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Control Monger (closed BETA) Review


Control Monger is a fully 3D MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter game) developed by NetCharger.


You can play as heavy gunner bot, construction bot, repair bot, sniper bot, demolition bot, soldier bot, or spy bot.

Match Types:

There are five different match types in Control Monger, each different than the other. The Match types are Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Objective, King of the Hill, and Death Match. Some of the matches can be played as teams (like Capture the Flag for instance) and are very addictive and fun.


Finding a good server in Control Monger isn’t very hard. Anyone can host a game on their computer and some do. There are always at least two player hosted games at a time. Besides the player hosted games there is one dedicated server owned by a player and two official servers hosted by NetCharger. The ping is relatively good on the dedicated server and is great on the official servers.


Control Monger has incredible graphics for a free MMOFPS of its kind. I have failed to see a free game that meets these standards. The environment is very detailed and looks great. Most of the games in Control Monger take place inside a building. From the floor to the crates you hide behind Control Monger accomplishes graphics most other games of its genre haven’t.



The Control Monger music isn’t a bragging point for the game. When you start the game you are greeted with an annoying guitar solo, however the in game sounds more than make up for this. When you enter the game you are greeted with a robotic “Welcome” voice. When someone captures a flag the same voice will say “Flag Captured”. The sounds from your guns are very nice also. Overall the in game sounds are great, out-of-game music, meh.



Control Monger gameplay is varied by what kind of bot you play as. I generally play as a heavy gunner bot which is portrayed as a large clunky hunk of metal with a powerful gun. The game manages to make gameplay like you would think for your bot. A spy bot is quick and weak, the gunner bot is large and slow. When you bump into the walls your bot will realisticly lean to the side. The game manages to balance out the bots also. Instead of the gunner bot dominating the rest of the bots like tanks do in most games, it can be beaten by weaker bots. To fire your large gun you must hold down the left mouse button for about 5 seconds for your bot to begin to fire. Once the bullets start raining out of your machine gun you will dominate however. Overall, the Control Monger combat system impresses.


GunZ Online

I decided to write a review for a game that I am currently addicted to.

Let’s start with graphics. The graphics are sub-par. But this is a free game. You can’t expect much. Some of the guns look very nice, along with some of the melee weapons. BUT, alot, and when I say that I mean it, of models are re-used. For example, All the knives, starting from Iron dagger to High-end dagger ARE THE SAME MODEL.(That’s 4 of them) Same with the Renard series of SMGs. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Every last renard is exactly the same. the walcom series has 2 models. WOW TWO. The clothing is all unique however, and some items, like the Vinz long coat, and winter jacket, look great.The levels are very unique, but some, such as the battle arena, are very bland. Others, like island ,are very nice looking. The levels and models all need fine tuning. Overall, the graphics are good, just too much of the same. 4/10

Onto sound. None of the tracks were really memorable. With only a few soundtracks, the game is seriously lacking. Although I did like the opening theme, that was all. It would have been great to see tracks for each level, but it was not to be. 3/10

Gameplay. Now is where the fun comes in. Leveling up is fairly easy. Keep playing and you will level up fairly quickly. There is a slight problem though. Level limits are on some weapons and clothing, this is a good thing, it keeps the game balanced. However, I’ve noticed once you get to level 5, you can max out your armor stats. No more clothing till 10. It’s dull being stuck as the same look for 5 levels. The guns are also a problem. At lower levels, there are practically no weapons of good power. The SMGs that one class starts with is all you will see for a long time. Everyone starts with them now. I haven’t seen an Axium Assassin or someone using revolvers AT ALL lately. Everyone has the beginner SMGs. But I digress. The gameplay modes are standard. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Assassination. But, there are a few unique ones. Gladiator is a melee only map, and can make for some serious EXP. Team gladiator is the same, but with teams of course. Training is Deathmatch with no EXP or Bounty(currency) bonuses. Sometimes players will time out, and will be invincible, but cannot hurt anyone else. You will see them standing still, but they will see themselves moving around as par normal Overall it’s good fun, but has a glitch tha can ruin the game. 9/10.

Average: 5/10
My personal rating: 8/10


Not much time so I am going to make this quick.

Graphics: Not to shabby , most computars of the modern world could run this game smoothly.But there is no Grafics options , so you must play from there settings.The character models are very nicly done..Every character had detail down to the very finger tips..And not to mention the animations are soo smooth..No runescape movement in this..(lol)…7/10

Gameplay: This where the game shines its brightess..This will keep you involved in whats going..Instead of watching TV waiting for you character to kill a monster..Basicly the combat , is using both the mouse and the W A S D keys in sync..You move with the W A S D keys and do most attacks with the mouse..But a few attacks require both..And if you miss..ITS YOUR FAULT…But missing usally ends up getting badly hurt..Becuase someone will come up and grab you ( very pleasing to see 🙂 ] Each class will have its special abilities per button combinations..But most of the time the differnce is the animation or the delay time after the attack..Because , delay means you Cant attack , Cant move , or block..Which bad!..There are a few glitches with some attacks but most of the time its fine…NOTE: you do join rooms to play..Like gunz::::9/10

Sound: Theres not really much to talk about..Theres 3-4 differnt background songs..And a variety of sword clashes , and so on… 5/10

Classes/Races: There are 5 classes…They are: Swordsmen , Ninja , Mage , archer , and blacksmith…They all are stuck the gender they are asigned..Some of yoou might not like this , but please dont complain..Every class differs in size , weapon and armor , and so on..There also is no custimization.Which is needed….7/10

Items: Not many..You can buy : Basic armor ( chest and legs ) , Helmets , Gloves , shoulder s, summons ( monster that fight for you 8) ] , Necklaces , ranged weapons ( the ones asigned to your class ) , and melee weapons ( asigned to your class ).

A very good game…Beware tho , make sure you have time to finish a game..They can last more than 2 hours…

Runescape II

Runescape II:

Game play:You start off in tutorial isalnd,customizing your charcters clothes,and looks,chooisng the gender and the color.
Going through each NPC’s(non player computer)Task,learning how to play,and what to do.Once you finish Tutorial island,you’ll be given a set of runes (magic casting items) bow and arrows,a sword,dagger and a sheild,Bread.Etc.
Of most MMORPGS this point is well,becoming the best player there is.

Eco:To make money,you have skills..Which you train,from doing diffrent thing,for example,Woodcutting,you’ll need a woodcutting axe,Some trees can not be cut down without a proper Woodcutting levels,same goes with Mining,you’ll need a pickaxe,Gaining the items,from woodcutting (wood),Mining(ore),Etc.,to buy yourself New Items,Weapons,Armor,Etc.

Graphics:The graphics for this game are in a 3D resoultion.Which is very good,for a java game.The requirements aren’t very high like most other games,which makes it unique.No long downloads,and likely,all most all of the Computers can play it..Unless they’re like what,ten years old…or something.

Updates:The Runescape Updates Are constant and they’re ussaly a update every week.All the updates are very good,adding new thing,and fixing bugs in the game.

Sound & Music:The music,for well me is good,they added this loop system so you can listen to it over and over again,some people may not like the music,but i’m just saying i do.They also added Weapon Sounds,when you use you weapon (swing,use magic,or shoot bow)They have added sounds to the Attack,which is also a good adding for Runescape II (Runescape I,has no sounds and music)

Community:This is were i rant.I’m ranting about the’s very hard finding someone to help you,most call you a “noob” just for asking,or trying to buy something of theirs,when you don’t know how much it is.But otherwise You’ll find a few people to help you,in anyways they can..(Don’t flame me about this part >:o,Flame me about all the others >:o)

Events:Well the events,are all for holidays,But unfortuanltey No mods come on runescape,to celebrate it,instead they use bots,which do the celebrating for you..That’s all iv’e got to say for the Events…

Conclusion:Even though Runescape is a good game,it’s still preffered as a “MMORPG Newbie Game”.It get’s boring after months through years of game play,don’t get me wrong,i like the game,but it just get’s boring.For those who have lots of extra time,Play this game,you’ve got lots of skills to work on,and all the way to lvl get to a lvl.Over all 8/10


I downloaded this game,when the English Beta for Dofus,came out.

I’ll get down to what it’s like and other such.

Battle:For many people the game play is pretty much,crap and slow.I mean tactics is good,but like only for singler player,but still good.You have about 15 – 30 seconds doing your turn using your Action Points and Movement points.Using Spells and killing the crap out of your enemies.The battle style is a little of what,err 1 year ago or something,but still nice to see some tactics around.

Map:The Graphics for Dofus is pretty much 2D/3D,Move around by clicking a spot on your mouse,and going on to a Small little sun picture on the tiles,to go to another map.Pretty much easy as that.

Community:As all the Online RPG crap around their,each have a constant community to keep you playing.Most in this game are Helpful and talkitive,you’ll find a few Badasses who torment you around,but that’s what makes games fun,no?

Items:The items,are woo,i got to tell you Have weried names,i mean seriously wouldn’t a twiggy sword,be like a twig 0.0;.Anyways,their are alot of items,most of which have sets where you can get the st and blahdy blahdy blah.

Monsters:Monsters,are tough to fight,unless your in a freaking party,so i go to the newb place,and party up with a bunch of people so you can kill some freaking monsters.And man are some annoying,for instance a tofu,hits you and runs away,keep going closer,it does the same thing,your bound to die from these annoying monsters.

PvP:Well it’s like the same thing as fighting monsters,just you can talk to them,other players can also join into a team they want,and man do i got to tell you,some races can kick others ass.Like i was using the old man race,and my freind he was using This other one (I’m lvl 7,he’s lvl 4) and damn,he kicked my ass like 5 times before i could beat him.


Community is good.
The graphics are almost 3D
Monsters are tough,so it’s challenging.
Almost Modern Age battle system.
You can get a Secret Hideout for you,freinds,and guild.


The grapchis are still in the 2D Section
Monsters are to tough to fight alone.
Battling takes forever for newbies,if they don’t hit the next button.
Secret Hideouts cost to much

Over all Rating:6