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Soul Master In-Depth on Character Classes

Soul Master In-Depth on Character Classes
Nobody knows for certain how it was first discovered, but its immense power and endless potential were enough to destroy the greatest empire of the Bunden continent: Elamond.  The Magic was a gift and a curse for the Empire that first experienced its effects.  With its populace split between fear of the unknown and a hunger for power, the Great War that soon followed was swift and terrible.  The conservative citizens that distrusted the corrupting influence of Magic were forced from their homes in an exodus across the continent, and eventually found refuge to the north.  The revolutionists that had embraced the darker nature of Magic and brutally toppled the Elamond government entered into an age of obsessive, uninterrupted mystic study.
Decades passed, and the exiled conservatives struggled to establish a culture with powerful  technologies of their own.  After uniting the various factions among themselves over the intervening years, a new nation was born out of the distrust of Magic that had been passed down over generations.  The “Valiant” Empire that emerged was soon well known for their advanced steam punk technologies and mastery over machines.  The revolutionaries of the former Elamond Empire had since created their own nation state, one self-indulgently known as the “Holy” Empire.  By combining the primeval forces of light, darkness, ocean, and sky they had perfected the use of Magic to both an art form and a terrifying weapon.  The Holy Empire soon became the most unstoppable force on the continent, with the Valiant Empire keeping an ever wary eye from the north.
Many, if not most, of the citizens of the Bunden continent prayed that the uneasy peace between the two powers might last… but it was soon shattered.  With the sudden appearance of the nomads from the east, the “Harmony” Tribe emerged from out of legend and tipped the balance of power in the region.  Peace between the Empires began to crumble as isolated border disputes turned into pitched battles over control of key resources and territory.  War had returned to the continent.

Valiant Empire

Soul Master Class: Knight
Regiment: Rulers of the Past
Characteristics:  The Knight is a well-rounded melee fighter armed with a sword and a focus on offensive abilities.  Their attributes are evenly balanced, and can take hits as well as they can give them out. The Knight is the backbone of the Valiant Empire’s army.  While they had not been trained to control the power of “Souls” until the Harmony Tribe introduced them to the region, the Empire has widened their train throughout the military to seize any tactical advantage they can.
Soul Master Class: Slayer
Regiment: Slayer Clan
Characteristics:  The Slayer is a powerful melee fighter that uses a huge two-handed sword, and her devastating strikes are more than enough to cut through the toughest opponent.
The Slayer is the strongest caste in the Valiant Empire’s army, and is the only one made up entirely of women.  Descended from a unique Elamond bloodline, their almost unnatural power is thanks to a recessive trait passed down through generations of women warriors.
Harmony Tribe
Soul Master Class: Bearcat
Regiment: The Black Shadow Clan
Characteristics:  The Bearcat is a quick, stealthy fighter that uses two iron grapples to engage in deadly mid-range combat before slipping out of harm’s way.  The ability to set traps and obstacles in the paths of their enemies allow the Bearcat to either evade pursuers or run down and finish off their fleeing enemies.
The Black Shadow Clan is well known among the Harmony Tribe for generating many of the greatest Soul Masters, whom they call “Bearcats”.  Always at the front line of the Tribe’s battles, their stealth and speed make certain they get the job done under any circumstances.
Soul Master Class: Maharite
Regiment: The High Bird Tribe
Characteristics:  Maharites are experts in fast, ranged combat with their powerful Boomerangs while at the same time are adept at healing and strengthening the “Souls” under their control.
One of the most ancient clans of the Harmony Tribe.  Normally Maharites are not interested in any type of violent conflict but after the destruction of their most sacred site, the “Nest of Life,” by the Valiant and Holy Empires they decided there was no alternative but war.

Holy Empire

Soul Master Class: Priest
Regiment: Curia, 17th Section
Characteristics:  Priests specialize in defensive skills, and are able to heal both themselves, their allies, and “Souls” under their command.  Augmented by powerful ranged attacks and able to move deceptively fast around the battlefield, the Priest is not an opponent to be underestimated in a direct fight. The Priests of the Holy Empire have delved into the study of Magic to the point of devout worship.  Driven to spread its influence across the continent, Priests can be found at the forefront of every military campaign the Holy Empire undertakes.  Intensely loyal to their faith and fellow Magic worshippers, Priest are able to bolster their allies and hold the line of battle in even the toughest of confrontations.
Soul Master Class: Chirsnian
Regiment: Curia, 9th Section
Characteristics:  The Chirsnian is a swift, lethal opponent in melee and mid-ranged combat that utilizes elegant swordplay and lightning fast kicks to dance around their foes.  A good balance of speed and power, the Chirsnian is able to hunt down and eliminate enemy Soul Masters in the middle of the most crowded battlefield. The fanatical devotion of the Chirsnian is unmatched throughout the Empire, and serves to make even the most faithful worshippers of Magic uneasy.  Their zealotry does not discriminate between citizens of the Holy Empire and outsiders, and many an individual that expresses doubts as to the True Faith of Magic has vanished into the night with whispered rumors of the Chirsnians being involved.



Soul Master Class Information

Excalibur Online

Excalibur Online is a browser based free-to-play massively multiplayer online strategy (MMORTS) game. Set in post Roman Britain in the years just preceding the rise of King Arthur and Camelot, players in Excalibur Online must collect resources and quickly develop new technology in order to build up their cities, maintain powerful armies, and try to unify Britain under their own rule. Of course thousands of other players have the same goal, so it’s a never ending battle for resources and development.

Players can enter into (and break) alliances with other players, get help from legendary heroes, and use magical special items to achieve their objectives.

In addition to the standard gameplay, Excalibur Online features a weekly server-wide “Battle for Avalon”, where players can contribute as many units as they wish to fight for gold, resources, and glory. Rewards are divided up as a percentage of troops committed. There are no limits to the amount of troops and units that can be committed to battle, so this is all out WAR!


Mankind has used up Earth’s entire atmosphere, thanks to their wasteful nature. Violent storms ravage the planet, while in spring and summer the ultraviolet radiation forces the people into hiding. The governments of Earth decide to build an artificial atmosphere to protect the people from UV radiation. Using this new technology – a compressing tachyon generator – mankind is saved from the UV radiation while people can still enjoy the sunlight.
In the CERN- exploratory complex in Switzerland, scientists create a new technology for interplanetary travel: the PostGate technology. Using artificial wormholes, a small sensor is sent millions of light years away to an unknown planet. The planet is named forthe founder of the new technology: Dorian I.
Leading astrophysicists develop a plan to build a larger version of the PostGate to allow people to travel between planets. During the first test, the spaceship New Frontiers reaches Dorian I in mere seconds and sends a message via HyperNet, a broadcasting system faster than the speed of light, from the quadrant known as the Carneth-Sector.
Soon afterwards, a planet with similar environmental conditions has been found at last. Alastair, named after Alastair Cameron, the well-known astrophysicist, seems to be the first colonizable planet. The natural ecosystem is comparable to Earth’s ecosystem and still has something most humans had nearly forgotten: Winter.
After much debate in the newly formed Interstellar Government the decision is made to colonize Alastair – both as a pilot projectand to give the growing population an enjoyableholiday resort. The planet has now become a popular resort for people of all different cultures. While someseek relaxation in the hot springs of ‘Oblivion’, many others start to look for exhilarating extreme sports challenges. These adventurous people, known as Snowboarders, zoom down the slopes in competition to find the ‘King of Boarding’.
Welcome to SnowBound Online – this is your chance to become king of the mountain!

The Age of Suffering: The Torture of MMOs

The Age of Suffering: The Torture of MMOs
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Tired of walking? Is the game being unfair for not granting you a mount until level 30? Are you running out of quests with seventy percent of your experience bar to fill? Well, suck it up, because you are now in the age of suffering O_O.


MMOs tend to make your character suffer during their early stages. This makes creating a new character a bit troublesome for most people, especially if they are used to riding jetpacks or mounts to cover more ground. Where’s that pet when you need it? How much more XP to the next level? Sorry my friend, but you’ll just have to keep going until you can train your new skills. Join me as we point out the underlying torture schemes of the MMO world, shedding some light at what makes players squirm for progress.


1. Grinding



Although the whole idea of grinding is welcomed by some players, it does make character progress (level-wise and financial-wise) a bit slower than usual. Most games tend to lack enough quests to fill your experience bar, leaving you to grind on monsters until the next level quests become available. It really gets annoying at times especially when KSers (Kill Stealers) hog the leveling grounds. A good example would have to be RF Online. The game grants you quests each time you reach a level. After fulfilling the requirements and receiving your quest rewards, you see that you still have 80% of your experience bar to finish, meaning you will have to jump into the KS moshpit until you move on to the next area along with the other high level KSers.




2. Travelling



Torture Mount CostlyMMO games that features mounts in general often make their players crawl in their early levels, making them walk great distances, while at the same time being passed by other players who have achieved their mount-level (CURSES!!!). Some games also make it extremely hard for players to earn one, charging them a silly amount of gold or even making them acquire it through the low probability of crafting (“Here it comes! Pray that this succeeds… I spent 20k gold for the materials!”… FAIL). I’m just guessing, maybe it’s the same as people getting their driver’s license, but it’s not like the characters in the game are that young, so that’s just being cruel. Other than mounts, some MMOs also charge you just so you can travel to your current leveling grounds, forcing you to buy tickets for something mandatory in your character’s progress.


3. Power



One thing you just got to hate with MMOs is that they never really let you see how powerful you are. Yes they do increase your skill level, giving you more gimmicks to help you in battle, but things always get harder every time you get stronger. Why can’t they just let you enjoy killing monsters at your level instead of making you grind on higher mobs after leveling up? Great! They increased our arsenal, now let’s band together because they are much stronger than us now. You also have the option of farming the monsters you used to level on, but that wouldn’t do you much good as they now offer a crappy amount of experience.


4. Realizing your worth



If you must know, reaching the highest level in the game only takes you to where everyone is striving. No sir, you are not that strong yet, for as they say in WoW “Life starts at 80”, which is true since reaching the highest level in the game only prepares you for the most extreme form of grinding. This is perhaps the hardest phase your character will have to go through, for the next steps you are about to take are a mixture of both numbers 1 and 3 (Grinding and lack of power). Actually, even though you’ve managed to reach the endgame content, you will also need to strengthen up your skills since nothing is worst than a player who doesn’t know how to use his tools (no pun intended). Is there a way to ride a fast mount to progress cause’ things are getting slower by the minute.


5. Expansions



After all the grinding, the walking and the power struggles, some games actually block your progress until you purchase the expansions. It’s actually the same as console gaming, where they stated that upgrades will be done through online updates but will eventually have another game launched with a few minor tweaks.


Expansions“BUY SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4! We have extra characters and a cool SUPER logo next to the words STREET FIGHTER 4!”


Let’s just say that it’s the same as F2P (Free to play) and P2P (Pay to Play) service. F2P players enjoy the game but will never really win as much as those who actually pay for premium service. For those games that feature nothing but P2P subscriptions, it really is that big of a hassle to purchase expansions for your characters to move forward, let alone pick new characters that are cooler and stronger than what they have provided so far (Until they tweak them down after everyone buys the expansions LOL).



Too much suffering for you? Each game really has their own torture method to make players strive harder in reaching the endgame content. It definitely works well with P2P games, especially if they have more than one expansion for your character to continue his or her progress. The good side of things is that there will always be challenges holding you back from achieving your rewards. Since the game is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (focusing on Massively), these challenges encourage players to work together, thus creating a band worthy of slaying the strong monsters that inhabit the place, so grind hard, get that mount, power up your character and GO FORTH you poor thing!

Cabal Online Review: Too Much Action

Cabal Online Review: Too much action
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Cabal Online is a fast paced, combat oriented 3D MMORPG developed by ESTsoft, a company in South Korea. Just as all of its trailers suggests, Cabal Online sports a superior combat system that gives players an action-packed Dragon Ball-ish fight never to be seen in other MMOs. You could say that they were right when they said this was The Revolution of Action. With big monsters, a whole lot of light effects in each skill, excellent PVP, and more moves, this game is a benchmark for combat systems. Cabal Online is a grindfest (just to clear it up), and the only thing you will probably do is KILL KILL KILL. Not that I mind the whole grinding thing as we’re probably used to it by now, especially since Cabal presents this outdated leveling feature with such style.


Let Me in on The Action!

The game has 6 classes all in all, each with their own unique playstyle.



Create a character


The Warrior: much as its generic name suggests, the Warrior is a hardcore melee character that uses brute force and crushing damage with his overgrown two-handed weapons. The Warrior can also be a promising tank as he has tons of HP to go around.


The Wizard: Wizards in Cabal are no different from their other MMO counterparts. They still have low HP (in fact, it’s the lowest in the game), a whole array of spells, and an awesome damage output, making them quite dangerous when engaged from a distance.


The Blader: Like Rogues, Bladers are dual wielding warriors who can also deliver a decent amount of damage through small but lightning fast styles while evading and effectively defending against the enemy.


The Force Archer: I’m not really sure why they had to put the Force part, but Force archers are much similar to your generic MMO Archer. They attack from a distance, add effects to their arrows, and are quite deadly when ignored. They also have a decent amount of HP, allowing them to survive close encounters that are fatal to mages.


The Force Shielder: The Force Shielder serves as the main tank in the game. They don’t necessarily provide the highest damage output, but greatly make up for it through their epic and immovable stature. They also have an array of magic that compliments their ‘tank and spank’ playstyle, allowing them to best anyone in cross counters.


The Force Blader: Force Bladers are technically just bladers who know a bit of hocus-pocus. They may not be as fast as regular Bladers, and have spells as deadly as that of Mages, but being a hybrid of both makes still makes him deadly on the battlefield.


Attack of the Clones – in different shapes, colors, and sizes

As far as character customization is concerned, Cabal Online lacks a lot options when it comes to customizing your character’sappearance. As far as I remember, I saw six clones upon logging in for the first time and a whole army of doppelgangers later on. The game also has a small line up of armor sets, which brings a feeling of uniformity among players. Some of the armor sets also look similar to one other with only the color (and some microscopic details) as its basis of inferiority or superiority (lame).


Grinding Combo
Grind grind grind


Grind! Yes! GRIND!

When it comes to grinding, I can say that Cabal Online should be at the very top of the list. Aside from the usual grind for leveling, the game also makes you grind twice as much to earn skill points (currency for purchasing new skills). Players can earn skill points by spamming their skills throughout the game, constantly performing tons of combos to at least remove the linearity of things. The stylish skills do compensate for the repetitive gameplay, but do know that the fun brought about by amazing light effects will lose its spark as you continue to execute it throughout the game.


So much for Exploration

What I really hate about Cabal is its limited and dull way of exploration. The maps in the game are small, making it quite hard to avoid high-level monsters when dealing with lowbie ones. It’s also quite easy to lure unwanted monsters, as there’s not enough space to separate you and your target from the rest of the spawning critters. It’s indeed troublesome, and can work to your disadvantage when unprepared. A few spaces between monsters would be nice, especially when you have tons of players logging in. As far as the map is concerned, I hate it.



Perhaps one of Cabal Online’s most commendable features is the Combo System. The Combo System allows players to link their spells by timing their execution with the time bar on the top portion of your screen, allowing them to gain extra damage and bone crunching numbers as they continue to grind their way to higher levels. This is definitely a nice way of presenting the grind factor, as it is both challenging and enjoyable when trying to land a perfect combo.


Combo Moves Cabal
Combo moves in Cabal


Lights! Sounds! Revolution of ACTION!

If you were to ask me, Cabal Online’s graphic engine isn’t exactly the best one out there; however, they did manage to make the most out of everything, providing players with a well lit world filled with magical effects and lightning fast combat. I guess it’s a good example of the saying “It’s all about how you use your tools” lol. Cabal’s visuals are breathtaking, which compliments their combat system further. Like I said, style serves as an important medium in MMORPGs, and Cabal Online fails to disappoint.


Despite the awesome visuals and stunning light effects, Cabal’s music and soundeffects are really poor. First of all, the background music is completely annoying as it loops continuously throughout your journey. Each map has its own BG music, which is pretty catchy when you first hear it— until you realize that it was the same thing you’ve been hearing since level 1. The sound effects are dull and fail in presenting the full impact and crunchiness of the visual hit. Since Cabal Online IS the Revolution of Action, you’d probably expect the sound effects to be a bit more brutal; however, they give us TUKs and TAKs instead of BOOMs and BAMs.


Cute Pet in Cabal


The Verdict

Cabal Online isn’t really so bad. It still does have the right to call itself the Revolution of Action, but that’s a bit too much ACTION for an MMO don’t you think? It’s really fun at first (around level 1-50), until you realize that you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again. I guess the biggest problem with this game is its repetitiveness; however, I can say that this game is still worth playing.


The Good:
– Tons of skills
– Total NONSTOP action
– Great presentation of combat.


The bad:
– Super Grindfest
– Limited armor sets and customization
– Annoying music
– Small maps.

Zero Online Event Preview: April

Zero Online Event Preview: April



April is around the corner! It will be a special month for all the Alliance pilots. The New Expansion – Galactic Armada will be launched into the mysterious Zero Online world at the end of April. In order to celebrate this occasion, TQ has prepared lots of exciting events, new updates and new functions for their loyal players. Let’s see what will happen in ZO, and what TQ will bring to us this month!

1. Weekend Event – Easter Egg Conversion (April 3 – 4)
From April 3rd to 4th, you can claim a Pod-Mech from the Pod-Generators and aid them in absorbing energy to transform into stronger and stronger forms. There are 4 different types of Pod-Mechs. Do not underestimate these seemingly defenseless machines! If you hand over all 4 types of Pod-Mechs to Clark together, you will get a chance to enter the Easter Lottery map and try your luck on other things! Good luck!

2. Weekend Event – Double EXP & Cores & Crystals (April 10 – 11)

All online players will be able to enjoy free Double Exp from April 10 to 11! To be exact, you can get 200% experience from killing enemies. Don’t forget to login to the game, where you will get +150% crystal drops and +100% core drops from killing enemies! Don’t miss out on a good chance to gain more cores and crystals!

3. Weekend Event – Alliance Carnival (April 17– 18)

During the event time, there will be a huge red box on the Steel Warship that is chock full of all kinds of gifts! What can you get from it? Just come online and try your luck every hour! You’ll have to make sure you have made it to at least level 80!

4. Prospective Missions for Expansion (April 21)
The construction work of the Stellar Base has begun. You can talk to Antonio in steel warship to help out with the construction work. You will notice that the Stellar Base is short of resources and the progress of the construction work is extremely slow! Weber is expecting someone to provide them some help! Try your best to finish the space warship! Standing beside it, you will witness a new era of the alliance. Have fun!

5. Bonus Surge for the Recruits (April 23)
If you register a new account and create a new character, you will be able to obtain a Newcomer Pack. It includes lots of amazing gifts worth up to $500: Military Badge (30 days), 30 Double EXP Potions, 28 EXP Recorders, Lucky Core Gift Packs, lots of Elite gears… What is more, you will be able to claim an ultra weapon when you reach level 145. How exciting, right?

6. Add 3 new Cutting-Edge A.R.Ms – Nuke Devastator/ Phantom Blazer/ Cyclone Stopper (April 28)
Officer Spike, the Alliance’s chief unit technician, has invented 3 kinds of new A.R.Ms for all the Alliance pilots. These Cutting-Edge A.R.Ms aren’t free, but this considerate man will show you all the 3 Cutting-Edge A.R.Ms before you make your decision. You can pay 60 ZPs (bound) for each of them: Nuke Devastator, Phantom Blazer and Cyclone Stopper.

Zero Online - Galactic Armada

7. Fleet Building (April 28)
Each fleet has their respective fleet base in which the fleet members can build structures with different function which will be useful in the brand new Fleet War. The higher level your fleet base is, the more warships you can build. The Maximum level of feel base is 10, and you can upgrade the fleet base once a day after the server maintenance.

8. 5 Fleet Missions – Reconnaissance/Warfare/Supply Collection/Item Collection/Enemy Head (April 28)
The battle against the Othellos took a turn for the worse. Brolin need more battle information to turn the situation. He has 5 Fleet Missions for you. Try your best to accomplish these missions, and then you will be rewarded with lots of EXP reward. Let us unite together and expel the Othellos from our space!

9. Warship Building (April 28)
Warship is the essential military hardware for space war, and you should know that only the fleet with warships can enter the space war. Warships fall into 2 types: personal warship and fleet warship. You can build the warship in the Warship Dockyard in your fleet base. The higher level your fleet base is, the more docks you will have, and the more warships you can build. The fleet members who meet the requirements are able to build 8 kinds of Warships.

10. Warship Purchase (April 28)
Fleet members can purchase the warship of their fleet, but you can only purchase the finished warship. You need to pay some money for the warship you purchased. Better warship costs more.

11. Space War (April 28)
A large scale space war is about to debut. It is held from 7:50 to 8:50 each Saturday. 7:50pm – 8:20pm is the boarding time. 8:20pm – 8:50pm is the space war time. Between 8:20pm – 8:35pm, warships which are ready for them battle can still enter the space war. You will be notified before the war starts. Crews can gain exploits by attacking enemy warships, side guns and fighters. The exploit amount depends on the damage the crew member inflicts on the enemy target. After the space war, ZP will be awarded to the crews according to their exploits.

With so many cool things coming, how will you be able to do everything? April is indeed a special month for all of the Alliance pilots. Don’t miss your chance to have fun and fight for glory! For more details, you can pay attention to our official website.

Neverland Online Easter Spree

Neverland Online Easter Spree


OPI Games has released their plan for celebrating both Easter and the launch of Neverland Online’s New Version, officially named “Divine Mounts” by the user-base. Here is a list of events which players can participate during the Easter Holiday.

Event One: Easter Eggs
Get your own decorated Easter eggs In celebration with Easter, neverland players can get their own free Easter eggs in the game. Players can also participate in bunny hunting events, which players can win double exp potions, gift boxes and more.

Event Two: Item sales event
During Easter, players can buy some of their favorite item shop items such as double exp potions, rare AOE pets, gold coupons and more for only 25 cents each. Also new mystery items will be added to the item shop.

Event Three: Leveling competition
The leveling competition and special instances Leveling contest will start once Neverland Online New version is online. Not only there will be handsome rewards for the top 10 levelers, everyone who reaches level 20 can also enter the special event instance to challenge the legendary beasts. If players are strong enough to defeat the legendary beasts, they will receive random exclusive items such as transformation cards. In addition, players can discover more special instances when they enter the game.

Neverland Online - Airblast for the win!


Forgotten Elements

Forgotten Elements is a free browser based realtime Action RPG and runs with JAVA. No download is needed and you can even play a demonstration without registration.
Choose from among three character classes and dive into the world of Forgotten Elements, consisting of many areas and randomly generated dungeons.
Collect thousands of different items and teach your character mighty skills and enhancements. You can also combine your skills with those from other classes and duel other players with a unique strategy.

Cabal Online releases Illusion Castle expansion

Cabal Online releases Illusion Castle expansion, publishers of the European version of CABAL Online, has today announced the release of the latest free expansion – Illusion Castle – for the free-to-play MMO. Making significant improvements to the game, the update introduces a whole range of new features, changes and bug fixes, including:


– New timed-solo dungeon: available in easy, medium and hard mode 
– New raiding dungeon 
– New belt accessory slot
– New weapons
– Changes to the party system
– Revamped user interface


The two new dungeons are some of the most visually stunning to-date, providing strategically challenging encounters that are sure to test the heroes of Nevareth. It includes Crazy Steamer, a timed-solo dungeon available in three different difficulty levels, which will push even the most experienced player outside of their comfort level.


Illusion Castle is the latest end-game raiding dungeon for players to explore, full of evil foes, unexpected events and hidden quests. For those who manage to make it to the end of the dungeon alive fame and fortune await, with new weapons and belts among the treasures up for grabs.


The new interface provides a fresh new feel to the game, with the slimmed down and simplified style improving functionality. The amount of quick-slots for skills has also been doubled, with up to 24 skills now immediately available.


CABAL Online Illusion Castle is available for free download. More information can be found at the Cabal Online official website.

Illusion Castle New Dungeon Updates Cabal Online