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Kal online

Kal is great and is very fun. It has a very good community and a lot of selling things!It is fully free and will keep you playing for weeks to months!

It isn’t the best graphics I have seen in my life but are about average and what you would expect!There is nearly all languages and nationalities in the game! The EXP rate and level up time isnt so good though i could manage and level up quite quickly but if you are new to mmorpg’s you would find it hard to level up!

Overall this game is quite fun and good to play but any body who are quite new to MMORPG’S should practice on some easier games first!

EVE Online

I’ve been playing EVE for some 10 months now, progressing from noob frigate pilot to master of an awesowe Battleship capable of mounting huge weapons and laughing at the damage from fleets of bad guys.

Anyone who remembers Elite and wished for a little more from it will find most of what they could have envisioned in EVE. The universe alone is huge, with hundreds of systems holding thousands of players and NPCs, and the graphics are stunning.

The skills system is well thought out. Plenty of scope for defelopment of character.

The number of different ship classes, mining barges, frigates, haulers, destroyers, battleships etc. is impressive, and there is a ship suitable for almost every type of operation you can thnik of, be it mining in safe space, battling pirates in remote regions or shipping goods about from station to station.

Various corporations exist. Some conrtrolled by NPC’s, but a fair few run by players. You can even, with the appropriate skills, form your own.

PVP is supposedly limited to outside of faction space, although if someone declares war on your corporation, they can come into your safe area and frag you. Although if you enjoy PVP, you’ll find all that you can handle outside of “civilised” space.

Sadly, the instability of the server cluster lets it down. It is far too easy to lose in seconds, a ship and equipment you spent weeks mining/running missions/trading to put together.

Customer support is pathetically bad too. There is a wait of days before receving a response and this is invariably a stock reply that doesn’t really address the problem.

There is also the ever present problem of e-bayers who play the game purely as a way of making money. These abound in EVE and despite CCP’s claims to be doing something about it, the economy is goin the same way as Everquest’s; prices for rare items reaching silly levels as the greedy and selfish profit from the confusion and lack of support for the ordinary gamer.

In short, EVE is a game that fails to fulfill it’s enormous potential, due entirely to the lack of control that CCP has over the environment it created. This is great shame, as I personally like EVE, but, like others I deplore the lack of support and capriciousness of the GMs and developers.

Try before you buy (free trial currently available), and be prepared to have to make up your losses on a regular basis.

Maplestory Global

The game starts you as a beginner on Maple Island. You take the role of a traveller who has to choose between four simple jobs as you advance through the game. Depending on your personality, or just how you want to play will take effect on the job you choose. You can be a thief, mage, warrior, or bowman. You start off fighting simple snails and build your way up to fighting dragons and other mythical creatures.

The graphics are nothing really to brag about. It’s simple side scrolling mixed with very small 3D effects. The spells and skills you use however do have very nice designs. The anime flavor will catch alot of people’s attention and keep them entertained throughout the game.

Like I said before, it’s simple side scrolling. More or less a hack and slash game all the way through with a mix of small puzzles and long quests thrown in. It’s very addictive and will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Some of the maps have very nice background music that won’t always lull the gamer to sleep. Some places may seem repetative, but overall it’s good. But honestly, I generally have winamp on in the background while I play.

It’s very entertaining, and what class you choose will greatly change how much fun you have while playing. Most people find the assassin to be the most fun job. Jumping around throwing ninja stars was probrably a fantasy of many of our childhoods.

The community is pretty decent, you have a buddy list that comes with a standard 20 slots. There are whispers, parties and buddy chatting. It all comes together to help friends play together. However the downfall is having to pay 250,000 Mesos (that’s the currency in game) to expand your buddy list five slots.

Even though this game is very incomplete it has fans addicted and wanting more. It’s very fun to play with friends in large parties against powerful creatures. Or simply compete and see who can become the most powerful. If you’re an otaku this should be a nice game for you.

Maple Story

Graphics 8/10: I loved the 2D style of the game. Also great shading. Allaround great graphics.

Sound 8/10: I found the backround music very nonforgettable. It does get a little annoying tho. Also I liked how each weapon had a different sound when you hit an enemy.

Gameplay 8/10: It’s fun! There is nothing more I can say!

Servers 6/10: It sometimes knocks me off for no reason and i can’t get back on. Also im tired of one server so it fills up pretty quick

Overall 9/10: Again I like the 2D style. Sign up today!

Additional notes: Lots of weapons, nice people, buddylist, partys, there will be GUilds for Maple Story after Beta Phase(I think)

City of Heroes

Hello, Sondor here. This is my first review for City of Heroes, so sorry if it is not your guys’ original format. Hope you enjoy!

I like to break my Review into 5 different sections. Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Longetivity, and MMORPG-Sense.

Graphics : 9/10

Wow, boy are these graphics good! This is CoH’s strong-point. This game is filled with hundreds of maps for you to play on. Including cities, buildings, caves, mines, destroyed cities, and much much more!! The character models are great as well, and even the effects of spells and attacks are greatly appreciated! A quality I liked about its graphics was even on my Geforce 4, with 255 RAM, the game still played MOSTLY lag free. However, with my new Geforce 6800 ULTRA and 1 GB RAM, the game runs so smooth you cant even tell its online!

Sound : 8/10

Sound was another Strong-point for City of Heroes. There were Beautiful background music that played smoothly (Though some songs seem to be played frequently). I also enjoyed the sound-effects from my magic and attacks as they smashed into my enemy. They came through smoothly too. The only problem is it seemed that sometimes the sound would not stack. A lot of times Id shoot a Dark Miasma(spell) missle at someone and then someone would case heal and Id hear the missle then the heal later. Maybe a bug though, dunno….

Gameplay : 6/10

Look mommy, I’m a hero! Many of us said that as a kid, and wished we could do so, well, in City of Heroes, we can! The character creation system is wonderful with hundreds or thousands of combos to create your superhero. Customize your head, body, arms, shoulders, face, legs, feet, everything! And then paint them all different colors!! In City of Heroes I have yet to see 2 characters that looks the same. The gameplay is pretty repetitive, though. Go to a nearby contact(NPC), and get a mission/quest. (Not to mention most of these were the same) They mostly involved going to a random building, going in, killing a certain number of enemies, and then getting a special item. End of mission. Mostly repetitive. Thats why this didnt score to high.

Longetivity : 5/10

When do I get to do someting new!?!?!? Im tired of killing the same guys over and over!! I dont wanna go in and get an item any more, let me do something new!! This is one of the major flaws of City of Heroes. The game has a Max Level Cap that is very high, and then you are allowed to restart your character as a all new archtype(class)which no one except people who hit the level cap can get! But, I got bored before hitting the max level… Doing the same things over and over gets really boring… 1. Go to contact. 2. Get Mission. 3. Go to Mission Location(Killing some enemies along the way) 4. Run through mission killing enemies. 5. Get the item. 6. Return to contact. 7. Repeat. Ugh!

MMORPG-Sense : 4/10

Compared to other MMORPGs, it seems this games only MMORPG feature is the MMO. Many, many people play the game, but thats about it. No Trade-Skills, no Weapons to buy, No items to buy (Besides Inspirations and Enhancements, which are kind useless most the time), No Armor, and no PvP!(Until City of Villains comes out (No release date)). So overall, this game is MMO, thats it.

Final Judgement : 6/10

When I first got CoH, I was excited. Logged in, created a character, did the tutorial(boring) and went out into the game. I killed enemies endlessly, waiting til I could do something new….That time never came. If you like the standard games with Hack/Slash/Repeat, go for it, though you dont get money (You get influence which is used to buy inspirations and enhancements though), and you dont get item drops. You just, plain, kill.


PS : Please let me know what you thought of the review…