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Eudemons: Patch 1157 Released for Thanksgiving Quest

Thanksgiving Day is a special time to send thanks to your friends and relatives. To express the TQ team’s appreciation and thank players in this communal festival, Eudemon Online have prepared a series of Thanksgiving Special Quests for you.

Duration: Nov. 27th ~ Nov. 30th

The quest series consists of 3 quests, all about Gobblers. There is no doubt that a delicious turkey is an indispensable part of Thanksgiving. However, this year, there is a shortage in the turkeys usually supplied to CronusCity! You, as a hero, have no choice but to stand up and save people from this Thanksgiving crisis.

Gobbler Run
In the quests, players will be able to collect Gobbler eggs and different types of Gobbler meat in the Gobbler Farm by playing “hide and seek” or slaughter poor Gobblers. With these fresh ingredients, you can further prepare a delicious Gobbler BBQ feast around a campfire for people in CronusCity and yourselves. Inevitably, you will then have to defend yourself against the outraged retaliating surviving Gobbler Fighters and Warriors!

Gobbler BBQ
Players can look forward to rich rewards; such as Eudemon Egg, Double Exp. Time and other amazing gifts. Also, you will enjoy immersive gameplay and a Thanksgiving atmosphere.

Run Up Game Announces – Shaiya Close Bet

Run Up Game has obtained the rights to publish the magnificent graphical 3D MMORPG, Shaiya, in Singapore and Malaysia. Shaiya is expected to be launched on the 29th November 2008.

Shaiya is a fantasy based MMORPG developed by SonoV. Sonokong, Korea largest toy producer’s subsidiary SonoV spent 3 years developing this project.

SonoV explains they are impressed by Run Up Game’s service and management in Malaysia and Singapore, therefore they believes that Run Up Game can bring up Shaiya’s popularity to other part of the world. Sonokong Co, Ltd. has a strong belief in customer satisfaction and hope to provide players in other countries the best gaming experience.

One of Shaiya’s unique feature is the MUO(Multiple Upbringing Options) system. This system is separated into “Easy”, “Normal”, “Hard” and “Ultimate”4 modes. As the difficulty increases, the players require more experience points. In return, the player will have a higher level cap and more skill points acquired.

The “Ultimate” is the most adrenaline rush mode available for players. Players, whom have chosen “Ultimate”, will experience “Real” death if he is killed by monsters or other players. All information contained in this character will be removed! This realistic gaming experience enhances the gamers and their opponents a more exciting battle experience.

Another exciting feature of this game is its 1500 vs 1500, realm vs realm battle. Once the player a level, they will be able to participate in this battlefield of the 2 realms. In this battlefield, there is no limit or rules. A player can enter this battlefield anytime they want.

Within this game, there are 4 races and 12 classes available for players to choose. The factions are split into, Alliance of Light and the available races are human and elves. For Union of Fury, players get to choose between Nordein and Vail. For classes, they are Fighters, Defenders, Priest, Ranger, Archer, Mage, Assassin, Pagan, Oracle, Warrior, Guardian and Hunter.

7Million Closed Beta begins

Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, announced that the first Closed Beta phase of the urban MMO 7Million has begun this week. Any amateur mobsters who would like to take part are welcome to register for the next beta phase at the official website
Starting now, the first chosen players get to sneak through Paradise City in the current Closed Beta phase of 7Million, and practice their skills as spare-time thieves. Testers who get to participate in this phase have already been notified by e-mail. However, there is good news for interested gamers who are not among the first participants: Deep Silver will continue to send out invitations. Moreover, beta testing will take place on a much larger scale in a few more weeks.

Please visit to register as a Closed Beta tester, and find news and updates on the game.

7Million is a free massively multiplayer online game, set in a modern world full of life, glamour, and spectacular heists. The freely explorable setting of Paradise City serves as a background for numerous thrilling missions and as a meeting point for gamers from all over the world who meet and team up here with their individually created characters.

Conquer Online: New Dynasty – Ninja Approaching Part III Skills

Ninja, the most appealing feature of Conquer Online’s expansion, the ninja, is coming around this Christmas. Last time, we revealed the ninja’s exotic gear. Now we will give you a brief introduction about this shadowy assassin’s mighty skills.

Ninja’s Stamina Skills

Twofold Blades
Dual katana strike, dealing tremendous damage!

Poison Star
A poisoned shuriken makes it difficult for enemies to drink potions. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

Archer Bane
Grounds flying opponents with a precise ranged attack. Effectiveness is determined by the battle power difference between the ninja and opponent.

The ninja suddenly appears behind the enemy and strikes them in the back.

Ninja’s XP Skills

Shuriken Vortex
Ranged attack, creating a whirl of deadly metal shards that harms nearby enemies.

Fatal Strike
The ninja blinks between targets and dispatches them with a single powerful strike. This can be used against monsters only. When there are no targets in the sight, or the Ninja can’t KO the monster, the skill stops.

Runes of Magic: hardworking online-crafters

Besides exciting PvE and PvP adventures, Runes of Magic offers lots of activities for crafters and traders as well. Players can accept gathering professions already in the starting areas, to collect materials for the crafting of weapons, armor, potions or nourishing meals. Later on, the professions of carpenter, blacksmith, armor crafting, alchemist, tailor and even cook are available. Alchemists mix potions, cooks prepare strenghtening food, carpenters and blacksmiths produce the best weapons in the country, while armor crafters and tailors are catering for the protection needs.

Having taken the first steps in their profession, players can hire out as apprentice. Just like in real life, they can learn more than one profession in the fantasy-world of Runes of Magic and specialize later, depending on their interest.

GodsWar Online: Your Name, Remembered

The GodsWar Online Alpha Test has been successfully launched! Want to be a part of this special time in GodsWar development? Remembered forever as one who was there in the beginning? Making the following contributions may earn you a place in the history of GodsWar.

  1. Find valuable bugs
  2. Put forward important suggestions
  3. Become a PK King
  4. Have eye-catching gear

All of these grant you the great honor of having your name scrawled on the GodsWar scroll of fame. Your name will be left for others to marvel at on the NPC list or even carved on a monument. Imagine how cool that would be! Go down in history with Gods War Online!

The GodsWar Alpha Test is on going and free Activation Codes are being given out. Please click to claim one of these codes and join in the fun.

Tales of Pirates: FairiesÂ’ Marriage System

In Tales of Pirates the pretty fairies not only accompany the players during their journeys, but also help when they have to fight. Also, players can level up their guardian fairy to enhance their own stats. A marriage between players will give birth to a Fairy baby which is more beautiful and has more advanced skills.

Each fairy has 5 basic attributes, including Strength, Agility, Spirit, Constitution and Accuracy. Players can choose the specified pet feed to raise their fairy according to their class type. The fairy will grow up gradually after having the pet feed and leveling-up fruits. Players can consider having their fairies married when they reaches Level 20.

Fairies getting married need to meet the following requirement: 1. Must be Level 20+, and in the state of full Stamina. 2. Must have a certain amount of gold. 3. Must have a Demonic Fruit. If their fairies meet the above condition, players can go to talk with the NPC Langa (852, 3549) at Shaitan City along with the marrying fairies. After that player should draw the Demonic Fruit and the fairies into the dialogue page, reserve the required tools in the player’s bag, and hand over the marriage fee. After that, they will have a new generation of fairy. The junior pet fairy will have stronger skills than its parent fairies, like Self Destruct skill and Possession skill. A junior pet fairy would be a big help for players in near future.