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Farmerama: The Snow Is Melting – Time to Plant Those New Crops!

Farmerama: The Snow Is Melting – Time to Plant Those New Crops!

Game publisher and developer Bigpoint has announced that since winter is soon to be ending, there will be new crops for the high-level players of their free-to-play simulation game, Farmerama. Get ready to expand your farm with several new crops and make some good money from the harvest!

Farmerama The publishers of Farmerama, Bigpoint have decided to introduce some new crops to plant. The “Help for Santa” quest will soon be coming to an end, and with it, the snow will be disappearing. That, of course, signals the end of winter.

As of today, higher-level players will be able to plant turnips, garlic, spinach, broccoli, red cabbage, sugar maple (tree), barley and leek. However, that was just the first announcement. Shortly after that they had announced additional crops that include: radishes, olive trees, chanterelle, onions and artichokes.

Start your spring off right with the new crops in the free-to-play farm simulation game Farmerama. Get the highest score and be the envy of all your friends as you try to get the most popular farm on the web.

The Wilderness Returns in RuneScape: Are you ready?

The Wilderness Returns in RuneScape: Are you ready?

Are you prepared for the ultimate risk verses reward MMO experience?

On February 1st ‘The Wilderness’, the most dangerous and high risk area of RuneScape, will be returning to the game. If you have little or no experience of RuneScape or of player-vs-player combat in the Wilderness then this is the guide for you.


RuneScape Free MMORPG

The Wilderness, for those who haven’t experienced RuneScape, is a barren landscape that dominates the north of the game world. It is an open player vs player (PvP) area where players can hunt down other players with the intention of killing them in PvP combat. The Wilderness can be explored by both members and non-members so everyone is free to put their combat skills to the test in the most dangerous area in RuneScape.


If you are a fan of PvP you will love the Wilderness but it isn’t for everyone, so it’s currently protected by a perimeter wall which acts as a warning to players of the dangers ahead. If you are brave enough to try, leap the Wilderness wall and prepare for battle.


Strategy and tactics are key to a successful wilderness campaign. If you want advice from seasoned players, then your best bet is to head over to Edgeville, just south of the Wilderness, where many players cluster and prepare before wandering into the Wilderness. You may even be able to find a PKing group of your own to back you up when you venture forth. Whatever your reason for entering the Wilderness, it is clear that you do so at your own risk. As it is an open PvP area you are in danger of being attacked and potentially dying at the hands of another player. Unlike other popular MMOs, dying in the Wilderness doesn’t just mean that you will re-spawn somewhere else. It will mean that upon death the items you are carrying and wearing will drop on the ground where they will be available for other players to pick up. Of course conversely, if you kill another player you get the immediate reward of gaining their items.


The Wilderness can be a thrilling, tempting risk; one that you could potentially reap great rewards from. You have to decide whether taking your expensive high level equipment will give you enough of an advantage to ensure that you are on the winning side of the “kill or be killed” mentality.


You might wonder why you would want to venture into the Wilderness at all, when high level players would clearly have the advantage but help is at hand. RuneScape has a number of things in place which are designed to stop low-level players from immediately dying at the hands of high-level players lying in wait at the borders of the Wilderness. There are three factors that affect who you can attack in the Wilderness: your combat level, your opponent’s combat level, and the depth of the Wilderness (which is indicated on your screen). The Wilderness stretches from a depth of level 1 to level 56, increasing as you head further north. P-king soon becomes the art of knowing which players to attack and who to leave well alone!


Eventually you may find yourself biting off more than you can chew with escape your only viable option. Although you might want to run away as fast as you can; things may not always be that simple. Teleport spells can get you out of a combat situation; however there is the danger that this will be countered by an opponent’s Teleblock spell, meaning your escape attempt will fail.


It isn’t all dangerous; there are some areas in the Wilderness which act as a safe haven, most notably the small area after the Wilderness wall and Daemonheim, the home of Dungeoneering. Reach these locations and your opponent will not be able to attack. Some of these areas do require that you are out of combat for ten seconds, however, so be aware that you may not be allowed in until that time has elapsed.


Now that you know the basics of the Wilderness do you think you are up to the challenge? Are you ready to tackle the epic wilderness? Why not create a free account at the official website. and jump in game. The Wilderness returns on February 1st so let battle commence.

Conquer Online Hits the Mac!

TQ Digital has recently confirmed the development of a Mac version for their Kung Fu MMORPG, Conquer Online. The game is one the 1st Chinese free to play 2.5D MMOs that has a standalone client for the Mac, which is released both in domestic & overseas markets!

Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG set in the style of ancient China. The game had its first debut back in 2003, and is one of the longer lasting MMOs still on the market. Currently it has 6 language versions and more than 20 million registered users from all around the world. Boasting a simple, yet interesting and addictive, open-environment PvP system, and a huge global player community, this game has attracted countless gamers from all over the world each year, and the number just keeps growing!

Generally speaking, Conquer Online has simple and straightforward combat-focused gameplay, incorporating the common elements of many MMORPGs such as wealth, fame, as well as item and character development. PvP is its core feature, with the combat being fast paced and fluid. It offers a myriad of fun quests & PvP options, including Arena battles, Guild Wars, and even cross server PK tournaments, that all provide players with an engaging battleground and numerous opponents.

The exact date for the official release of the Mac client is not yet confirmed. The only thing that can be sure is that the new Mac Conquer will also be free to play and will include all of the previous updates available for the Windows version. The port will be identical to the PC version, so hopefully Mac users will soon be able to get their hands on this exciting game!

Faxion Closed Beta Released – Hell Freezes Over

Did you know today is officially “Hell Freezes Over” day? You do now and UTV True Games, an international publisher of multi-player online games, announced today that on this, the Holiest of Hell days, it has launched the closed beta test for its upcoming combat driven MMORPG, Faxion Online.

Pre-registered Beta players will begin receiving invites today, Monday, January 31, and others  can obtain their beta keys by visiting where the Faxion logo is currently frozen in honor of “Hell Freezes Over” day.

Upon entering the world of Faxion, players will find themselves in war-torn limbo as they start their journey in the afterlife.  The Seven Deadly Sins represent physical locations in the game, each with its own immoral theme, and players will have the opportunity to explore and discover the locations as they immerse themselves in intense battle for the armies of Heaven or Hell.  Through each manifestation of the Sins, players will encounter the people that represent them. From the Gluttonous enjoying an eternal feast, to the Prideful Atlans building their Tower into the skies, players must face off against other inhabitants of the afterlife, limbo and the deadly sins while vying for control of each deadly zone!   

Faxion - Hell Hath Frozen Over!

“When celebrating “Hell Freezes Over” day you are supposed to pull out a list of all the things you said you would do when Hell freezes over but screw that; why not just come and check out Faxion instead?” said Frank Lucero, Studio Head at UTV True Games.

Horns or halos, demonic or angelic, whatever the choice, players can side with Heaven or Hell in the relentless struggle for ultimate domination over the seven deadly sins.  With a comical twist, Faxion Online delivers aggressive and robust PVP game play and a unique territory control system that allows the different factions to battle for the fate of the seven deadly sins.  With a unique multi-classing system, players will have the freedom to play the way they want with achievement and glory through adventure and combat.

Faxion Online is being developed internally at UTV True Games’ Austin, Texas studio by a group of industry veterans with significant experience on titles such as Shadowbane, Ultima Online and many other popular MMORPG’s. Faxion Online players can expect to see a ground-breaking, competitive action game that strips away the typical experience and leveling grind observed in many MMORPG’s today.

Faxion Preview Tour – Heaven or Hell? LET’S ROCK!

Faxion Preview Tour – Heaven or Hell? LET’S ROCK!
By Michael Sagoe (mikedot), OnRPG Journalist


UTV True Games is working on an epic new online game that will pit the forces of Heaven and Hell in a war to settle the score once and for all. Faxion is a traditional MMORPG that focuses heavily on combat and will serve up tons of exciting experiences that will prove it’s not just another run of the mill MMO. The game is currently in an alpha testing phase and I got a chance to play first hand.


For starters, players will begin the game by choosing whether to side with Heaven or Hell. It may seem like a tough decision, but both sides are structured very similar to each other.  For this tour, I and several others joined up with the Heaven side to meet up with Ashen Temper, one of the Lead Developers for the game. Once gathered, we set off to see and learn more about world of Faxion.



Faxion Winged Champion Class


Ashen first explained to us about the game’s classes: Available for both heaven and hell are Crusaders/Reavers (warrior types), Diviner/Occultists which are range/DPS dealers and Guardian/Zealots which can heal and buff. While this all sounds like the same old stuff we’ve seen from other MMOs before, Faxion sets itself apart from the pack by introducing a multi-class system.  Basically, you can mix and match skills between the available classes to create a unique class you can call your own.


Want to create a ranged class with tanking abilities? No problem!

…Or how about a warrior that can heal and buff? Go for it!


Although you’re free to tweak your character with tons of different possibilities, the amount of multi-class skills you can earn are balanced out by the amount of skills points needed to unlock them. Gaining skills for your primary class will require the least amount of points, secondary class will have a moderately higher amount needed and your third class will require a ton of points. Plus: You’ll need considerable amounts of gold to gain those skills as well, so you won’t be able to create a character with every skill available.


Next up: We took a quick peak into a wild museum with exhibits on unicorns, creepy goatmen and even a giant wookiee!



After that, we ran off to the marketplace to see what UTV had planned for the game’s F2P aspect. Like with UTV other titles, Faxion will be a free-to-play title with micro-transactions.  Just about everything in Faxion’s game world can be earned from looting or purchased over at market with in-game gold. But what if you’d rather spend less time finding equipment and more time battling others? Well you have the option to purchase special coins with real currency to purchase items from the market as well.



Faxion Free MMO Dark vs Light


This gives you the choice to either enjoy the game with time and/or money spent, and will make sure that Faxion will never have a “pay-to-win” issue. Now this is an excellent decision from UTV that many free-to-play publishers and devs should take note from.


It was then time to get our heavenly hands dirty with a little combat. We strolled along the city looking for some suspicious looking characters and ran into this big ugly shmuck. We tried to take it down, but most of us got taken out pretty fast.  Dying in Faxion (currently) does not have any penalties whatsoever, so it becomes more of a pride and humiliation kind of thing.



Faxion Free MMORPG Spell


The world of Faxion proves to be one that isn’t for the weak, because you’re never too far from a fight around here. This game is completely geared for PvP in just about every way. Sure, there will be a few PvE opportunities here and there, but ultimately, you’re going to have to use your strengths to beat up someone in your opposing faction. For instance, both factions will be batting to control different areas to gain resources and special quests. When areas are controlled by Heaven, the sky will turn bright and blue, while areas controlled by Hell will turn dark and red. If you were on a quest in a particular area and it ends up getting taken over, you’ll be cut off from that quest and would have to fight the opposing faction to get it back.


Now it was time for us to visit one of the many fascinating worlds in Faxion: The realm of the seven deadly sins. Currently, the gluttony area known as “the fields of hunger” was available, but soon there will be a realm for every other sin (can’t wait to see what the lust realm looks like!) The fields of hunger had tons of trees bearing fruit and crops to be harvested. I saw several NPCs slaving over these crops while fat; disgusting dudes were having a feast. From there, the realm of Gluttony kept getting grosser at every turn.


I witness one of the most disgusting things ever in an MMO: This freakishly huge man surrounded by food and covered in slime stood in front of us. There was also tube above him that ran straight to his mouth so he could eat all day. The room he was in was also a huge mess, as there was tons of discarded and half-eaten food everywhere. When we first saw it, I and the others thought: LETS CLIMB MT. FATTY! We started jumping all over it to see if we could reach the top, but sadly, we couldn’t. L



Faxion Free MMORPG


Behind this huge blob of a man, there were hills upon hills of wasted, rotting food. As horrible as that was, Ashen tells us that these huge hills would be great places to jump off and glide to your next destination (if you have a pair of working wings.)



Faxion Free MMORPG


While there was several bugs and issues that occurred the experience, my preview tour of Faxion left me greatly impressed. The whole concept of Heaven vs. Hell is intriguing, and the constant struggle for supremacy will keep the excitement levels high.



Faxion Free MMORPG


Spending A Good Night In Neverwinter

Spending A Good Night In Neverwinter
A retrospective on the Neverwinter Nights series, filled to the brim with nostalgia and joy

By Jason (Hhean) Harper, OnRPG Journalist

Neverwinter Nights Two Handed


Neverwinter Nights 2, the Obsidian made sequel to BioWare’s ode to pen and paper RPGs has finally made it on to the Steam distribution platform, enjoying some good sales numbers for a game now over four years old. What’s made this series so enduring over the years, and why are both games still played by so many people, so long after their release?


Simply put, no other game on the market, nor any game currently in development, offers the diversity that Neverwinter Nights series provides, all without a single modification. No other set of games comes with a full single player campaign, a robust toolset for building your own content, and a powerful administrative client straight out of the box. Built with a comprehensive multiplayer component in mind, the Neverwinter Nights games were both game, and gaming platform.


Neverwinter Nights Bear


The first Neverwinter Nights was pitched as software to allow old Pen and Paper groups to play together online in dungeons made by, and run by their old Dungeon Master in days of yore. It was intended to be the successor to the critically acclaimed Baldur’s Gate series, while updating to the Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 ruleset, and moving from the aged infinity engine to a new 3D engine dubbed ‘Aurora’.


For many people, the single player alone was worth their time and money. If the original campaign and the expansions weren’t enough, even more content was available, crafted by the active community on Neverwinter Vault. This was made possible by the games’ powerful, yet surprisingly easy to use Aurora and Electron Toolsets, which came with Neverwinter Nights and its sequel, respectively.


With most games, the option to use its development kit really is only available to someone with some knowledge of 3D modelling and design before they could even begin understanding what they are looking at. It would take weeks, or months, to learn the basics of the Unreal Development Kit, the Valve Hammer Editor, or Morrowind’s Toolset (although the latter had a relatively painless learning curve by comparison). With the Aurora, or Electron Toolset (the former more than the latter), you really could learn it as you used it, jumping in without reading a single tutorial, though these helped greatly with some of the more sophisticated aspects of the toolsets, such as scripting. It was this ease of access that gave rise to the robust community surrounding the game; Builders and modders, storytellers and artists, coders and server admins all creating and hosting new content for others to enjoy.


Neverwinter Nights


There couldn’t have been such a strong community surrounding the game though if it had no multiplayer component, and indeed, the games were built from the ground up with multiplayer in mind. The first trailers for the original game heavily emphasized the multiplayer aspect of the game, and the advantages of interacting with someone on the Dungeon Master (DM) client.


That said, the majority of online usage for the game was simply people playing through the original campaigns co-operatively with their friends (A market the new Cryptic-made Neverwinter game hopes to tap into with its co-op focus). The smaller sessions in custom dungeons, created and run by a Dungeon Master (that were the game’s intended purpose) turned out to be in the minority when the game first came out.


The game’s multiplayer got its most interesting twist some time after the release of the original game when some of the players began to realize the potential of Neverwinter Nights as a platform. The persistent worlds began to appear, small scale MMORPGs (Or MORPGs) designed by small teams for specific purposes. Rather than the single digit numbers of a co-op campaign, or the numberless legions in an MMO, the persistent worlds fell in the area of two dozen to fifty individuals playing together at any given time, an area where few games seem to tread outside of the FPS genre.


The action and arena servers sprang up – fields of endless battle, a geeky Valhalla, where only the strongest of munchkins could survive. The social servers grew into bizarre realms where a floating eyeball would converse with a half vampire/dragon about the migration patterns of geese. This is unlike what the modern ‘Social’ servers are like though, which spread like herpes some time later, and are places entirely set up for some of the most bizarre cybersex outside of second life. The Roleplay servers set up their stages, upon which the players would act as the protagonists to a play with sets and props crafted by their Dungeon Masters, and penned by madmen.


Never Winter Nights Map


Each of these places grew to have their own rules and customs, and anyone joining Neverwinter Nights 2 now, picking it up as an impulse buy from a steam sale perhaps, is now treated to a plethora of ways to play, of different worlds and experiences ready to be explored.


Next week we’ll explore why, if all of these ideas were so great, why no other game went the direction that the Neverwinter Nights games took. The flaws of creating a game as a platform for large scale community development, and why there likely won’t be any games released in the near future that follow its business model.

BATTERY introduces Clan Battle Mode Update with massive prizes

WEBZEN introduced Clan Battle Mode (clan vs clan) for its FPS game, BATTERY Online, in South Korea.

The Clan Battle Mode can only be played in the ‘Explosion Mode’ between clan units. Anyone in a clan can enjoy the Clan Battle Mode from 4vs4 to 8vs8.

All experience that gamers earn in the Clan Battle Mode will be reflected on Clan Rankings, but the personal scores (kills, deaths, assists) will be recorded separately. The Clan Battle Mode will give gamers more experience and game points than usual.


Free MMO Battery Online


WEBZEN has scheduled many online and offline team and clan tournaments to promote gamers to play in team battles.

They also revealed new weapons such as ‘Desert Eagle Gold’ and gold-plated ‘KRISS SUPER.’ they plan to plate all event weapons in gold.

To celebrate the Clan Battle Mode Update, WEBZEN will give out a total of $20,000 worth of gift certificates every day for 20 days starting today to February 15. they will also offer $10,000 worth of total prize to high ranked active clans for 2 months.

Meanwhile, WEBZEN will hold “Internet Café – Team Tournament” which is the first offline game- play contest with $6,000 of total prize on February 20.

They will also hold a separate tournament on the day of the contest for the first 80 players with a BATTERY account. The players must create a clan consisting of 5 members to participate, and then sign up by February 6.

Legend of Mir 3 Retro Review: Theres Still Something Here

Legend of Mir 3 Retro Review: Theres Still Something Here
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


There are several types of games that will hook you because of its awesome graphics. After playing for a while, however, it becomes apparent that the game is just like the airhead you might have met at the bar two weeks ago: all pretty, beautifully made up and packaged, but has no substance.


Gamers today often mistake “graphic quality” for “quality games”. Fortunately, WeMade Entertainment’s Legend of Mir 3 doesn’t fall in the airhead category. Let’s get this out of the way early on: if you play this game, do not expect flashy or jaw-dropping graphics. In fact, this game’s graphics is so dated that it can run on your technically challenged mom’s personal computer that she only uses to process Word documents.


Legend of Mir 3 is not exactly a new or original game. It has been released as a sequel to uber-popular Legend of Mir 2, though the game is more likely considered as its remake. The series is not a big hit in the Western countries, but the game thrived well in Asia (particularly in South Korea and China) enough to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest numbers of subscribers playing online simultaneously. Legend of Mir 3 was released around a few years short of a decade ago, and it was only globally released in 2009. And in 2009, you have to admit that gamers will kind of want to play a game that will challenge and conquer their epic set up. Legend of Mir 3 is not that kind of game, but if you look past the graphics problem, then you’ll see why this game has amassed a huge and loyal following in past few years.


A Few Class Lessons

Legend of Mir 3 is an Oriental-themed game, with the Mir universe done in 2D isometric graphics. The first time I saw it, I was immediately reminded of good ol’ dungeon crawlers. Suffice to say, it doesn’t disappoint in that aspect because it feels and plays like one. Let’s start from the character creation screen where you can choose from four classes the Warrior, Wizard, Taoist or the Assassin; after naming and picking your character’s gender, you’re all set. You can’t customize your characters at all. Your starting town depends on your class. Either way, the game is brimming with assorted quests such as the generally easy errand quests, others are hack-and-slash types, and then there are the quests that will unravel the stories in the Mir universe. For the early levels, the game would technically feel the same for all class types since your character will be barely equipped. And I’m talking about your level 1 character in his or her birthday suit. The game is actually generous enough to provide you with your basic outfit, class weapon, a potion and a, hmm, a candle. This is something of notable importance which we will discuss later on.


Legend of Mir 3 Few Class Lessons

It doesn’t matter what class you choose at the beginning because you won’t have any class-specific skills as of yet. The Warrior is your usual melee type character; your regular damage dealer with high hit points, but has low resistance against ranged attacks. The Wizard deals offensive ranged attacks and area of effect spells, relying mostly on mana points; it has low hit points, but it has a high magic resistance. The Taoist is most balanced class among the four and uses soul charm to deal either holy or unholy spells. It is a support type character that will be always welcome to your group for the much needed heals and buffs. A pretty advanced class, the Taoists usually has a hard time gaining levels quickly because it neither has high attack power (like Warriors) nor high ranged damages (like Wizards). Questing alone means you only have yourself to heal or support, which is kind of sad for Taoists. The Assassin is a new class addition to the Mir series. Their specialty is dealing quick and fatal damages because, unlike the Warriors who usually acts as tanks, the assassins are still pretty susceptible to damage since their armours are not as tough as that of the Warriors’.


The best you can do at the beginning is to equip your given outfit and take on hack-and-slash your way until you level enough to obtain a Mu-Gong (or martial art) skill book. The skill trees of each character is wide and varied, like seeing twice or thrice the number of skills you can acquire in Diablo 2 (which is the first game I thought of upon seeing the interface). It is more advisable to stick to a particular tree to unlock the highest skill in that tree.


Let There Be Light

As mentioned above, the candles are quite important in the game. This is because the game operates a day and night feature, wherein at night you will have to light up something (a candle or a torch) to let you see through the environment. Unlike newer games that also have the same feature, seeing in Legend of Mir 3 is a tad bit difficult because of the graphical limitations. It will be harder to see if a beast or monster is just around the corner… unless your eyes are sharp enough to detect the slight difference in depth of the background and the monsters. While there are helpful name tags in the monsters, it still proves to be a little annoying because the all too simple font makes it hard for me to read or identify which is which, especially when a barrage of enemies appear on my monitor. Lighting a torch or candle adds a touch of realism to the whole feel of the game, though.

 Let there be light Legend of Mir 3 MMORPG

It’s A Limited Edition

Legend of Mir 3 is a game that doesn’t lack substance, but it has some limitations that made it feel too old when compared to this year’s array of MMORPGs. The character classes seem to be a tad limited, but even though there are hundred thousand others who are Warriors or Assassins just like you, your build can still be unique with its expansive skill sets. The interface, in my opinion, takes quite a huge space at the bottom. The user interface windows are too simplistic and uninspired. Generally a PvP-oriented game, this game may prove to be a challenge for those used to PvEs. Having a guild in this game will pretty much make your gameplay more exciting with its siege wars. This game is unlike the other games of today that may be aesthetically pleasing but lacking substantial or serious gameplay. Legend of Mir 3 is the kind of game I would play only for sheer nostalgia, of going back to basics so I don’t think I’m closing my doors on this one. Are you?


Legend of Mir 3 Limited Edition MMORPG


– Old school PvP goodness

– Several options for your character build



– Old school graphics can be a burden

– Texts are not aligned and font type makes it harder to read sometimes

NCsoft and ArenaNet announce the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession

NCsoft and ArenaNet announce the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession


Guild Wars Hero Guardian


NCsoft and ArenaNet announces its Guardian profession today for Guild Wars 2. The Guardian calls upon powerful virtues to smite enemies and protect allies. The Guardian is the definitive support fighter, both offensively and defensively. With a mastery of combat weaponry at his disposal and virtues such as Justice, Courage and Resolve to employ, the Guardian is both a worthy adversary and instrumental ally. The Guardian can also bring his own special skills to aid in the support of his allies and the defeat of his enemies.

GuildWars 2 Chop Chop MMO

The guardian is a devoted fighter who calls upon powerful virtues to smite enemies and protect allies. As dangerous with a staff as he is with a mighty two-handed hammer, a true guardian is a master tactician who knows when to sacrifice his own defenses to empower his allies to achieve victory.


Each guardian is supported by passive benefits, but he can relinquish those benefits, passing his powers on to his allies. This ability makes the guardian an excellent supportive fighter whether they are leading an assault or defending your party’s flanks.


Guardians have developed three virtues that empower them in combat. By wielding Justice, the guardian’s attacks can burn his enemies. With Courage, the guardian can shrug off even a mighty blow. Through Resolve, the guardian passively regenerates health, allowing him to wade into the most dangerous situation and come out alive.


Guild Wars 2 Chardian


Guardians also have a number of special skill types:


Spirit Weapons—The guardian can summon spirit weapons to fight at his side for a limited time. Spirit weapons cannot be attacked by enemies and can be commanded to inflict a powerful attack before disappearing. For example, Hammer of Wisdom can be summoned to fight alongside a guardian, then commanded to knock down an enemy and vanish.


Symbols—The guardian places symbols on the ground, where they inflict damage to enemies or deliver a benefit to allies. Symbols persist for a few seconds and then go away. For instance, Symbol of Faith is a hammer attack that leaves a transient symbol on the ground, giving allies the Vigor boon.


Wards—A ward is a marked area on the ground that stops enemies from passing through while allowing allies to move freely. For example, a staff-wielding guardian can create a Line of Warding in front of him that keeps enemies from reaching the allies behind him.


Aegis—Guardians are adept in the use of Aegis, a removable boon that blocks the next attack. Guardians have access to this boon through the virtue of Courage.


For more information on the Guardian including the complete list of Skills, Weapons and Virtues, please visit the official guildwars 2 website