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World of Warcraft: Taiwanese player “beats” WoW!

A Taiwanese player managed to complete (nearly) all the achievements in World of Warcraft reaching 986 / 986!
On taiwanese servers, a Tauren Druid on the TW-Wrathbringer succesfully completed all achievements in the game and is the first player to reach 986/986 achievements completed on the armory.
All Achievements Done
Technically he’s still missing the BB King achievement (added with Patch 3.2.2) and his World Events achievements are down to 138/139 because of that, luckily a bug with an old PvP achievement gives him 165/164 in the PvP achievements list and that’s how he got 986/986.
Winner of All Achievement Points 
The achievement count obviously doesn’t take Feats of Strength into account because it’s technically impossible to get all of them.
Congratulations from the OnRPG crew!

Magic World 2 Race & Class Introduction

Recently, Magic World 2 was showed at the Montreal International Game Summit and the game got lots of good comments from this industry. The main purpose of showing the game at the summit was to gain the opinion from the professionals in this area. Meanwhile, Magic World 2 has also released the information below: 
Races Introductions

Humans rely on their strong adaptability and creativenss, they became one of the owners of Kalkarlong very quickly. Mostly they live at Moon Plains and Blazing Plains, after hundreds and hundreds years, cause human have very strong volition and dauntless courage; they are very good at fight and magic.

The very gentle Elven race live in the ancient Karen Forest for a very long time. They advocate a care for nature, love and life and live very secluded from the other races. After the great castle of the Elves was built, some of them left the forest and started to live in the city. Their long life gives them high intelligence and strong senses. They are weak but their agility is very high, they are natural born hunters.

From the oriental, the Pand is a very peculiar race that lives on Bamboo Island. They were huge and very friendly and fight for justice. They are masters of Kong Fu and despise bullies. After the monster army came, these monks were all stood out and willing to fight against these monsters until the end.
Magic World 2 - Panda Race
Claymore, this is a very special race, sexy and fascinating. From the normal, not many people really know, so they were called Succubus. Where they came from is a mystery, but according to the elf’s memory, it seems they have a special relationship with those Monks.
Elemental Summoner Elf
Some of the elves were chosen to stay in the forest and guard their old tree and the ancient palace. They were hiding in the forests and actually no one has really seen them before. Until the monster army came, they showed up and using the natural power to against all the undivine and the devil. They are the masters of healing and controlling the element, these kinds of powers make them to the heart of a party.
Class introdutions
Mage – Race: human
Mage: they are free to use the staff and spell all different kinds of magic. They are week but when the staffs in their hand, they could be invincible.
Hunter – Race: Elf
As rely on advance of the long life and the agility, the elf transferred these advantages to practice the skills that could not be learned by the normal. When face to the dangerous, they could easy turn themselves in the good spot because of the agility, use the bow and crossbow and consummated shoot skills to make the targets disappeared.

Magic World 2 - Hunter




Monk – Race: Panda, Succubus
Mysteries, lightness, fast and powerful are the normal words to describe this class. They seem come from the oriental and played very well Kong Fu. They respect justice and because of this sprit they always follow with and they also win the respects from the world!
Fighter – Race: Human
Fighters make the defense and attack in balance. They are protected by the very good armors they make by themselves and also with the very sharp sword. As the leader in the party, they willing to be the tank or the pioneer and always fight in the first line.
Elemental Summoner – Race: Summon Elf
They are the votary of the natural and the natural is their faith. This race is very rare to see in the public and usually hiding in the ancient forest. They are the master of curing and healing and also know all the elements very well. So that they own the power of the natural and they usually to be the one that a party could not be lack of.
Elemental Summoner
A secret class – not opened yet
A new unopened secret class from Magic World 2 would be released soon.
Magic World 2 was opened to the Chinese market once and we would give the report about it soon. Please stay with us!

Panda Monk

Wonderland Online Interview: What Makes Wonderland Stand Out?

Questions by Rick Charbs, Onrpg Journalists
Answered by Chloe, Product Manager of IGG


Wonderland Online is always coming up with brand new updates and content for their cute game. They listen to the audiences and keep developing. Chloe gives us a little insight into their work and how they put the player first!


Onrpg: Could you give us a little rundown of your position at IGG? What do you do to make Wonderland Online enjoyable for everyone?

WL:  I’m Chloe, the product manager of IGG. I’m in charge of planing the online or forum events, another responsibility is the maintenance  of our servers and updates of the game. I also need to deal with some affairs about marketing.


Wonderland Online is a free-to-play 2D game with more than 600,000 registered players. It’s a game that’s suitable for anyone, both children and adults. It has very cute characters, a unique crafting system, an interesting storyline and background, plus a special and powerful pet system. What’s more, we offer players an abundance of in-game events so they can share experiences with other players and have more fun in the game.


Onrpg: What is this concept of the Wonderland All-Star? What benefits do players receive upon achieving this feat?

WL: The All-Star selections are intended to foster greater interaction among players and reward those who stand out from the crowd. Most of the All-Stars are players who are famous on their servers or have won official events. In addition to shining a spotlight on a player’s accomplishments, game officials also reward their achievements by giving All-Stars some cool in-game items or credits.


Wonderland Wedding


Onrpg:How interactive are you with the community? Could you explain how you stay in close contact with the Wonderland Online player base?

WL: We have many methods of communicating with our players. We plan many different kinds of events both in the game and on the forum. We even have special WLO clubs on Facebook and Myspace so players can share news, experiences and fun together. What’s more, we also create alt characters in-game to research what kinds of items or events our players would like most.


Onrpg: What makes Wonderland unique? What makes it stand out from the other games IGG hosts?

WL: Compared to other games, I think one of the most attractive features of Wonderland Online is the ability players have to craft items for — and in — their tents.


Players can get a tent by doing a quest at the very beginning of their journey in the game. After that, they can make any furniture they need to decorate their in-game home. The furniture they create can also be used to make other materials they might need. For example, if a player creates a bathtub, it will speed up the rate at which their HP and SP regenerate. Cookers can be used to make HP/SP food. The tent is a very convenient place for players to relax when they’re not busy exploring or fighting. They can even invite their friends in and hold a party.


Onrpg: Why have you decided to add in an in-game bot feature in its beta release? Have you not considered the AFK rate of players in the game? Are players still playing the game without it?

WL: We all know that sometimes it’s dull to kill tons of monsters until you can upgrade your character. This kind of time-consuming grinding is mitigated with the bot system. It’s intended to give players the chance to improve their characters even if they don’t have a lot of hours to spend executing every command. However, it does not hurt game balance since it’s only used in specific circumstances. If players engage in PvP, run an instance or work on quests, they can’t use the bot system.


It’s useful for helping newbies level up and enabling players to make the best use of their time in the game. It also helps keep players’ accounts secure, since some might otherwise look to risky third-party applications that have the potential to infect their computer or hack their account.


Persia in Wonderland


Onrpg: How in-depth can players customize their characters? What would you rate customization on a scale of 1-10?

WL: I think I’d rate it as 9, particularly considering the necessary limitations of a free-to-play 2D game as opposed to more expensive alternatives.


When players create a character, there are 12 different basic characters to choose from. Each account can have 2 characters at the same time. Players can choose different colors for their character’s hair, skin, clothes and eyes. They have different backgrounds and elements. Choosing from earth, wind, fire, or water allows players to customize their basic abilities according to the advantages and weaknesses represented by each element.


Onrpg: I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve added a great deal of ancient mythology to the game. How much historical and mythological context does Wonderland Online follow?

WL: When you see the Wonderland Online map, there are many famous and familiar ancient places in the game. Many legends and mysterious stories from different cultures make up the backbone of the game. Players encounter such interesting things as the Inukami in Japan, Houyi in China, Greek Mythology and the Colosseum in ancient Rome.


Onrpg: Instances are a relatively new feature in the game. Could you give us a quick rundown on them? What makes them so interesting and amusing?

WL: Wonderland has many instances suitable for different levels of players. When players reach level 10, they can start participating in instances. These challenges are more involved than a typical quest, give players a chance to work in teams, and offer valuable rewards.


Onrpg: Has the team at IGG altered any portions of the game from the licensed version of the game? If so, what were they (in general)?

WL: Yes, we have altered some parts of the game. To maintain game balance, we haven’t included the functions that would let players use IM points to exchange Gold and EXP directly. We also chose not to include the function allowing players to use items to inquire about the recipes for compounding equipment. We also changed some contents of the Q&A so the questions make more sense for western players.


Onrpg: Could you please briefly explain the game’s class system? Are classes really that important in this MMO?

WL: In Wonderland Online, players have 6 different classes to choose from: Killer, Warrior, Knight, Wit, Priest and Seer. Based on the character variables, the system will automatically show players what classes are available to the character they’re creating. Different classes have different attributes and skills. For example, a Killer is good at attacking while a Warrior is good at defending. Each class has different special skills to enhance their abilities.


New Furniture


Onrpg: What are some of the current events in the game? What would you say the approximate participation rate is for them?

WL: We have many events including system events, weekly events and online events.  In fact, most of the events attract lots of participants. For instance, the popular event Travel with Robinson we held recently attracted many players since it helps players get to know the maps in-game they will see during their fantastic trip. It doesn’t hurt that the players can also win plenty of rewards.


We pride ourselves on offering events that are both interesting and have worthwhile rewards. We want to add to the fun players can have beyond the basic quest, instance and PvP systems.


Onrpg: Please excuse me for the generalization, but why is it that almost all of the playable characters are female, when a majority of the players tend to be male?

WL: At present, we have 4 female characters in the game, which is not uncommon for this type of MMORPG. Our data suggests the balance of male and female players in the game is good. I think the developer skewed the available characters toward the female side because they wanted to attract more female players. We’ve asked them to add more male characters in the future.


Onrpg: Wonderland Online is reputed for its wide variety of pets. Could you give us a few examples of your most unique pets in the game?

WL: Our players really enjoy the pet system. In Wonderland, there are 2 different types of pets: common pets and human pets. The common pets are usually the monster-type pets that players can catch in battle.


In comparison, the human pets are better in many respects, but players can only get them by doing quests. As the storyline progresses, players will meet human pets like Roca, Fred, Niss and others, all of which have powerful skills and weapons. Though they are a part of the storyline, they also provide players crucial assistance on their adventures. The trip is more interesting with them than if players were to rely on just their basic character.


Onrpg: If you were given the opportunity to rename this MMORPG, what would you name it and why?

WL: Ha ha! I can’t think of any name better and more suitable than Wonderland for this game. Wonderland forever!


Roman Estate


Onrpg: Do you have any future updates planned for the game? What can players anticipate seeing in Wonderland Online?

WL: I do have one piece of good news to share. We’ll be releasing the new version 5.0 “Glory of the Empire” soon. In the latest version, there will be new human pets, bosses, maps and mini-games, plus the long-expected marriage system. Players definitely won’t want to miss all the new additions in “Glory of the Empire.”


Onrpg:Thank you for your time!

WL: You’re welcome, and thanks for all the questions. I hope we’ve given people who haven’t tried the game some insights into what it’s like and provided our current players with a few tidbits they may not have known before. 


Click here for the Wonderland Online Game Profile
Click here for the Wonderland Online Official Website

The West

The West is a text based Browser RPG.
You start as a poor worker picking up jobs wherever you can but eventually you can found your own town and live the American dream!
The RPG elements really shine in the character development. In the character menu you can upgrade your character by raising your attributes and skills. The numbers show the level that the character has in that skill or attribute. With each level the character gains he receives one attribute point and three skill points. Some quests also give skill and attribute points.
The attributes set your basic strengths and weaknesses. You can create a strong muscular rowdy or a charismatic tactician. There are four different attributes: Strength, Mobility, Dexterity and Charisma. By leveling up an attribute you increase each of the five associated skills. All related skills and attributes have the same color. An attribute is always pictured with a circle.
Strength shows you muscle power and vitality. It is needed when you are interesting in doing physically hard labor and work in bad weather.
Strength and it’s associated skills are shown in red.
Mobility shows how much control you have over your body. By increasing your mobility you better your balance and reflexes.
Mobility and the associated skills are displayed in green.
Dexterity shows how well you are with your fine motor skills. This is needed when you are doing jobs that require very precise work.
Dexterity and its associated skills are shown in blue.
Charisma shows your appearance and personality. Its skills are mostly needed in jobs that require the contact with people or animals.
Charisma and its associated skills are shown in yellow.
There are 20 different skills. Every skill is connected to an attribute. By raising the attribute level, all 5 connected skills are raised as well.
To work on better jobs you need higher skill levels. The skills construction, health points, dodging, aiming, shooting, repairing, leadership and animal instinct give additional advantages.
The Strength skills
Construction is important to work on buildings or when setting up things. Working in your town is much easier if you have a high level in construction.
Vigor is the real muscle power of your character and is needed when something has to be pushed or hit. Vigor raises the damage you do with a melee weapon in a duel.
A high level in toughness makes it much easier to work in bad weather. In a duel toughness lowers the damage that is caused by melee weapons.
Stamina helps you in exhausting jobs and tasks.
Health points are your life force. Each time you add one point to the skill “health points” you receive 10 more health points for you character.
The mobility skills
Horseback riding shows how comfortable you feel with your horse. It also raises the traveling speed on the map.
Reflex shows how quick you are to react. In a duel reflex reduces the damage that you receive from a firearm attack.
Dodging is very important in duels. With every level the chance gets lower that your enemy scores a hit.
Hiding helps you escape both man and animal.
Swimming is very useful when you fall into a river or lake.
The dexterity skills
Aiming is used for nothing but dueling. if you raise your aiming skills you raise your chances of landing a hit.
Shooting decides how good you are in the use of a firearm. Shooting raises the damage you do with a firearm.
Trapping is important to set traps for animals and to ambush people.
Fine motor skills are important for jobs that need a lot of finger work and concentration.
Repairing is used to fix broken things. It’s also important to work in the town.
The Charisma skills
Leadership is important if you have to give instructions to other people. It’s also important when constructing buildings in town.
Tactic allows you to make strategic plans and to carry them out. When challenged to a duel tactic lowers the chance that a hit is landed.
Trading helps you with your negotiation skills and to get better prices. Sadly, the merchants in town have set prices and cannot be talked down.
Animal instinct helps you to understand the animals and to work better with them.
Appearance is the way you are seen by other people. A higher level makes you more trustworthy, but you can also intimidate people better. If you challenge another player in a duel your appearance helps intimidate your opponent and makes him less likely to land a hit.

Fantasy Zhu Xian

Fantasy Zhu Xian is a 2.5D turn-based MMORPG by Perfect World Entertainment (Beijing), already known for many of its hit MMORPGs. The game is based on an edited storyline using Zhu Xian (Jade Dynasty)’s plot. It depicts the epic struggle between Good and Evil, with 3 clans representing each side.
Why is it hot:
It’s another quality MMORPG by the company, no one can deny that. The game is also one of the year’s biggest turn based MMO, if not the biggest given its promotional and marketing efforts. A TV drama series based on the game is also currently in production, with popular Chinese actor Hu Ge at the helm. I have seen him in various Chinese period dramas, and all the viewers have come to accept him with tremendous support.
Game features:
– The main feature of the game is its unique flying system. How many 2.5D MMORPGs have you seen with a real flying system ? Various areas and mobs can only be accessed by flying. There are various flying mounts to for players to obtain, not just the plain flying swords ~!
– 6 clans for players to choose from, each with unique abilities and skills.
– There will be a pet capturing system to add to players’ team in battle. Almost all mobs can be caught and added to the team to aid players during battles!

Angels Online: Fiery Cerberus Shakes Eden

Angels Online’s official team is excited to announce that Fiery Cerberus, the Patron Beast of Dark City, has arrived in Eden. It is the first of the terrible creatures of Dark City to make its appearance in the game.


As a beast brought forth from legend, this Patron Beast has abilities that other mounts in Eden can only dream of, and as for its looks, well, it certainly turns heads.



Cerberus Lightning


Huge Size

The first thing other Angels seem to notice is its huge size compared with others, it is barrel chested and seems capable of crushing the skulls of any who oppose it. The next thing that attracts attention is its talons. Protruding from each paw are long sharp claws that tear at the ground as it passes. Look up and you’re confronted with 3 fierce heads, each bearing a grim grin that says, “I’m going to eat you, and I’ll smile while I chew.”

Running Cerberus Mount


Awesome Attributes

Remember, this is no typical mount, as a special mount, it possesses attributes equal to that of Level 90 top mounts, and its 52% speed bonus is certain to give your hair that roguish ‘I drive a convertible Corvette’ look.


Cerberus Shining


No Level Limitation

Last but not least, there are no pesky level limitations! Even a newbie player can travel around Eden on a Fiery Cerberus. Although anyone mounted on one of these sure isn’t going to be treated like a newbie.


When We Meet in Angels Online


Last week, the first 20 Fiery Cerberus’ available in the Angels Online Shell Mall flew off the shelves faster than you could say ‘Snap!’. So if you’re currently drooling on your keyboard, first grab a handiwipe, then head on over to the Angel’s Online official website for information about their new events. The prizes will be some of the last remaining Fiery Cerberus’! 


Visit Angels Online News Post to learn more details about Fiery Cerberus.


Visit the Angels Online Game Profile
Visit the Angels Online Official Website

Eve Online: Dominion

EVE Online: Dominion is the next free expansion for the MMO EVE Online, coming December 1st 2009. Dominion is true power born from the broken hulls of a thousand starships, the genes of the ambitious and the hubris of the greedy. The Dominion trailer looks on as one such tale unfolds.

Bots II Review: Beat ’em Up and Mow them Down

Bots II Review: Beat ’em Up and Mow them Down
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Gamers have in one form or another been interested in the idea of them taking control of their own robot and beat the crap out of each other. This lead to a solid amount of Robot-centric MMOs flooding the online gaming industry, however there has yet to be a decent browser-based MMO that has to successfully integrate this idea on browser games. Bots II is one of those hopefuls and it would seem that the game has something good to offer us robot fans.


What is Bots II?

To everyone who is into robot MMOs it may seem that BotsII is a spin-off of Acclaims’ Robot themed MMO BOTS. Well, it is not. This is a totally different game and that the idea of BotsII is more of the development and manufacture of your bot so that you can go against other bot creations. The idea on bots getting it on in an arena is already an overused concept. However, it does work for the game because given the limited capabilities browsers have. The robots’ head-to-head battle simplifies the whole game. With competition as the game’s main core, it does away with complexities that can lead to a very irritating gameplay.


Playing Bots II


How does the game work?

In BOTS II, there are two ways to determine the strength of your bot: through its stats and its equipment. The bot’s stats are similar to what you can usually find in RPGs and MMOs. While the game has a huge library of weapons, equipments and armors, the designs were taken from Diablo II so it is no surprise if you find them looking similar. The game’s RPG tie-in with its stats is one of the things that make a game more entertaining than I originally expected. It gives the added trump card feeling as things may not as easily turn out as expected when you start of the fight.


Battle Proper

Battling in BOTs II is what you would do most of the time so it is very convenient that the game’s battle system is done in real-time. You get to see how the battle goes on as the game informs you almost instantaneously how your bot is faring against the opponent. You do not have to push unlike in other games where each attack should be thought of and activated. Everything is left to how you raised your robot and how well have you managed the stats of your creation and the effectiveness of the equipment you gave it. The real-time feature of the battle system gives life to the game even if it seems dead on the water due to its dull text-based interface.


You will not want to leave your seat whenever your robot is in a battle because you want to see how your creation is coping with someone else’s. Unlike in some games of the same concept, two robots of the same level can have two different battle results because of the RPG-element s the game has. Your robot may win the first time but then lose to the same robot the next time you go head-to-head. The good thing about BOTS II is that the robot’s equipment would not be the one that offsets the balance in a fight because the game sells the same set of equipment for all people. Winning is dictated on how you allocate your stats. There is a wild card in the game however that practically offsets a battle between to imbalanced robots in stats. Luck comes into play, and sometimes even the best made robots can fall prey to a weaker robot out of sheer luck and a little touch of Mr. Murphy on his side.


Bots II


What makes the game fun?

This gives you all the more reason to stay in the game and try to make the best robot there is. Who in their right mind would not want to have the urge to make a better robot than anyone else right? The game successfully squeezes out the competitive nature in you and as a result you would get to ignore the low-quality graphics the game has. Also,  the various battle elements gives your game such more dimension than just ‘I-hit-your-robot-you-hit-back’ game that it makes each battle you go into exciting and to look forward to.


The Downsides

There are some minor issues that the game has however, first would be the color of the texts. Sure, there the various colors of the text during battles is helpful to at least determine how well your robot is damaging its enemy and how hard in turn is it damaging your bot. The problem with that the fonts hurts the eyes when you try to read the especially in a dimly lit room. Furthermore, it gets harder to read when you are in battle because of the constant stream of texts you have to read. You can save yourself the trouble of getting your eyes strained however by not minding the whole thing. 


Another downside is that you can’t really multi-task that well if you need to use the browser. I’ve experienced my browser bogging down because I am in a middle of a battle with another robot. This can really prove irritating because you expect that a browser game does not really take too much resources from your computer. So if you decide on getting a little action in BOTS II I suggest you make sure you do not have anything to load in your browser.



BOTS II is a browser-based game that has successfully concentrated on the one thing that can make a robot-themed game work: competition. The idea of setting aside anything fancy and just centering on the one thing that really makes people stick to a game like this is a great idea. The addition of real-time exchanges in each battle makes the game more exciting and enjoyable to play. The game does however have a few setbacks but it is not that big enough to make you stop playing the game. If you are a fan of robot-themed games and you do not really want a text based game that is too easy to pick up and play then I suggest you try BOTS II.


– The battles in the game are done in real time and you can see how it goes as it happens
– The game is newbie friendly
– The administrators balances the games out in a constant manner and is open to suggestions from players.


– The text colors hurts the eyes
– There’s not much to talk to in the game chat
– You better make sure that your browser is clear from any other apps because the battles puts a heavy strain on your browser.

How To Spot a Video Game Villain

A guide by Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


This article was originally featured in Thirteen1 Gaming Magazine: October Issue.


Villain: The JokerThey’re out there… waiting for you to make your move… eventually hitting you when you least expect it. It is very hard to determine which character would end up as the villain. It’s really fantastic how they change the flow of the story just by doing one dastardly deed, converting them from protagonist to antagonist. Even if some remains as the villainous understudy instead of becoming the mastermind, these people are still deadly and deserves our full attention. If you are willing to fight for the sake of macabre and evil, then I suggest you go ahead and read another article; however, if you’re yearning to seek truth and justice, here’s a couple of stereotypical villainous classes to help you distinguish the banes of the video game world.


The classes:


10) The Chancellor/Advisor

These treacherous beings are the most cliché among videogame villains. Always the nice person with comforting words, telling the heroes to move on while they carry on with their devious plot. Their tactics are simple but quite profound. Despite these wretches’ predictable behavior and attack point, most heroes seem to be reeled in like stupid fishes. Their goal is simple: Learn everything you can from your opponent and use their strategy against them. A cheap trick if you ask me. So if ever you encounter a counselor/chancellor/adviser, you’ll know whom to blame if something goes wrong.

 Example: Grand Apothecary Putress (World of Warcraft), Chancellor (Chrono Trigger)


9) The Underdog

Much like the chancellor, these are people who are on the brink of turning evil due to mass failures and “loserdom”. These individuals may look puny at first, but don’t take them too lightly as these individuals often hit you back with their pain and agony (times two). What’s good about these people is that they would regularly remain as an understudy and would lack the brainpower to become a full pledged mastermind (except if they were smart to begin with). Their villainous ways only revolve around their emotions, which makes them easy to break regardless of their powers. If there’s a loser in your party… just kill him/her


Example: Zeke Jebediah (Infamous– though he’s just plain stupid and is still on the verge of understanding his actual alignment), Dr. Wily (Megaman), Cole (Infamous– hey, it’s your choice)


8) The summoned creature

It won’t take a genius to know how dangerous it is to trust an inhuman being from another world. These unruly beings are normally summoned by warlocks or other diabolical magic users. When it looks at you with a smile, do know that it’s merely expressing its hunger and is currently looking at its next meal. To sum it all up… You see a summoned being, kill it asap…. unless you can control it.


Example: Felguard (World of Warcraft), Lavos (Chrono Trigger), Bahamut (Final Fantasy Advent Children), Doom Train (Final Fantasy)


7)The Summoner

Behind every summoned creature is a dastardly summoner. The interesting part about these incomprehensible fools is that they would often be consumed by the ones they summoned. Whether it’s escaping their summoned creature’s wrath or just plain dying at the sight of their glory, these people must be stopped before they summon more infamous creatures. These villains are the masters of self sacrifice and would often just sacrifice themselves to make the world suffer more. Diabolical yet stupid.


Example: Magus (Chrono Trigger), Majordomo Executus (World of Warcraft), The King (Prince of Persia 2009)


6) The Cool Guy

Seifer Almasy (Final Fantasy VIII)Yes! It is quite evident that the good character who would often be cooler than the hero would be the next epitome of evil. You would normally be able to use them at first, since the game is such an @$$ when it comes to tricking you into loving that character. These guys don’t really need a good reason to fight the good guys. Sometimes despite their justified form of reasoning, these individuals only give lame excuses just so they could wreak havoc throughout the entire universe (or most of them at least). If not, then it would only be to piss off the game’s protagonist (who’s controlled by you!). The cool guys are people who just want to steal the spotlight. They may be annoying most of the time, but the worst part is that they are just so cool to hate.


Example: Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Seifer Almasy(Final Fantasy), Ken Masters(Street Fighter– At least after he got controlled by Vega/Bison), Iori Yagami (Back then during the KOF 97 Orochi Saga)

 Al Mualim (Assassin's Creed)

5) The Master/Teacher/Leader

Although we’ve seen this happen on the big screen, people still aren’t used to the master being the student’s arch-nemesis. At first it’s all about training and molding his student to be the next epic hero, until things get ugly and the master becomes too much of a wuss to stand up to the forces of evil. These people are the source of great wisdom, which would be devastating if ever they fall in the wrong hands. I wouldn’t feature this class if there weren’t any cases, but just so you know: A renegade master is definitely worst than an evil student. Boy, Anakin Skywalker would be a maggot compared to these nasty muthafluffas.


Example: The Boss (Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater), Sanctus (Devil May Cry 4), Manfred VonKarma (Phoenix Wright), Albert Wesker (Resident Evil), Al Mualim (Assassin’s Creed), Kain (Soul Reaver)


4) The Proud Hero

Credo (Devil May Cry 4)In some cases, Heroes would find the need to grow stronger just to be able to take down their menacing rivals. Searching for power is good but would sometimes lead to the path of chaos and destruction. Sometimes, believing that they’re destined for greater things would drive them out of their sanity. Refusing to give up to evil doers, these individuals try to attain powers that consumes not only their bodies but their alignment as well. Most of them aren’t really blinded by power but merely their perception on what good or righteousness is.


Example: Illidan (World of Warcraft), Credo (Devil May Cry 4), Gray Fox (Metal Gear Solid)


3) The Main Character?

Fully aware that the power of evil may be more than they could ever handle, Some heroes become temporary villains by using the power of evil against their suppressors. I know that they’re still heroes but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to fight them. This case is much like the Proud Hero’s except for the fact that these villains always manage to revert back to their heroic selves. If ever you encounter these beings, try to watch their movements… and if ever they’re looking at you with the same devilish smile, get your rocket launcher and fire at will.


Example: Nero (Devil May Cry 4), Dante (Devil may Cry 4), Joey (Suikoden), Roger (Jeanne D’Arc)

Dante (Devil May Cry 4) 


2) The Idealist/Truth Seekers

Idealists or Truth Seekers are mostly found in anime shows. These are individuals who have seen the horrors of the world and have lost the will to carry on with their holy crusade. Some of them just have a different goal to begin with. It’s a given fact that most heroes don’t know jacksh!7 until the final battle. Any hero who realizes the truth before this given time turns into a villain after a few nudges of temptation. Truth Seekers often end up as a powerful minion as well but can take the mastermind’s place through double-crossing. Idealists don’t realize their wrong doing upon losing a confrontation with the hero. Their stubborn nature merely leads them further into the heart of darkness, accepting their defeat but not their mistakes.


Example: Ocelot (Metal Gear Franchise), Delita (Final Fantasy Tactics), Sanchez (Suikoden)


1) The False Ruler

Arthas (World of Warcraft)The most stereotypical and cliché type of villain would be the false ruler. These villains are destined to be nothing more than evil masterminds and has “LORD OF DARKNESS” written all over them. They could be any of the previous nine classes who are obsessed with destroying or ruling the world. Their methods consists of every villain’s diabolical tactics and would stoop to the lowest level just to be able to kill the protagonists of the game. False rulers always have the other nine classes at their disposal along with a variety of evil minions that will end up boosting your experience. You can always thank him for that the moment you kill him; but then again, why risk getting experience for the final battle when you can just kill him before he realizes his evil destiny?


Example: Arthas (World of Warcraft), Ultimecia (Final Fantasy 8), Cefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy 4), Diablo (Diablo), Baal (Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction), Smithy (Super Mario RPG)


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Wonderland Online: New Server Event Extravaganza

The Wonderland Online Team has announced that the long awaited new version 5.0–Glory of the Empire has been released! The new luxurious Marriage System, new powerful human pets, vivid maps and fantastic equipment, are all being added to make this the most exciting and enjoyable version of WLO yet. You’d think the WLO team would have their plate full putting together the new version, but while they have been preparing it, they have also managed to bring another new server called Capricorn online to add room for all the new players eager to try out the new version.
In the new version, players will have a wide array of intriguing quests to complete, new instances to explore and many new experiences and adventures to enjoy. In addition to all the fanfare surrounding both the new version and the new server, the WL team has prepared their usual server opening events, with huge prizes from the new version for everyone who gets in on the fun!
New version, new server, and a brand new start!!!

Wedding in Wonderland Onlline
Phoenix Mobs in Wonderland
1. King of the Newbie’s Contest in Capricorn
Event Duration
From 3:00am on November 24th until 11:59pm on December 6th EST (GMT-5)
During the event, players whose level ranks in the Top 3 in the new server will get a new version 5.0 item–the Demon Scroll as a reward.
Demon Scroll – 50% success rate of forging. If successful, +2 attributes, if not, -2 attributes. Cannot be traded.
The player ranked number 1 will get 5 Demon Scrolls, rank 2 will get 3 Demon Scrolls, and rank 3 will get 2 Demon Scrolls.
Deity Beasts in Wonderland
2. Capricorn “Forbes List”
Event Duration
From 3:00am on November 24th to 11:59pm on December 6th EST(GMT-5)
During the event, the Top 3 players who have the most Gold will win the new 5.0 item–Small Demon Scroll as a reward.
Small Demon Scroll – 50% success rate of forging. If successful, +4 attributes, if not, -2 attributes. Cannot be traded.
The player ranked number 1 will get 5 Small Demon Scrolls, rank 2 will get 3 Small Demon Scrolls, and rank 3 will get 2 Small Demon Scrolls.
Fight in the Wonderland Colosseum
3. Post for Reward
If players help to spread the word about the new release of WLO version 5.0–Glory of the Empire through a private site, such as Facebook, Myspace, or another Forum?they will be awarded 10 credits for each valid link that they set up. Credits will be charged into player’s accounts before December 8th.
Players who have downloaded version 4.0 can use the Main.exe system to activate the auto run system to update the patch. Or the update can be manually downloaded from the website. Start downloading the Wonderland Online client here!
Wonderland Weddingroom