooner or later.

Rising Storm Flanking


As I have said before, the game itself is unbalanced, but in a good way. Rising Storm focuses on realism but maintains a decent balance between weapons in the process. Every weapon in the Japanese and American arsenal servers a purpose in a specific situation, and does it extremely well. This means twitch skill isn’t king as in most shooters. You’ll need to survey your situation, listen to the enemy’s weaponry, consider your advantage or disadvantage, and act accordingly to have consistent success. And trust me even though it’s a game, it’ll instill fear into you in every action you take. Yet this fear will forge the stronger players in the long-term as they learn how to utilize it against their enemies. As some people in the military are told, you have to assume that you are already dead, only then you can function.  Bringing a few friends to watch your back and follow a unified pattern is a must. Team play is important, and flanking is by far the most successful tactics to win games.

Rising Storm Review @OnRPG

Overall this game captures the feel of the Pacific War like nothing I’ve played prior. And with the modding community still active in its development, you can rest assured it’s only going to get better.

OnRPG Shotgun News 6/27: Soldier Front 2, The Settlers Online, and Dragon’s Prophet

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Mistress


Soldier Front 2 Heads to Open Beta


Aeria Games’ new F2P FPS has entered open beta with all new content never seen before. An all new Escape mode has everyone racing to get to the choppa and four new maps bring more variety. There are also newly released guns. And GMs will be hosting a variety of events to celebrate the launch of open beta. And be on the lookout later today for a goodie bag on OnRPG with all sorts of awesome things to get you started in Soldier Front 2.


The Settlers Celebrates 20 Years

Ubisoft and Blue Byte are proud to announce the 20th anniversary of the famous brand The Settlers. The first game was released in 1993 for the Amiga-PC and later ported for MS-DOS. And now, 20 years later The Settlers Online has sold 9 million copies and is celebrating. There will be a new event in game with adventures for all. Congratulations on 20 successful years!


Winter is coming…to Dragon’s Prophet


A harsh wind is blowing in Auratia this next patch. Wintertide, a new region will be added which brings cold dangers and the mysterious Shax cult. More details will be released next week including information on new dungeons, a new festival, and some advanced housing features. Keep an eye out here for when they’re announced.

The Next Chapter Begins for Fantasy MMORPG The Aurora World

The Aurora World


GBE Games, a global publisher and distributor of interactive online entertainment media today launched the next chapter for its popular MMORPG, The Aurora World. This exciting new update is bursting with new content including increased level cap to 70, the highly-anticipated Nation War PvP, upgraded servers and so much more. Fans can get a peek at all the latest new content in the “Next Chapter” video below, and check out all the new features by downloading and playing the game for free on The Aurora World website

Level cap increased to 70! Players can join up with fellow adventurers and tackle all the new challenges that lie ahead as they experience the new level content complete with new skills unlocked for each profession. Coupled with the increase, the new skills will also include new armors and weapons and completely new areas to explore filled with creatures and peril!



The highly-anticipated Nation Wars arrives and nations will collide! It’s now time to settle the age-old argument to which nation is the most skilled and powerful in this epic all-out player PvP battle. Whose nation will come out on top! Additionally, in an effort to improve The Aurora World’s overall gaming experience, upgraded servers and server locations have been added to reduce lag and better serve the varying regions. Other improvements include fine-tuning the player population and balance between the three nations including adding most of the enchanting items to the Points Mall and making cash-shop Majinns more readily available.

To celebrate the Next Chapter update, the Aurora World is kicking off two exciting events! The Leveling King will reward the first 10 players who reach level 70 from each nation with a special title and legendary dragon costume. That’s not all; players can also receive a free level 70 Majinn! Players who get five level 60 purple armors and enhance them to +6 will get an exclusive level 70 Unicorn Majinn for their efforts.