Monthly Archives: September 2004

Maple story

Graphics: 8/10 i like the graphics i havent seend a good 2d platform in a long time. Its quite cartoony and the background is fun to watch.

Sound: 5/10 i didn’t realy get much of the sound but from what i head it was nice to to harsh one the ears i gave it a five because im still torn up about it.

Game play: 9/10 I love the game play like i said before i havent played a good 2d platfor im a very long time last one was back on NES infact.

Server stability: 7/10 Um the server stability with me was anoying every hour or so. It would randomly close my game. But other than that i suffered little but no lag.

Over all: 8.5/10 Over all the game is fun and enjoyable i think i will happly play this for a good year. If its free that long..

Pimpin Down Under

Pimpin Down Under is a multi-player web based game where you take on the role as a Pimp, living the thug life in the cities of Australia. Your mission is to build an empire of thugs and hoes increasing your networth.

The game is absolutely FREE to play so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go! When you first sign up to play you are introduced into the current playing round and are also given 300 bonus turns into your reserve, which you can transfer into your game whenever you like. Turns are required to actually perform in game actions like scouting your hoes or attacking other Pimps. Read the How to Play section for more information on turns and other specifics of the game.

If your aim is to be one of the most bad ass Pimps then you need to build your networth. As you play you will realise the absolute necessity for turns and how quickly you will use them, and run out of them. More turns can be bought so you can add literally hundreds of turns to your game for a very small price. If you get into Pimpin then the purchase of turns is a great way to support it!

Are you a good enough Pimp to be one of the best on Pimpin Down Under? Only time will tell… good luck!

World of Warcraft

Just, wow…to say this now, I am defently buying WoW on release date.

I’m in stress beta, played first day it was out and it is awesome.

Classes/races: So, pretty common races, elf/human/dwarf/gnome/undead/orc/troll and then the tauren. All are great, I made all of them so far, except the gnome (gnome punt! :P) My favorite being the undead. Each feals totally different from the other

The classes are great too, and like the races, each is day and night different from eachother. I made almost all the classes and my favorite so far being the mage.

Graphics: The graphics are geat, if you make a orc/troll you well have to go to echo island (make sure your high enough…pesky crabs attack you, and dinosour type things) it is beautiful. Each area for the races, except those combined areas. Are awesome, each one. I love the undead area, gives that spooky feeling. Some people don’t like the cartoony graphics, but their great

Gameplay/General: The gameplay is great, for a stress beta it runs pretty smoothly, except a few lag spikes. I barely get them. Also, my favorite part was swimming to echo island, and being able to swim underwater and keep fighting 🙂 I was so amazed by it, you’ll have to try it

I give this a 9/10, fora beta, this is one..or is..the best beta I’ve ever played