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FreeWorld By Aidamina

FreeWorld an ambitious plan to create a mmorpg, which is totally free. It’s one of the only teams that created a really great mmo experience.

Graphics 7.5/10:
Ok, its not guildwars, but FreeWorld is gradually turning into a high detailed game. Keep in mind that the game is still in beta! Character animation is pretty good since the game allows you to hit various targets arround you instead of most rpgs letting you only hit forward.

The game is totally 3d, and has a great variety of creatures and plants. Especially the plants, trees and bushes look great!

Sounds: 6/10
Sounds are still an issue which needs to be solved, there are some basic sounds, but not really great. Sound is very important to create an atmosphere, sadly there isnt any background sound.
Same as the graphics: the game is in beta, sounds will improve.

Gameplay: 9.5/10
The gameplay of this game is almost perfect. Fighting is very smooth and you can develop your own fighting tactics. You cam choose if you want to hit hard and slowly or light and swift, by filling up a bar when you press one of the attack buttons.

The buff spells are superb in this game and every1 is able to learn any kind of spells, there arent classes in this game and most of the weapons/spells arent restricted to races.

You can train yourself in various fighting skills which will improve in damage is you gain experience from attacks. If you use maces a lot your maces lvl will rise and thus provide more damage with each hit. The same gos for swords, bows, axes etc etc.

You can also mount various animals, like spiders, horses, hellhounds, nightmares and warhorses. This will increase your traveling speed. You can also use your horse to hunt. Since you will receive all the xp from the pets kill. You can take the pet to a pet trainer and buy a higher lvl, with money and xp. This will increase movement speed, hitpoints and attack of the pet.

The world you play in is very interactive, since you can cut trees, mine and harvest bushes for items.

The one thing i dont like about the gameplay is that the world isnt seemless. The game consists of 25 maps which are about 16 square kilometer each. Evertime you will goto another map you will need to load the next map. This takes about 15 seconds. But you will need to travel a lot between the maps so this can become a nuisance.

Community: 9/10
There arent a lot of people playing this game right now, but since theres a broadcast option( talk to every1 in game ) you will never be allone. The people are very helpfull ingame explaining certain parts of the gameplay and sometimes give away items and pets for free.

Theres a very nice bug reporting system on the website which allows really fast fixes for bugs. There arent a lot of bugs in this game, but if one occurs the players/devs are very helpfull and quick in finding a solution.

Final: 8/10
This game is nothing but fun and will consume many hours of your valuable time, but its worth it. I played almost every mmorpg out there, but this is one of the bests.
If you got any question, just ask.

Ingamename: Aidos
Cya in FreeWorld 😉

The Realms of Loria

GRAPHICS (10/10): This game has the best graphics in a browser based game out there. Granted, these graphics are not like Everquest or WoW, but when I rated it with a 10, I did so with what they have to work with and what the standard is right now. As of now, there is no other browser game with better graphics (and when I say browser game, I mean no plug-ins required, such as flash). Another reason for the perfect rating is the game’s monster art, which is simply some of the best work I have ever seen on any game, ever. Their artist KNOWS fantasy art.

SOUND (9/10): Once again, this game soars above the others, and has music comparable to MMORPGs like WoW or FFXI. The only downside here is that they are midi files. They made them midi files for the sake of easier load time, and in a browser-based game, that is critical. However, working with what they have, those midis sound incredible!

GAMEPLAY (8/10): Combat is turn based, and moving anywhere requires the page to refresh. This isn’t so bad thanks to your cache, but it can get annoying after hours of play. Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty flawless.

COMMUNITY (9/10): The community for The Realms of Loria is really great. They are nice players, and are willing to help anyone. The only reason for giving a 9 instead of a 10 is that it is really quite small at the moment.

OVERALL (9/10): This game is simply incredible, on all accounts. The developers are always adding in new features to the game,. They are also always reading the message boards for suggestions and constantly fixing bugs. Best of all it’s totally FREE.

Legend of Mir: Three

Not many games I know have the “Umphh” factor, you know the feeling when you play you just want to play on forever? Well this game has it. Following from the prequals, Mir 3 delivers mind blowing intelligent play.

In Mir 3, the company Game Network have nothing to do with this enticing game. The game is run by Quality Games Online a group of gamers who want their members to enjoy their games. The customer support is 24 hours and helps through the hard times playing the game.

So, I hear you say, what’s Mir3? Well obviously it’s an MMORPG and quite an excellent one at that. Although 2D graphics….what do you mean your not touching a 2D game with a 10 foot stick? This isn’t one of the SNES look a like games I promise. I myself think that although the 2D graphics, it looks pretty slick.

Lag is an important issue with most games and I’m happy to say their has been so little lag for me I could compare it to real life. Although some players suffer from Sticky Feet (Where you get stuck in the same place for a while) It’s pretty rare so don’t worry about it.

With the graphics and lag issue sorted out I think we need to move on to the biggest thing since the BIG BANG, gameplay. Now as I said this game has the “Umphh” factor, they knew what the gamers wanted and gave it to us in small bits just to keep us interested.

The begginers quest start you off through the Land of Mir doing slight errands for Non Playable Characters (NPC’s) After that phase is done you can go off to explore, the community is great so although the line “I R NOOB GIVE ME GOLD PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” doesn’t work well they’re sure to help you out.

The three classes are unique and very balanced such as:

Warrior: Strong and Muscle Bound, Meléé character
Sorcerer: Loads of mana to help him through the tough times and spell cast his way to victory

Taoist: New character among MMORPG’s but a great one. He’s more of a party character, the medium guy. He can do meléé and some magic.

With so many skills and spells your bound to be gagging for more whilst you get those levels up to become the best. But first their is an agonising choice to make after downloading. Which server? Well here are the characteristics for each server:

Ignis: The “busy” server a lot more than Gelu.

Gelu: The “quiet” server, some say it’s a very much more calm server than Ignis.

Making an account on the site is easy. The site itself is very user friendly and you really can’t go wrong with it. Tip of my hat to the Webmaster (Detomah) for the site and forum. Oh and about the forum it’s easy functional with great moderators who know what they’re doing. Their are so many people on the forum, it’s a great place for meeting others so go round their and say your hello’s when you’ve made your hello’s!

The site doesn’t actually give requirements to the game and they don’t need to. Anyone with an internet connection should be able to play the game without trouble, no top of the line PC required!!!!!

Well to sum it up Mir 3 is a great game, wait an excellent game. Worth of 10/10? No I wouldn’t say that although I haven’t included anything bad about the game I’d just have to take 1 off for the graphics. Keep up the good work QGO and I hope after reading this you will slobber over the link given.


Ps: The Europe team have been nice enough to let anyone from any country play ;).


R.O.S.E. Online

Weeell…. this game has finally been released. Most gleefull I am, and so, here comes one of dem rare reviews by noah! Let’s get started.

Graphics (7/10): The graphics are pretty nice in my opinion. Of course they can’t compete with the larger more popular games like WoW but for a downloadable game, they are pretty good.

Gameplay (6/10): The gmaeplays not a strong-point here. Its ok to say the least. Of course, the game has barely even been released so there are plenty of bugs, but the actual system itself seems mediocre. Moving and attacking is issued by clicking, much like any other mmorpg.

Community (8/10): I expected to be completely ignored by everyone in-game but I was surprised to meet quite a few nice people. For a game just barely out, there is an abundance of people all over, so finding someone to adventure with is never hard.

Sound (3/10): Nothing too special. Typical sound effects for attacking or using an item. The music is your typical gravity sound track.

Overall (7/10): I’m really enjoying this game quite a bit. It has its ups and downs but if your looking for something quick to try out, this is the game for you. See you online =)